Dreams do come true

Hey guys so a few nights ago I had a really awesome dream and when I woke up I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it and I decided to make this out of it!! I added some things and this is my first ever movella so plzzz no hate!!! Tips are more than welcome though thx!!!!
Ashley and briana were best friends since kindergarten. They've both been through major issues and always got through them. But what happens when they get kidnapped by their favorite band one direction? Will love turn to hate? Will the two girls stay friends? Will they start falling hard for the boys?


8. Author note (I know it's boring I'm sorry)

Ok readers,  

listen I've been thinking about doing another movella. I will still be updating this one of coarse but also another one. Tell me what you all think in the comments and any ideas you might have of how to improve this one! Thx guys!!!  

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