"What do you mean my enemy Harry Styles is living with us!?"

" Stephanie!" My mother called from the kitchen. I sprinted to the kitchen and sighed. " Yes mother?" I said sarcastically." Well you know my best friend Anne Cox right?" She asked smiling sheepishly. " Yeah I know Anne" I said simply. " Well her son Harry Styles, and his band mates will be living with us" She said happily. I choked on my fruit punch. " WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY ENEMY HARRY STYLES IS LIVING WITH US!?"



Stephanie`s P.O.V

Here we all are in a circle in my living room about to play truth or dare.(They went to her house aka the mansion) "Zayn can I talk to you?"I asked him creating a master mind plan in my head. If little Harry "loves" me so much I bet he`s gonna go through hell with this."Sure" he said his eyes sparkling.I always had a secret crush on Zayn! I just kinda fangirled in my head... Awkward! I grabbed his hand and yanked him up stairs. I pulled him into my room and locked the door."So Hey Babe" Zayn winked at me as he sat my bed. "Hey soo I have a plan I want you to be in cause I like you...." I said smiling sheepishly. He nodded and blushed. He`s too cute! "Okay the plan is that we have to flirt around but make it noticeable.But we need to kiss and hold hands and stuff is that alright with you?"I asked hoping he would say yes. "Yes I think we should practice out kissing so its not awkward." Zayn stated with a cheeky smile."Your right but your so cheeky Zayn."I smirked. He was to cute and adorable. He got up from my bed and stood up. His build was bigger then mine . His brown eyes full of two things. Lust and Love. His hands were on my waist.His palms at the bottom of my spine (see what i did there ;] ) . His eyes stared into mine like he was looking right through my soul. He was one of the most beautiful creatures ever. His features were beautiful.He was phenomenal. We leaned in and our lips brushed. Finally it was a kiss. Our lips moved in sync. Our lips molded together and fit perfectly. After a minute of perfection I pulled back in complete and utter appreciation. "Thanks"I said blushing madly. "Your welcome" He was about to leave but I stopped him. I removed my clothes. "Um Stephanie?I think its a little to early for this." He said wide eyed. "Zayn are you crazy I wasnt gonna do that!" I laughed loudly. I slipped on a black skin tight dress that came up to my mid thigh. "Zayn were going to the club! Duh!" I said dancing like a fool. He smiled and kissed my head. "Oh I thought you were gonna do something else."He laughed loudly like how I did earlier."And were gonna drink and shit!"I yelled loudly fist pumping. (There all 21 just saying ) I slipped on my black pumps and ran into the bathroom in my room Zayn following me quickly. I opened up my cheetah print makeup kit. I applied bright red lipstick and a smokey eye. "Where is my mascara?!?"I said looking everywhere. "It`s in you hand love"Zayn said pointing to my hand smiling."You dont need makeup your naturally beautiful"He said earning a big blush from me. "Thanks Zayn "I said smiling big. I opened my Cover girl mascara and put it on perfectly. I also put on liquid liner. I had to admit I look HOT. Wow I`m weird I`m flattering myself in my head. My hair was already ironed so I`m  fine to go.I turned off the light and raced down the stair case earning many glistening eyes.


When Stephanie ran down stairs she looked stunning. You look Beautiful,Gorgeous,Amazing,breathtaking, Phenomenal,brilliant`s flooded the room."Thanks guys, oh and if your wondering why I`m all dressed up is because were going to THE CLUB!"She yelled grabbing her keys. We all scurried out of the house and into the limo.

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