Love Drunk

Zarah Patel is used to partying until the sun rises, drinking till she's forgot her morals and not remembering the name of her one-night stands when she wakes up in the morning with a hangover.

Niall's the opposite.
Touring with the band keeps him busy and half-out of trouble. He's always out and about, eating or just having a laugh with his four best friends.

When One Direction go on tour to Dehli, will Niall find his true love in a marketplace full of saris and sequins?
Or will one thing drive them even further apart. . .


2. Bumping Into Strangers

"Zarah! Come back here!"

I ignored the chuckles and boisterous shouts from the doorway of Atils' house, and kept on pushing through the crowds, developing elbows of steel.

Shouts from stall-owners ricocheted in the air, gossip from large Indian women, screams of bratty babies, and raucous laughter from teenagers like me.

The ones who were proud of their one night stands.

Don't get me wrong, Atil was beyond handsome, but I didn't love him. All the men I had were purely there just for my entertainment.

"Hey Zarah! Get a diseased one last night or something?!"

I turned around, my face a mask of shock, and saw my best friend Lolita beaming at me. Oh Sita help me. What do I say to her?

"What happened? Last night at the celebration, why did you run off? Wait, let me rephrase that: Who did you run off with?"

Her gentle dark eyes probed me for a minute before the penny dropped.


Her eyes widened and her jaw slackened, her arms falling from the dominant fold they had over her robust chest.

"Mm hm." I admitted, dropping my stare to the ground. I felt like crying, I was that ashamed.

When Lolly and I were fourteen, we swore that - no matter what - we wouldn't let my dad get Atil to seduce me.

But, alcahol betrayed me last night. I was a fucking walking sex machine. And Atil happened to be standing right in my line of view.

"Aww, Zarah, come here." She held out her slim arms and I fell into them and wept like a child.

Lolly stroked my hair and shushed me and when I opened my eyes, over her silk-clad shoulder, I saw a boy.

A blonde boy with shining blue eyes - a rarity in Dehli.

"I must have him." I whispered.

"Huh?" I ripped myself from Lollys' embrace and bolted to where the blond boy was ducking beneath sari stalls and dodging the sellers yelling at him.

I laughed and bolted over to hide behind a tall stone pillar.

"Excuse me?"

I spun round and braces my hands behind me, shocked at the face looking at me.

He looked a little like Atil, exept he had hazel eyes with long, slightly girly lashes. There was dark stubble lining his jaw and above his upper lip. His black hair was styled into a quiff and there was a blonde streak at the front. It wasn't his inhumanely handsome face that struck me dumb, it was the way he was dressed. Denim jeans, like the cowboys wear, with a pristine white t-shirt and a black leather jacket over the top.

And top-brand designer shoes on.

He must be rich.

I wanted to be able to switch back to normal mode, all flirty and lash-batting.

But I was stuck in shock mode. Stuttery and stupid, like the me before Mama died.



I felt the flirty me trying to punch away the wall that suddenly went up in my mind. Then she broke through.

"Ahem. I mean, hi. Welcome to Dehli."

The boy laughed and shook his head knowingly.

"You're our tour guide, right?"

"Nope. That's my friend, Lolly- Lolita."

" 'Kay, thanks. I'll see you around. . . ?"

"Zarah." I grinned at him and trailed a finger down one side of his face before leaning close to his ear.

"But you can call me sexy."

And with that, I skipped off, giggling to myself.  Although, a little part of me wished I'd savoured the moment of being myself again.

"Bye." I heard him whisper, and I knew he was speachless, left shocked by my forwardness.

Tough cookies.

I nudged Lolly gently and she turned to the quiffed boy before gasping, smiling, then blushing.  I laughed and turned around so I could walk backwards and watch the scene unfold before me.

I felt myself bump into someone and turned round, my eyes widening when I saw blondie.

He grabbed my shoulders to steady me and smiled. I looked at his blue eyes. As clear and blue as the river running through the forest. Lapis lazuli blue.

Old me was back. It almost felt like she was back to stay.

"Hi." I whimpered, captured by the colour of his eyes. So much more beautiful than Atils'. He was even more handsome that Atil and the stranger.

"Hi, I'm Niall." he said.




























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