My name is Emerald. I'm a creature unlike no other. In 121 days, I'll be 16. It'll change everything.

*Almost like the movie Beautiful Creatures*


4. Chapter 2

Ugh, another day at school.

Why can't I just be homeschooled?

Or no school at all?


"Hey Satan."

"How's the weather down there."

"Hot down there?"


I get these everyday.

But there's always one boy..

I think his name is Jack Frasier.


He never does anything mean, say anything mean.

He's kinda cute, too.



There goes the bell.


"Emerald? Jack?" 

We both say here as Mrs. Denise calls roll.


As she starts the lesson, the paper starts being thrown.

I get hit all the time.

I don't understand why they do this.


I don't worship Satan.

I'm not evil.


Unlike my parents..



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