Dreams do come true

Hey guys so a few nights ago I had a really awesome dream and when I woke up I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it and I decided to make this out of it!! I added some things and this is my first ever movella so plzzz no hate!!! Tips are more than welcome though thx!!!!
Ashley and briana were best friends since kindergarten. They've both been through major issues and always got through them. But what happens when they get kidnapped by their favorite band one direction? Will love turn to hate? Will the two girls stay friends? Will they start falling hard for the boys?


7. questions

Ashley's pov so, I have no clue what happened. Instead of my usual brown wavy hair and brown eyes, I now have black curly hair and green eyes (with my contacts). It's really odd. And I can't remember what happened when I left the house early this morning. I know that I left the note and ran out but that's about it. That's also odd. What happened in the woods?? I only wish I could remember. Oh well, I'm sure it'll come to me. The boys seemed to buy into my lie pretty well, and don't suspect anything, until they see me. What will happen then? Ugh it's too early to think about all this! "Ash ash ash ASH" "what sorry what's up" "well other than the fact that you were just staring at me for like ten minutes, the boys want to know if you need anything" oh, no I'm good thank you" "yup" she walked out just as harry walked in. "Ya, harry need something?" "What, oh no no not at all" he walked over to the small desk leaning against the wall and opened the laptop on it. "Oh, so this is your room, I was wondering whose it was" "ya this is my very messy room" "it's not worse than my room at home" "it must be pretty bad then""ya" "well I'll just leave you be" "it's fine, you can stay, you should really rest" "I'm fine I'm fine I'll go lay in my own "bed" "oh ok then go ahead" hmm he seemed kinda upset that I was leaving, nah I'm imagining things. I slowly sat up and swung my legs over the edge careful not to go too fast so I don't fall flat on my face. I stood up. Just to start falling to the floor. Smooth move idiot. The thing is I didn't fall I landed in Harry's arms. "Thanks harry, guess I can't stand or walk yet" "ya I guessed you most likely wouldn't be able to that's why I watched you to make sure you were okay""thanks" "yup" he lifted me up bridal style and layed me on his bed. "You can stay here until you can walk again" "but where will you sleep" on the couch by the window over there" "oh ok sorry about this" "no, it's okay I don't mind" he walked back over to the computer and started typing. That's when I slowly fell asleep on his comfortable bed instead of the hard ones in our "room". 

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