Just Great

Miley and Jenna are great people but when it comes to high school and their bullies Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, they ruin their lives but they have to work through the pain.. the high school has a thing where the grade 11's have to pick a name out of a box and it has to be four people that live together, read and see who goes where and what happens..


3. Vocal lessons

Harry's POV

me and Zayn really hoped we could get them for the four people in room for a year thing, i still dont really know what it was called but when Mylie got us and Jenna, we were really happy and the reason we smirked that day, was because we were happy to be with the ones we liked, she started crying though for some reason right when she saw us.

they ran upstairs, looking terrified or something but Mylie looked the most pissed off, she's cute when shes angry. when i kissed her cheek, it as a gentle kiss and her cheeks were really warm. She is so beautiful and i really do like her.


Zayn's POV

they were pretty pissed at us, Jenna and Mylie were both very mad and they looked like we were some type of murderers or something. They hated us pretty much ever since they came here and that may be cause we insulted them, BUT that was only once! or twice! but they shouldnt be mad! we didnt do anything!

Jenna is really cute and her accent that she says she doesnt have, is adorable, her voice is beautiful, i heard her sing a duet with Mylie in a private vocal lessons class during school. they were singing a song called The Way You Look Tonight by Elton John. they were trying very hard and i dont know w-oh wait, thats right, they were going to audition for the x factor in a few months. They are probably going to like win, well i hope.


Mylie's POV

"Jen?" I sat up from my bed hoping she hadnt fallen asleep during the past about 2 hours we stayed in here. "yeah?" she sat up on her bed to. "were you asleep?" "no, why?" she took her phone out and started to talk to someone but she was across the room so i couldnt see. "do you mind if we practiced again?" I asked her. "not at all, lets do it!" she smiled and got off her bed and went over to our dressers and grabbed our music sheets. "ready?" I asked as we were standing up with our lyric sheet, we didnt need the other one, it was just the sheet for the music notes to play, we did the song on the piano while we sang it during our period of vocal/music lesson. "k,go!"

"There was a time, I was everything, but nothing all in one...but when you found me, i was feeling like a cloud across the sun.." She began

"and I need to tell ya, that you light up every second of the day.. but in the moon light, you shine just like a beacon of the bay.." I started singing as well

we started singing until the part where we would always try our hardest to do. "Oh! and I cant descriibe!! but theres something about the way, you look tonight!! Boy, you take my breath away.." we sang and finished the song, a bit breathless. "I think we did pretty good that time." Jen said, "I agree, but my voice still sounds pretty bad! i need more vocal lessons!" I tell her.


"No you dont!" someone said.

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