After moving to a new town to forget her past, Bella tries to make new friends despite her.... uniqueness. She had never told anyone her secret. in fact, she pushed everyone away, despite one person. She thought he was her best friend. The one she could trust with anything. Things take a turn for the worst for Bella when Brad tells everyone her secret and uses Bella against her will.


1. Epilogue

Dark, wet, damp, beneath my bear feet. I heard a twig snap and the crunching of leaves beneath heavy feet heading in my direction. I turned my head, ever so slightly, to see him. It couldn't be him. He had chased me all this way? After everything? Oh no. This isn't same person I knew for all these years. This..thing, whatever it was, was not the same person I knew. I shouldn't of ever agreed to meet him! What could have gotten into him? Pushing all the questions to the back of my mind, reality overtook me and I realized, he was gaining on me! I heard a heavy thud, and suddenly I felt dizzy. I cautiously moved a shaking hand to my forehead. It was wet with crimson blood. What happened…I was suddenly overtaken by a heavy urge to sleep. But no! He was after me! I stumbled to my feet only to fall back again, into his arms.
"Shhh, it'll be okay Bella..." he whispered into my ear softly. He pulled out a needle from his jacket and injected it into my arm.
"No.." I tried pull away but he tightened his grip around my arm. My eyes started to droop. I couldn't let him take me, what was he going to do? I was overtaken by sleep, once again.
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