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4. For Kayla:I do(;

Kayla's POV

"You nag alot"I tell Niall."Do not....Just please can I go?"Niall asked me again."I'm not even sure your good!"I emphasize the word good."Oh believe me, I'm beyond good"Niall smirked."Dirty fella"I mutter to him.Niall rolls his eyes and heads for the kitchen."You hungry KayBear?"He asked."Naw...Considering we just had Nandos"I laugh at him."Well the game could last for a long time"Niall said to himself."Why are you so random?"I ask him."What?"He said sitting next to me with an apple."OH MY GOSH!!!!!!"I scream and get up and look at Niall"AHHH!"Niall jumps off the coach and screams like and girl."YOUR EATING HEALTHY!"I say covering my mouth.I look at Niall and hes giving me the death glare.I drop my gaze to the apple... Maurice is chowing it down.

"My apple"Niall said grabbing the apple from Maurice.Maurice is our 1 month chocolate lab."Mauriceyyy"I scold him waving my finger.Maurice is waving his tail."ALL YOUR FAULT KAYBEAR!"Niall said running after me.I squeal and run upstairs and run into the bathroom door and lock it."You'll have to come out sooner or later"Niall huffed."Your not fit enough"I say sliding my back against the door."Oh please"Niall said.I laugh and say,"Its final your not coming"."Maurice could beat you!"I tell him."Shut up Kay"He said.I heard footsteps go and heard the door slam.

Nialls POV

I could beat Maurice anyday.Kayla is being a-."Wait Niall!"I heard a familiar voice."I was just joking around"Kayla said standing in front of me.It was thundering out and Kayla cried I have no idea why."Im sorry niall!"She screamed at me over the thunder."Stop crying Kayla!"I yelled at her."I cant help it! your being so dramatic lately, and Ive thought to myself sometimes,like where has m Niall went?"Kayla screamed in my face."I-i-i-i dont know"I truthfully told her."I know he's gone"She whispereed and ran back to the house."Wait Kayla"I said."Come back once youve figured yourself out"Kayla yelled.

Kayla's POV

It's been 2 months since our fight.I lay in bed and hear the doorbell."WHO IS IT"I scream."AUNTY GRACE"I heard a raspy voice."COME IN!"I scream.Wait only Niall calls her 'Aunty'..."Niall get out"I say running downstairs."Wait Kayla I'm ready to come back"Niall said stroking my hair."I just wont let you in so easily"I say hugging him tightly."I've missed you so much"We say at the same time.Next thing I knew we were in bed and Niall and I were sleeping.Well I wasnt but I thought he was.Niall attacked my lips with lots of kisses."Horan!"I giggled between kisses.And from that day fort Niall and I never fought.We ended up having 3 children, two boys and one girl.

***Hey! I know I said I wouldnt do any Niall fanfictions but I changed my mind.Please tell me what you think Kayla! ~Nicole.x

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