This love

Serena is a 14 year old girl, and she's madly in love with One Direction, especially Harry.
She finally gets to go to a concert, with her best friends. But then, she meets him in person, and everything changes.


1. Tickets/ introducing me

Serena's P.O.V.

I'm sitting home, in front of my fathers table. All of the sudden, I get a text back. It's my aunt. She says she can come to the concert with me. Yess!! Now we can stand in the crowd so I can see them really close! Omg this is not happening! Aaaaaah omg I'm about to cry! I text my friends immediately to tell them the great news. Then I get a call from my friend Sarah. 'Hey! omg I still can't believe that we're going to see One Direction!', I say. 'Well guess what?', she says in a sad way. 'What?', I ask. 'My mom told me I can't go, because she thinks it's too expensive', she says. 'What?! No way, she can't do that to you! We've been waiting for this moment for 2 years!', I say shocked. 'I know, but i'll keep begging until I get to go, because if I don't get tickets, I will kill myself.' I shivered at her last words. "I will kill myself". It wasn't really a good subject to joke about, especially when it comes to us two. I shook my head to lose the thoughts. 'Yeah, you do that. But i've got to go. Bye!' I said. 'Yeah, i've got to go too, my mom is calling me down to eat. Talk to you soon! ', and with that, she hung up the phone.

Well, this is me. Serena. Fourteen years old, dutch, and a Directioner. I love One Direction. They really are my heroes. But I like Harry most. He's funny, handsome, and from what I know he's really kind and sensitive. I think that maybe i'm in love with him. Just the way he smiles, and shoves his perfect chocolate curls to the side of his head gives me shivers. But more about me. I have a seventeen year old brother named Oscar, and lets say that we don't get along very well. He can be sometimes, but most of the time he's just being really mean to me, and he acts like a jerk to all of my friends. I live with my brother and both my parents in the centre of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Me and parents don't always get along so well either. We fight a lot, and they always forbid me to do anything. Like, I understand that you're worried, but seriously having a sleep over with a good male friend is not that dangerous. I mean it's not like we're gonna do anything more than cuddling okay? But they really just don't seem to understand. Our relationship has gotten better than last year though, I really hated them last year. Right now I just hate them sometimes. Last year was the worst day of my life. I totally fucked my school up, my best friend was cutting herself, and I fought even more with my parents. I got held back in school, and I had to switch schools too. I cut myself for a little while too, but after that I just regretted it all and promised myself i'd never do it again. I had to make new friends at my new school, but luckily that wasn't very hard. Almost every one was really kind, and they made me feel welcome. I still miss my friends from my old school every day, but I still meet up with them after school or in the weekends. But some of my friends I just never get to see again and that's really hard for me. I just really miss them, and I wish I got to see them more often. At the beginning of last year, I met a boy who's now my best friend. His name is John. We don't see each other so much anymore, but we text each other and sometimes I go back to my old school to meet up with hime and Sarah. I fell in love with him that year, but I never thought he'd like me back, and I thought he liked Sarah, because he did. But here's the whole story. Me and Sarah went on schoolvanp with him. He liked me the second he gad seen me, but this other guy who was his friend liked me too. Tim. So John wanted to give him a chance, and he started liking Sarah. But she had just been in a relationship and she judt wasn't ready for a new one. So she rekected him. He was heartbroken, and he used me as his rebound-girl. But he actually liked me first so it was really that he liked me again. I still liked him then, but I was judt scared that it would ruin our relationship so I just denied it. Then I fell in love with another boy. Lloyd. He's also a really good friend of mine right now. But at the moment he wad kind of playing with my heart unintentionally. See, he didn't know for sure if I liked him, and I still don't know if he ever liked me. But he just kept on flirting with me and act like he really liked me. But a few weeks later he had a girlfriend. And believe me, I tried not to hate het, but just seeing him with her made me want to scream that she didn't deserve him. She was like a tomboy, and she just looked like one of the guys, and sometimes I thought she might be into girls. But even when he was seeing her, he kept on flirting with me, and I just didn't understand what was going on. But around the end of the year, I just gave up and decided to drop it, and that actually worked. But on the other hand, John still liked me for along time when I already forgot about him. He tolled me last may, that he liked me until christmas, and I just hadn't noticed it. It was stupid really, because now i'm thinking back, it was kind of obvious. Well that, was pretty much all the drama from last year. But no worries, we have a whole new year to fill with problems.

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