Agent Z

The year is 2500, and people live in an advanced society.
16 year old Zoe along with her twin brother Kyle live in a high tech orphanage with tablets and skilled teachers that teach them everything they need to know about the life they are going to have when they move out of the orphanage at the age of 18. Life is fine for them, but they are both a lot smarter than all of the other teens their age. Kyle constantly gets bored with school, and often, he hacks into the schools archive to learn about him and his sister. Though Zoe thinks he is just doing light reading, Kyle is closer than ever to finding out the truth, seeing as no one will tell them. Zoe feels lost, and feels that on one can help her in her search fro who she truly is. And even though Kyle tries to ignore her most of the time, she knows that deep down inside, he still loves her with all his heart.


3. The Lake, Koral Lake

"Kate... Please tell me some good news."

"Well, I'm not sure if it's good news but..."

"Just come with it."

"Well... They're very different."

"What do'ya mean?"

"I mean that Zoe... She's so sweet and want's everyone to be happy..."

"What about Kyle?"

"Well, he's... Unreadable. He has this poker face that only his sister seems to be able to see through..."

"Well, how does he act?"

"He seems as if we are below him... Doesn't show it directly, but I can tell by the way he looks at his sister."

"They don't get along?"

"Well, he want's to protect her from everything... Doesn't let her do anything without his opinion weighing her down."

"So he loves her... But she doesn't know?"

"No, she sees right through him - Knows his 'moves'... How he acts in a certain mood."

"And she's the only one who can do that?"

"Well, it's what we assume. From what we can see from the tapes, he doesn't trust us and she does."

"Smart boy..."

"Yes, from what I can tell, he has probably already discovered the camera's and recorders."

"Do you really think it's the best way to tell them? Let them find out for themselves?"

"They both know they're smarter than other teens. They would have found out by themselves anyway."

"Whatever you say Kate... I just hope you know what you're doing..."

"Yes sir."

"Oh, and congratulations on the promotion general."

"Thank you sir. Talk to you later."

I looked around, not believing what I saw. I was standing in a huge, tall room, looking out of the wood and glass double doors in front of me. Outside was a sunlit lake, just sitting there reflecting in the sun. I had never seen a real lake in my life, only on pictures, but this was so amazingly beautiful, the deep red coral color against the bright green grass. "You like the view?" Kate's voice came out of nowhere. "I don't just like it... I love it." I looked out at the lake again. "It's called Koral Lake... Because of the color." She came and stood beside me. "It's beautiful..." I told her. "One of the reasons why I got so attached to this place." She said as she opened the two doors that led out to the bright green lawn. "Just to get some fresh air in here... And if you wanna take a walk out in the area, feel free to do so." She smiled at me and walked out. The room I was standing in was my room. It sounded so weird. "My room..." I shook my head and smiled, even though I felt more lost than I had ever felt before in my life. What confused me most of all was Kyle. I mean he was usually not very friendly to anyone, but this hostile attitude was something new. He was never an open book, no, more like one with three locks on it... But this bitterness, this concealed anger was something I had never seen him do to anyone but me. I looked around the room again and smiled. Kyle could handle his own business, and right now, I had my own room to look after. I found it hard not to give out a little squeal, and I bit my lip as I turned to all the wonderful things that were in my room. A huge bed draped with light white curtains. A door that looked like it led into a walk in closet. A dressing pod. A huge mirror that probably had all kinds of cool features. The wall that turned out towards the lake was made completely out of glass, and it had a table pushed up against it on the right hand side of the double doors. Well, pushed up against it wasn't really the right term. It looked like the wall had kind of grown into the table, or that the table was a part of the wall. Probably the last thing though.

There was a small breeze when I opened the door to the walk in closet. Like it had been holding a lot of air for some time. Warm lights automatically came on, and revealed more clothes than I had ever seen in my entire life. Pants, shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, suits, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, shorts, t-shirts, underwear, scarves, hats, more shoes and mirrors. At the back of the closet was another room, that turned out to be a bathroom with a toilet, sink, shower and a bathtub. And more mirrors. If anyone tried to sneak up on you in this house... Well, you couldn't... Because of the many mirrors.

After a while of admiring my new room, I decided that I needed a bit of air after all the craziness that had happened in these last few 24 hours. As I walked out the double doors, I wondered how modern people lived, if this was old fashioned. Machines probably did everything for them, otherwise, they would have other people doing it for them for sure. The would probably get fat... Only to have machines remove that fat from them. It wasn't really fair. As I walked down the stony path, I admired the autumn colors that watched the coral lake. Today was September 2nd. Yesterday was Kyle and I's birthday, September 1st. As I came closer to the lake, I realized how much the orphans at the orphanage missed out on. Not all the kids at the orphanage were orphans. The orphanages worked like boarding schools for the rich to send their children, and orphanages for the ones who didn't want their children, or simply thought it best for them that the were there. For some reason, orphanages had the best teachers, since all the kids who turned 18 and passed their exams would be the working people of the world. They would most probably become the richest people in the world, because of the hard work, or simply because they wrote a book based on their childhood in an orphanage. I recall an English class where our English teacher, Miss Clair, had read us a book written by a former student of hers that had lived her whole life in that very same orphanage we were in. Miss Clair had told us that we could be just like her, grow up and become famous. She had also told us that with hard work came rewards. After that short speech, she had reached into her bag and gave us each a pen she called a space pen. She got all teary after that and then gave us a lecture on how to behave ourselves properly out in what she called "the real world".

I found a bench on the bank of the lake. Right be the edge was a headstone that read:

Koral Lake, Named after Koral Jones. Lake mysteriously turned coral red a few days after Koral Jones was buried at the lakes bank.

"And I though they were just bad a spelling... Koral instead of coral..." Kyle sat down beside me. "How long have you been following me?" I asked him with a smile. "Just since you left your room..." He answered me, as he looked across the lake. "I never thought I would see a real lake in my entire life..." I told Kyle. "I never doubted that I would see one." He looked at me and smiled. "Whether it was now or when we turned 18, I never doubted that I would see a lake." He smiled at the lake. "Okay, I might have had some doubts when I had hacked into the library too many times... Thought Miss Clair might have killed me. And if not her then you." He smiled at me, and I nudged him. "I know what you are trying to do..." I told him frowning at the lake. "And what am I trying to do?" He asked me. "Making things better, trying to make my subconscious mind forgive you..." I looked at Kyle again, only to find that he was still smiling at me. "Is it working?" He asked me with an even bigger smile. "Ugh..." I got up from the bench. The truth was that he was actually getting to me, and it was kind of freaking me out. He could twist his words in a way that I knew that I could as well, but I never wanted to use it. He could make people see the things he saw, in that way that he saw them. He could get people to do things for him, making them believe that it was the right thing to do. It was lucky that Kyle was a good guy, otherwise, there would definitely be trouble. As I walked up the stony path, I heard Kyle's running footsteps behind me. "I'm sorry Zoe." Was all he said. "Yeah, well, you should tell Kate and Loren that, not me." I said and kept on walking. He ran up to me and started walking beside me. "I don't thing they know that I was lying. You were the only that knew. You are always the only one that knows." I stopped to look at Kyle. "You get kind of used to it throughout the years. You start seeing that it isn't true anymore. And they will too, eventually." I pointed at the house. "Trust me, they will. And I don't want to go back to that grey walled orphanage again, so you really need to get your act together. Otherwise, we're both screwed." I walked up to the marble stairs and closed the wood and glass double doors that led into my room as silently as I could.

"One pending message from Kyle" A mechanic voice came from my closet mirror. The mirror was now lined with blue light, and a box had appeared. "How do I open this?" I asked. "Click on it" The mirror answered. I lightly tapped the box open, and they mirror now displayed a message from Kyle:

I'm sorry Zoe,

I promise I won't screw it up, but only for your sake ;)

See you later.


I looked at the message in disbelief. I tapped on the reply button and keyboard sprung up on the mirror. "Would you like to go on voice?" The mirror asked me. "Sure."

Ten minutes later I looked at my sent message in satisfaction. I had given Kyle a piece of my mind, but I had also told him thanks. The mirror had written down everything I had said, and it had done a pretty good job at it. "Would you like to program me now?" The mirror asked me. Not knowing what it was, I just answered yes. "Name?" I looked dumbfounded at the mirror. "What?" I asked it. "Do you want to give me a name?" The mirror asked me. "Okay... I'll call you... Olivia." I told Olivia. "Thank you, Zoe." The mirror somehow sounded happy, if it was even possible. "What time would you like to be woken up tomorrow?" Olivia asked me. "Half an hour before breakfast." Things moved around on the screen, and I assumed the alarm was being set. "What would you like to eat tomorrow?" I thought of all the possibilities. "Just whatever is easy..." I told her. "Wait, who's making breakfast?" I suddenly asked Olivia. "Well, Kate is of course." She answered. "Okay... Thanks Olivia, is that all?" I looked around my closet looking for something that would tell me what time it was. "Olivia...? What time is it?" I asked her, suddenly feeling very stupid. "11:38 am." I looked at myself in the mirror. "Ok... Is that all?" I asked her again. "Yes Zoe, that's all. You are free to do anything that you like, lunch will be served at 12:30 pm today, and dinner will be served at 6:30 pm. I will call you when both are served. Please chose an alarm tone..." A list of tones popped up on the mirror and I started scrolling through them. I finally decided to go with an old school bell. "Please chose volume." The numbers one through ten popped up on my screen. I lightly tapped on ten, but had to tap on nine after a millisecond, because it almost deafened me. After testing many volumes, I finally decided to go with volume six, not to loud, but loud enough so that I could hear it, even if I was outside by the lake. 






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