One Direction & Justin Bieber Imagines!!!!!!!!! :D x

Just comment me your personality,hair color,eye color,age. And what boy :D x


2. For Simmy: Love Forever

"Wake up"I shook Simmy.She rolled on her side and groaned,"What?". "Time to get up"I say."What time is it?"Simmy turns to face me."Last time, I checked it was 11:30"I tell her.She looks into my eyes, which makes me melt inside."Stop it"She giggles."What?"I say trying not to smile."You know"She says rolling out of bed."I have no clue"I say getting out of bed and chasing her.She runs out of the room, all around the house."Shhhh"She says still running."BLAHHHH"I scream."Niall!"She exclaims.I laugh and dont even care if were in a hotel."Niall!"She says stopping dead in her tracks.I catch her and sling her over my shoulder."Why'd you stop?"I ask her, while carrying her to our room."Because you were being loud"Simmy explains to me.I carefully place her down."Shh"I smirk.""Not here"Simmy puts her two fingers on my lips,and goes to the bathroom."Shower?""I ask her."Not here either baby"She tells me."Rawr, cant blame me for trying"I tell her."Babe today I have a soundcheck today"I yell to her."WAAHHH!"She screams."Whoah,whoah"Simmy says coming out in her towel."Your not going,today we go for our scan"She pouts."I promised the boys though"I tell her."Whatever"Simmy says.

Once I get back from the soundcheck,I open the hotel door.I run to Simmy and I's room.I open the door and see her there."Hello babe"I smile."NIALLER!"She practically screams.She runs into my arms."Guess what"She bites her lips.She stares dead into my eyes.Her arms wrapped around my neck and my hands wrapped around her waist."I have to get my tonsils out!"She whispers."Its gonna be okay"I smile at her."I thought you were mad at me?"I say getting close to her lips."How can I stay mad at my baby?"She says locking my lips with hers.
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