Don't let go.

Jamie and her parents are spending spring break like they do every year, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The only difference is that now... Jamies 16! which means her parent have to loosen the ropes and let her party with the mexicanos. What happens when a sexy, tanned pool boy with an intence stare catches her eye? A story full of partying, friendship and love.


1. Chapter One


"Guess where I'm gonna be off to tomorrow!!"

"OH MY GOD. Jamie shut up! You've told me a million times!"

"Geezz Katy, you could be happy for me." I say sarcastically.

"I'm sorry you get to spend a lucious month in hot and sexy Mexico, while I'm stuck here in Canada freezing my ass off!" said Katy.

"Calm down! Take a chill pill."

"Okay I'm done. I'm just so jealous!" She took a deep hallow breath and twirled one of her dark brown curls around her long slim finger. I can tell she's dissapointed.

"I'll tell you what, maybe I can bring you next year..."

" ---- REALLY?? YEAH!! *Clears throught* yeah tha'd be cool.."


"Only 'Cause your rubbing off on me."

"Well I'll start sweet talking my mom about next year." I smiled and so did she. Her cheeks were pink and rosy from the ice cold air. I could feel the snow soaking my light brown uggs and we strided torward my door step. My nose was frozen and my eyes were tearing up because of the restless canadian wind. When I blinked I could feel the tiny icicles on my eye lashes.

"Aww.. Jamie! Dont leave me!! "

"Sorry there is no way Im passing up Mexico for this!" I say pointing to the snowbank on my front lawn that I spent hour shoveling yesterday.

"Understandable. Hey, bring me home a cute boy! I'm gonna miss you darling." She says pulling me into a warm hug.

"Il miss you too." I watched her walk away and waved.

Katy was my best friend from before I can even remember. We were always super close and got along like sisters. Meaning, one second we were laughing and the next we were at eachothers throats. But we still love eachother at the end of the day. So about this whole vacation thing,my parents and I are spending a month in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We go every year, its our tradition as a family. And I'm sure this vaction will be like all the rest, the only difference is the now, I'm sixteen! You might be thinking "Whats s special about being sixteen? Well my parents told me that I wasn't aloud to go out or date until I'm sixteen. Mexican night life, come at me bro!

I walked into my house shivering. The warmth felt great as it slowly krept up my spine.I placed my book bag in the closet and rushed to my room. I open the door and smile at my One Direction and Justin Bieber posters that crowd my walls. Yes I'm a fangirl, gotta problem? I quickly ploped in my Hunter Hayes CD in the stereo and pulled out my large suitcase as the song "Storm Warning" rang through the speakers. I began to pack my endless amount of clothes. I made sure to be stocked with denim shorts and cute bakinis and my floral sun dresses. I could also hear my parents running around the house packing.

Our flight is schedualed for 7:00am tomorrow and we are done packing by 10:00pm so I deside to call it a night and read my book for awhile before bed. Every time I read one of my mooshy teenage romance novels I always wonder. Is that really how it feels like to be in love? You want to scream it from the rooftops? Or dance around your room like a crazy person in the middle of the night? I guess its hard for me to believe because I've never been in love. Boys at school don't even look at me. I'm like a ghost that haunts the hall-ways and I'm not even a scary ghost, I'm just there. Hopefully being sixteen will change that.



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