Valentine´s day? Oh please.

Short story for competition


1. The one and only chapter ´cause after this I died.

 It was one day before february 14th. The day which means too much  for many people. I don´t fit to many people. My 2 friends Suzy and Nikky neither. Well basically because there is no one to celebrate this with. It´s a little flustrating. Ok, not just a little. Everyone in class is taken, my classmates are texting during school breaks to their lovers, they are talking how did they spend their weekend with them, what birthday present they gave to their honeys and other bullshit. Ell, dont be rude. You want to tell these kind people a story. Act like an adult!


So, where were we. Well, me and my single friends are pretty much obsessed  with boys from One Direction. People in school are really judgemental when it comes to 1D. But we dont care. They  makes us happy as their sweeties, and babes and honeys do. So what? One day, we were at my house, listening to kiss you and  pretending to be boys in their video. We put on striped shirts and leather black jackets. We turned webcamera on and started to make short videos. We were connected to livestream, hoping some of lads would have connected. We weren´t stupid. Of course we knew, it wouldn´t happened. Ever. When suddenly Niall  tweeted that Zayn and Harry were going to connect to livestream in very few minutes. The look at us would definitely persuade you we weren´t sane. At first it looked like we had lost our tongues. We werent able to speak. After moment of hesitation we looked at each other and grinned as never before. It was right before a midnight but we felt like we were woken up after 10 years of sleeping.


This was it. Our only chance. Then we tweeted Niall that we were connected too, that we were waiting for them, I attached a photo of us too. Then I got 1 new follower. Niall Horan followed you. WHAT THE FUCK?! This was the second time we acted insane! It was indescribable. Well I am describing it now, 4 months later. But still. I have goose bumps since then. NIALL FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER! After few minutes later, the screen appeared in front of us. It looked like someone´s bedroom. Or hotel room. But that wasnt important. Important was that who appeared later. God. Well to be precise, 3 Gods. There was Harry in front of camera, setting it up. "Hey girls!" suddenly echoed through my bedroom. "Hello!": Harry added and  waved at us. Our hearts stopped in the moment when that 3 boys appeared on the pc display and they didnt started to work until we realised what had happened. "heey, are you still there?" Zayn spoke up. Well we were there. I mean we were in heaven.

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