Karma Doctrine - Universal Law - Part 2

Human Effort,Co-ordination,Law of Nature



1. Karmic Law


Human coordination and cowork with nature,

grant peace and harmony in universe:

Even Gods and angels incarnate on earth

to sacrifice their lives, to teach virtue and

knowledge, and to endow mankind with love and humanity

And the uniqueness of Karmic law is: both creators and

created are bound by this universal law.   It is said:

The accumulated merits and sins of past deeds

in past births, carried by human life in the wheel of karma

are to be experienced in present and future births.

As you sow, so shall you reap. But as fire destroys dry wood,

knowledge gained through ability in karma practice

liberates one from the bondage.   It is said: Life is

predetermined. Even so stars will condition you

but will not compel you. We have the free will to

choose and to make choices. A strong, and

constructive mind faces the challenges and solves the problems.

 A sincere and a balanced life, valuable and natural

positive and projective, ethical and conscientous,

standard and disciplined, responsible and helpful;

That is karma in practice.

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