"What do you mean my enemy Harry Styles is living with us!?"

" Stephanie!" My mother called from the kitchen. I sprinted to the kitchen and sighed. " Yes mother?" I said sarcastically." Well you know my best friend Anne Cox right?" She asked smiling sheepishly. " Yeah I know Anne" I said simply. " Well her son Harry Styles, and his band mates will be living with us" She said happily. I choked on my fruit punch. " WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY ENEMY HARRY STYLES IS LIVING WITH US!?"


4. Fights at the club, and Surprises


I felt a stinging sensation on my cheek as my head snapped to the side. THAT HOE HIT ME! I pounced on her punching her in the face multiple times. "OH SHIT!" I heard Zayn and Harry yell. I had her hair wrapped in my hand as I jabbed her in the face with my fist repeatedly. I got up and started kicking her in the stomach screaming "WHAT BITCH WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO NOW?!" She cried blood pouring out of her nose like the rapids of white water. She got up hitting me in my face. I guess someone doesn`t know I took boxing. I swung at her jaw hearing a large snapping sound. She collapsed onto the floor crying. Funny thing is we didnt even get caught.I think I broke her jaw.. well she deserved it. I smiled and look at Harry and said" You can walk home tonight or something ,and  your not bringing that slut into my house also tell your bitch to watch herself cause she can get her ass beat again." I said before walking into the bathroom with the boys following. "Damn! YOU TOOK THAT LIKE A BOSS! YOU WERE LIKE WHAT BITCH WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO KNOW?! STEPHANIE YOU BROKE HER JAW!" Louis yelled happily jumping up and down like he was crazy. I laughed loudly. "Are you okay babe?" Zayn said his eyes pooled with worry."Zayn stop worrying she only slapped me and scratched me."I said giggling. I took wipes out of my purse wiping at the scratches. "I`m good guys." I smirked at them. "Oh yeah I forgot to mention I took boxing"I winked playfully adding a little laugh to the end. "I`m all good" I smirked. "Meet you in the car!" Louis yelled walking out of the bathroom Niall , and Zayn following close behind him. "Liam do you need to speak to me?" I asked sweetly. "Yes my mum just told me something when you were upstairs...." he trailed off. "Liam what is it?" I asked confused. "Your my cousin Stephanie your my long lost cousin I`ve been looking for , for years."

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