"What do you mean my enemy Harry Styles is living with us!?"

" Stephanie!" My mother called from the kitchen. I sprinted to the kitchen and sighed. " Yes mother?" I said sarcastically." Well you know my best friend Anne Cox right?" She asked smiling sheepishly. " Yeah I know Anne" I said simply. " Well her son Harry Styles, and his band mates will be living with us" She said happily. I choked on my fruit punch. " WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY ENEMY HARRY STYLES IS LIVING WITH US!?"


7. Sleep overs part 2

Jade`s P.O.V

We all ran into into Stef`s room. "Okay guys what do you wanna do?" Demi asked smiling a big smile. "Prank calls!" We all squealed."Tulisa!" I yelled earning a high five from Perrie, Leigh-Ann,Jesy and Danielle.  We heard a knock on the door making us jump. "Come in!" Stef said sweetly. "Hey I was just wonder- DANIELLE!" His eyes filled with joy and excitement. He ran into the room picking up Danielle kissing her sweetly."Awe!" We all chorused in perfection.They are so cute!They pulled back with smiles on their faces. "I`ve missed you babe!" She squealed loudly. "I`ve missed you more!"He said kissing her nose. Why cant it be like that with me and......Harry?


DUN DUN DUN! Im sorry It`s short but I have a life and I dont have a lot of time to write but I will try as hard to clear my schedule to have some me time so I can write. :) - Adrianna 

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