Dreams do come true

Hey guys so a few nights ago I had a really awesome dream and when I woke up I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it and I decided to make this out of it!! I added some things and this is my first ever movella so plzzz no hate!!! Tips are more than welcome though thx!!!!
Ashley and briana were best friends since kindergarten. They've both been through major issues and always got through them. But what happens when they get kidnapped by their favorite band one direction? Will love turn to hate? Will the two girls stay friends? Will they start falling hard for the boys?


1. Chapter one prologue

Ashley's P.O.V.
me and my best friend Briana were out for a walk. It was early like 4:30 in the morning but that's how we like it. There had been a car following us for a bit but we didn't think much of it and kept walking. We got to this little wooden park we would go to as children and sat down on the swings. There was no one there so I took out my MP3 player and boom cube I got for Christmas and started playing one directions new album up all night. We automatically started singing along since this was our favorite band. "It feels like we've been living in fast forward another moment passing by" CRASH, "what was that" I said pausing the music. Bri replied " I don't know but it is kind of windy sooo maybe a tree fell?" " idk " " just put the music back on " "ok" " the party's ending but it's now or never, nobody's going home tonight" pause. "Did you here that" i asked she slowly nodded and looked next to me. I looked too. There they were. 5 boys dressed in all black. One turned to the others " grab them". Then it went black.....
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