Dreams do come true

Hey guys so a few nights ago I had a really awesome dream and when I woke up I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it and I decided to make this out of it!! I added some things and this is my first ever movella so plzzz no hate!!! Tips are more than welcome though thx!!!!
Ashley and briana were best friends since kindergarten. They've both been through major issues and always got through them. But what happens when they get kidnapped by their favorite band one direction? Will love turn to hate? Will the two girls stay friends? Will they start falling hard for the boys?


10. Cruel

Harry pov

she looked so happy. I mean, she should be, but I kinda want her to stay. 

Ashleys pov

YAY!!! I can go home! I am so exited! "So, umm, ill go get your purse and jacket and we will leave in my car" "ok Harry," he sat me on the couch and made his way upstairs, coming back a few minutes later. "Here ya go" "thank you Harry" he lifted me up again, walking into the garage. "APRIL FOOLS" everyone came out of the shadows in the garage as we walked in. THIS WAS A JOKE!! 

Harrys pov

"APRIL FOOLS" they all screamed as we walked out. This was all a trick? Wow, that's harsh. I looked down at Ashley, who looked pissed and had tears brimming her eyes. Aw she was so happy. She jumped down from my arms, but I kept my hands on her waist to steady her. "DO U THINK THIS IS FUNNY?" She was screaming at them, and they looked scared. "Because if this is your idea of a joke, your mind is sick!" They started laughing, thinking she was kidding with them, they didn't realize how mad she was, it was completly innocent, but she thought otherwise. "It isn't funny, I thought you idiots were going to let me go home!" The tears were streaming down her face in silver streaks. I felt so bad. "Ash they thought it was funny, they have different senses of humor than u and I." This only made her more upset."ya well it isn't funny, this is why I want to go home!" She tried prying my hands from her waist. I wasn't letting go, I wasn't going to let her fall. "Harry let go." "No ash, you'll fall" "LET GO OF ME" I let go, waiting for the fall, that never came. I looked down, she was floating, but u couldn't notice unless you were as close as I was. She made it look like she ran back inside and we heard two doors slam shut. Poor Ashley!

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