Dreams do come true

Hey guys so a few nights ago I had a really awesome dream and when I woke up I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it and I decided to make this out of it!! I added some things and this is my first ever movella so plzzz no hate!!! Tips are more than welcome though thx!!!!
Ashley and briana were best friends since kindergarten. They've both been through major issues and always got through them. But what happens when they get kidnapped by their favorite band one direction? Will love turn to hate? Will the two girls stay friends? Will they start falling hard for the boys?


13. Secrets

Harry's pov

time to ask the girls about this. I slowly walked down the hall to the girls room, not exactly ready for whatever it was they would tell me. But I found curiousity get the better of me as I knocked on the door. I heard the lock unclick and Briana opened the door.

brianas pov

im sitting in my 'room' discussing things with Carolann when someone knocked on the door, I got up and opened it, hoping it was Ashley coming to forgive us. But it was just harry. "Yes Harry, can I help you?" "Umm, can I talk with you in private" "fine, come in" he walked in the room, and I closed the door and locked it back up. "So, Harry what do ya need?" "Right erm, have you noticed Ashley's ugh, changes?" Crap, play dumb "what are you talking about Harry, what changes?" "We'll her hair is curlier, and black, and her eyes are green?" Damn damn damn "ya um, she has various colored contactes" smooth " oh well what about her hair?" "Why er why do u want to know anyway?" "Just curious I guess" "ya well curiousity killed the cat, bye Harry." "What, but I," "BYE Harry!" I pushed him out the room and locked the door. Way too close for comfort. "Harry is catching on, what do we do?" "Oh right, sorry, forgot you were there, I have no clue." "Great" "yup" 

Harry's pov

well, that went just swimmingly. What should I do now? I guess first I should go back and check on Ashley. I walked to the door and knocked softly. "Ash?" I waited but there was no answer. "It's Harry I'm coming in" I opened the door and walked in, only to find no one there. Great. Where'd she go? She's not with the girls, and mad at the boys, so she wouldn't be with them. Guess I should look downstairs. 


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