Agent Z

The year is 2500, and people live in an advanced society.
16 year old Zoe along with her twin brother Kyle live in a high tech orphanage with tablets and skilled teachers that teach them everything they need to know about the life they are going to have when they move out of the orphanage at the age of 18. Life is fine for them, but they are both a lot smarter than all of the other teens their age. Kyle constantly gets bored with school, and often, he hacks into the schools archive to learn about him and his sister. Though Zoe thinks he is just doing light reading, Kyle is closer than ever to finding out the truth, seeing as no one will tell them. Zoe feels lost, and feels that on one can help her in her search fro who she truly is. And even though Kyle tries to ignore her most of the time, she knows that deep down inside, he still loves her with all his heart.


1. That lucky rainy day....

“Is that it? Him?”

“He´s the last one if thats what you´re reffering to”


“He´s grown up in a harsh inviroment… Do you really think it´d be smart to barge in on him like this?”

“Of course not… But what other choice do we have?”

“I don´t know, sir but there are other ways of telling him… Train him a little first…”

“But what good would that do? He´d never trust us again if he knew we´d been lying to him in the first place.”

“See that´s the problem with this one. Never trust anyone but himself. The harsh inviroment, again…”

“We need to find a way to make him trust us. Thats what we need to do.”

“With all due respect sir, I think thats as close to impossible as we can get.”

“You make my job so much harder than it´s supposed to be, Kate!”

“I go under major, sir.

“It sounds like you´re the one commanding me.

“Always has.”

“Alright enough with this small talk… Find a solution to this…”

“Yes… Sir.”


I sat and looked out of the window. The rain splattered against the polished glass with gentle thuds. I sat here, in me and my brother, Kyle´s, bedroom. In the orphanage. The same old orphanage with the marble walls and marble floors, high tech computers and camera’s watching our every move.. I have lived here for 16 years today… I looked over at Kyle, who was sitting on his bed and reading on his tablet. I frowned. “What are you reading?” Kyle looked up from the tablet. He looked at me like I was a child. Even though we were twins, it always seemed like he was several years older than me. “Well, what do you think?” He rolled his eyes, and started reading again. I frowned. “Please tell me you didn't hack into the library again…” I groaned as he didn't answer. “Kyle, you know that I will also get blamed for this, right? Because of the whole “You should have stopped him” that miss Clair blames me for too…” Kyle didn't even look up. Or blink. His eyes steadily follow the thin lines of writing. Right. The silent treatment. I crossly crossed my arms, and once again, turned to the window. But then it happened. The crunching gravel, and the sound of a motor turning off, made it so more real than it was. Kyle and I exchanged looks, and we both jumped up and headed down the broad white hall, leading us to the gold and white marble staircase broadening out to the grand hall. The room, that was before buzzing with talk, laughter and excitement now became silent as the grave. The huge grand door slowly opened, and a couple dressed in black walked in. Headmistress Thompson hurried past us down the stairs, and greeted the couple. She then ushered past us again, and brought the couple up to her office. The hall once again started buzzing, and Kyle and I decided to head up to our room again.


“Zoe…” Kyle's voice brought me back to reality, and I saw that he was sitting and looking worried at me. I was once again sitting in the windowsill, looking out at the now almost invisible rain, and wondered if there was going to be one or two less kids tomorrow. “Yeah… What?” I yawned and sat up straight, just like Miss Clair would have liked me to. I noticed something about Kyles look. It was different. “Zoe…” There was an unmistakable pain in his voice. “Kyle..?” He looked away. Then he handed me the tablet. I had expected to see some part of the text that he couldn't understand, but saw only a note from Headmistress Thompson in his mailbox. “Whats this?” I asked him, dumbfounded. Was he in trouble? “Open it…” he answered.



Meet me in my office.

We need to speak together about a leave of absence.


Headmistress Thompson


And then I understood. “No…” I looked at him, but he wouldn't meet my eye. “Kyle… Do you really think that they want to adopt you?” He shrugged. “I think you got one too…” I hurried over to the tablet that was lying on my bedside table. I expected there to be a pending message in my inbox. But… “Kyle… I haven't gotten any message…” I turned to Kyle, who now sat straight upright in his bed, sheet white. I could feel my eyes water, but blinked it away. “You better get up there. You know how the Headmistress gets when someone is late.” My voice was getting smaller and smaller, and I was having a hard time keeping the tears from overflowing. Kyle got up from his bed, and hesitated before he came over to my bed and hugged me. “I'm not leaving you here, if thats what you think.” His voice was comforting, but I still felt anger and betrayal deep inside my heart.  “C'mon. Headmistress Thompson is waiting for us.” He pulled me up from my bed, and we left the room, and headed up a flight of stairs at the other end of the broad hall. The only thing that people said was on the second floor, was headmistress Thompsons office, but I had been there so many times that I knew that it didn't add up. The office was way too small to fill all the space on that floor. I always wondered what else was on that floor.


When we finally arrived in her office, a woman opened the door. I had never seen her before, so came to the conclusion that she was the woman in the couple Kyle and I had seen walk up the stairs, in the grand hall. Her eyes popped when she saw Kyle, but her eyebrows furrowed when she saw me. “Zoe! What are you doing here?!” Headmistress Thompsons voice rang in my ears. I stood absolutely still, and couldn't answer her. “I'm not leaving without her.” Kyle voice came loud and clear, and it was like someone catching me when I fell. The headmistress shot him an angry look, but he seemed as if he didn't even notice. The couple looked strangely at me, but I found Kyles hand on my shoulder reassuring. “Uhm… I'm sorry to interrupt, but… Who are you?” The woman looked at me with raised eyebrows. “I'm Zoe… Kyle's sister.” My reply seemed to shock the color out of the woman, and turned, sheet white, to her husband. “Is… Is it possible that I could have a private word with my wife outside?” The man looked as shocked as the woman, and when Headmistress Thompson nodded, they hurried out the door. I could distantly hear them talk. “What were you thinking?” the Headmistress looked accusingly at us. “As I said before: I'm not leaving without her.” Kyle's voice was unnaturally calm. “What?” Thompson demanded. Kyle rolled his eyes. “Are you deaf? I'm just not leaving without her!” He was half shouting. Again, in the distance I heard the couple talking, and then stillness when someone dialed the phone. “Well, tell Mr and Mrs Martinez that.” The headmistress crossed her arms, and stared at Kyle and I. “Fine!”   

Kyle practically kicked the door open. I knew this was probably his only shot at getting out of here. And he chose to stay behind because of me. I realised how many times he had been there for me, even when I didn't know it. All the times. Mrs Martinez, who was before speaking quietly into the phone, stood absolutely still, like she had been caught in the middle. “Headmistress Thompson insisted on telling you myself. So, once again I am telling you. I am not leaving the orphanage without my sister. Now if you have a problem with that, I suggest you talk to the headmistress yourself.” Kyle's voice was like a deadly whisper, but loud enough so that she could hear him. “I'm gonna have to call you back…” She hung up the phone. “Well, about that…” Mrs Martinez smiled at us. “I just spoke to my uhm… Bank manager, and he says that we can afford to have two children.” She tried smiling at us again, but all she got was shocked stares.

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