valentines day with louis a louis tomlinson fanfic

this is for that valentines day thing


1. valentines day with louis

louis pov:

its valentines day and i have no idea what to buy samantha for valentines day i have to call laim about this he would know what to do so i call liam coversation: liam:whatsup lou whatya need? me:HELP i dont know what to get sam for valentines day nor what to do liam:okay louis but calm down louis:okay im calm liam: okay what you should get her is a promise ring chana told eh that she saw this ring on fb it has love spellled on it ike not on the band cuz it is the band and she said she loved it and that is what you should get her like as a promise ring as for what you should do is go to the beach just before sun sets an set up a picnic with candles and everything and her favorite foods and then walk along the beach just as the sun starts setting and it think she would love it. louis:thanks liam your the best!!!!!! liam:i know i am! louis: so what are you doing wanna come over im bored sam is at the gym. liam: sure be there in  a min! k bye  

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