Just Great

Miley and Jenna are great people but when it comes to high school and their bullies Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, they ruin their lives but they have to work through the pain.. the high school has a thing where the grade 11's have to pick a name out of a box and it has to be four people that live together, read and see who goes where and what happens..


2. Is this a joke?

Jenna's POV

thats really weird, i can tell MIley is thinking it to.. they for once, didnt yell at us.. "Hey babes!" Harry yelled getting off the couch and putting his arms around me and My "excuse me?" My said taking his arm off of her. "you know you want me" He replied to her. "umm.. no" I said taking his arm off of me. "come on! be loose and lets have fun!" he said and winked "are you kidding me right now? is this some kind of joke?" I said in anger and frustration. "nah, babe! how bout we go upstairs and ill show you my room?" he said, I rolled my eyes "there is no way in hell im going to your room, you might stab me! or do something painful!" I grabbed My, "why would I hurt you?" he cheekily smiled and put his arm back around me. i took his arm off again, "because your YOU!! you both are bullies and have bullied us since the day we moved here!" I yelled in frustration."we hoped to get you guys for this." he continued smiling as he put his arm around Mylie, she took his arm off of her AGAIN and yelled at them "why, so you guys could bully us even more?!" she was pretty much furious at this moment. "and we always loved those accents of yours" Zayn added "You insulted our accents just yesterday!" Mylie yelled still furious. "relax babe it's all good now though" Harry kissed her cheek "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! MY BOYFRIEND!?" she yelled "well i was hoping so, dont you agree?" he smiled, "um, NO ACTUALLY!! and you guys hate us! your just trying to test us or something!!" she said in return. we both stormed off to our bedroom and layed down on my bed besid each other "this isnt going to be fun and i can already tell, even more than before.." I sighed. "was this all planned? were they trying to see if they could make us fall for them?" Myl said quietly. "i dont know Myl but i hope it is cause they are freaking me out.." I replied to her.

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