After moving to a new town to forget her past, Bella tries to make new friends despite her.... uniqueness. She had never told anyone her secret. in fact, she pushed everyone away, despite one person. She thought he was her best friend. The one she could trust with anything. Things take a turn for the worst for Bella when Brad tells everyone her secret and uses Bella against her will.


2. New Beginnings

I pushed open the doors to the my new school I was stuck in for the next four years. Great. This is the last place I wanted to be. I quickly weave my way through the other students. I pulled the slip of paper out of my pocket.

Locker 135; Combination: 12, 45, 68

I looked up and traced my way to my locker. Right between two stuck up jocks. Just my luck, right? I shoved my way by them and put in the combination, popping open my locker. I slipped my bag off my shoulder and took out my books.

"Take it easy man it was a joke!" Said one, getting up in the other jocks face.
"That was not a joke dude!" The other said deffensively.

Great, a 'tough' guy fight. I placed my books into my locker and reached into my bag for the rest, but only to have them knocked out of my hands.
"Watch where your going!" I said angrily. I bent down to pick up my books but he had already did so.
"Allow me. I'm Bradley, by the way. But you can call me Brad." He handed the books to me, and I took them with ease, forcing them into my locker.
"Thanks," I scoffed and slammed the locker shut, "really appreciate it." I shoved by him and pulled out my schedule.

Room 2C6

I looked around but didnt see any signs.
"Great, I'm going to be late because of that stupid jock." I looked up to face the guy Brad.
"That jock has a name." He smirked at me. "Its at the end of the hall on the left. Try not to drop anything this time…I didn't quite get your name peach cheeks."
"That's because I never gave it to you." I retorted. I shoved past him and made my way down the hall.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait up peach cheeks!" He scrambled to keep up.
"Call me that again and I shove you into the wall." I glared at him.
"How about we start over." He grabbed my arm, stopping me. "I'm Brad and I'm wondering if you want to go out this Friday." I looked up into his eyes. Those blue icey eyes of his drove right into me with passion. I nodded slowly.
"Good, to new beginnings..." He paused, looking at me.
"Bella," I said, finishing his sentence. He nodded.
"To new beginnings, Bella." He spun on his heel wandering down the hall, opposite direction of me. I stared down wildly. Did this just happen? I'm starting to like this school. I made my way into the classroom and dropped my books onto the desk, sitting down. The teacher shut the door and language arts officially started. I just couldn't get his those blue eyes out of my mind... I started dozing out, daydreaming of Brad.
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