"What do you mean my enemy Harry Styles is living with us!?"

" Stephanie!" My mother called from the kitchen. I sprinted to the kitchen and sighed. " Yes mother?" I said sarcastically." Well you know my best friend Anne Cox right?" She asked smiling sheepishly. " Yeah I know Anne" I said simply. " Well her son Harry Styles, and his band mates will be living with us" She said happily. I choked on my fruit punch. " WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY ENEMY HARRY STYLES IS LIVING WITH US!?"


14. Saved.

  *Zayn`s Point of view*

I fixed my hat as I walked down the lightened street of Central London. The air was crisply cold. The air smelled of sweet coffee and tea, as it came from the nearest Starbucks. I chuckled as I saw a child tugging on his mum`s arm. "Mummy can you buy me a toy?" The blonde headed child said. His eyes glistened with hope.  I continued walking taking in the beautiful sights and the sweet aroma of coffee and tea."Please! NO DON`T DO THIS!" I heard a feminine voice that sounded WAY TO familiar scream. It was coming from the park. Thats when it came to me. Harry said Stephanie left and no body knew where she went. It was Stef. I ran into the park, hopping over the gate not caring if I got injuries. The abductor man started dragging her away with her protesting. She threw her arms and hit him anywhere she could. Whimpers and cries of fear left her mouth. I ran closer ready to pounce on the disgusting bastard."Hey leave her alone!" I screamed loudly ; my vein in my neck popping out showing how angry I was. Not how my vein pops out when I let out a high note in songs but in complete and utter anger. Fear came across the man`s face. Ive had encounters with this horrid man before. His breathing had become heavy and his body shivered. I ran full speed ready to kill this ugly hearted man. I tackled him, knocking him to the hard grassy ground. My fist blew into his face as he screamed in pain. One by one,  I made my fist father into the man`s face. He deserved it. I got up kicking him repeatedly in his torso. He curled himself into a ball. Tears streamed down his face as I beat him into the ground. I punched him harder then before. Whimpers and cries left his mouth. I want him to feel what Stephanie felt. Scared and hurt. But this man was getting hurt in a different way. Stephanie was hurt in a emotionally way this abductor was getting hurt in a physical way. "Stop please!" The man croaked loudly. "STOP PLEASE!" Stephanie cried before letting a sob out her mouth. I sighed before wrapping my arms around her. She cried into my shoulder. "Thank You Zayn! He w-wa-as go- gonna ra- ra pe me and ki-ll me." She cried tears still streaming down her face. Im just so glad to have her in my arms.








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