Agent Z

The year is 2500, and people live in an advanced society.
16 year old Zoe along with her twin brother Kyle live in a high tech orphanage with tablets and skilled teachers that teach them everything they need to know about the life they are going to have when they move out of the orphanage at the age of 18. Life is fine for them, but they are both a lot smarter than all of the other teens their age. Kyle constantly gets bored with school, and often, he hacks into the schools archive to learn about him and his sister. Though Zoe thinks he is just doing light reading, Kyle is closer than ever to finding out the truth, seeing as no one will tell them. Zoe feels lost, and feels that on one can help her in her search fro who she truly is. And even though Kyle tries to ignore her most of the time, she knows that deep down inside, he still loves her with all his heart.


4. Second floor of the grand white house

 "What's up Kate?"

"I don't know... I just... I cant explain it..."

"Ok... Just tell me what's going on."

"Well, I have a feeling that they aren't both a part of the 44 pods."

"So who is the imposter?"

"I hate to say it, but I think it's Zoe..."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because of all the others, she..."

"She what?"

"Well, they usually always have this icy ring around them, doesn't let anyone in..."


"Well, she has real feelings, real concern about people."

"But I thought you said that Kyle loved Zoe..."

"He does... It's just the way they show it... React to it."

"Let's pretend I don't understand."

"Well, Kyle loves Zoe... But he doesn't show it."

"But Zoe knows this."

"Yes, exactly the difference."

"What do you mean?"

"Zoe can see through his act of ice. She knows him better than anyone in the world."

"He's her brother... What do you expect?"

"It's just that Kyle doesn't act the same way. If he had to hurt Zoe for her own good, he would."

"And Zoe wouldn't?"

"She cares about him. If he was about to die slowly, and she was given a gun, she wouldn't shoot him."

"And he would shoot her?"

"If it meant that she wouldn't suffer, yes."

"So they're different..."

"My point exactly. Zoe is... Human..."


"She has all the characters. She has concern for other people. Knows how they're feeling."

"What do you mean?"

"They both ordered breakfast. Kyle ordered the British menu. Zoe ordered "Whatever is easy.""

"Maybe they just have different taste..."

"No... This is something more."

"But they both have to be from the 44... They're twins."

"I told you I couldn't really explain this."

"Yes you did..."

"So what do I do? Erase her memory?"

"No, Kyle would run away if we got rid of her."

"So what do I do? I have to serve them lunch in ten minutes."

"Just... Send two drones out while they're eating... Collect their DNA"

"Yes sir."

"Talk to me after the results come back."

"Yes sir."

"Zoe? You there?" Kyle's voice came from the closet. "Kyle? How did you get into my room?" I put down the book I was reading and ran into the closet. "I'm not in the closet..." His voice seemed to come from everywhere in the room. "I'm in my own room, I just started a v chat with ya." My heart skipped a beat when I saw his face in the mirror. "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." I laughed a little. Snow white had always been one of my fairy tale favorites. "So... How're you liking your room?" Kyle asked me. I smiled at him. "I could ask you the very same question." I looked around in the walk in closet. It was bigger than Kyle and I's room had ever been. From what I could see, Kyle was standing in his own closet, that was at least as big as mine, if not bigger. Though there was also a table with a glass tablet on it in the background, I had a feeling that it wasn't there before, and that it was Kyle that had moved it there. "Well, a part from the spotless things that make me feel slightly uncomfortable, I kinda like it..." He looked around in his closet, and then came really close to the mirror. "Zoe... I need to talk to you... In private." The mirror suddenly returned to it's original state, and I was left staring dumbfounded at myself.

I knocked on the door. There was scuffling and then Kyle practically ripped the door off it's hinges. "You okay?" I asked him, followed by a weird look. "Yeah... Come in..." He held the door open for me, checked the hall and then quietly closed it behind me. Before I could ask him for an explanation, he dragged me into his bathroom. Unlike my white bathroom, his was sea blue. "What's going on Kyle?" Kyle looked at me with wide eyes. "Okay... I know this is going to sound really crazy..." He looked seriously at me. "And...?" He looked around nervously. "We're being watched." His voice was barely a whisper and I had to lean in close to hear what he said. "What?" I stood up after realizing that I had slouched down. "You heard me..." Kyle gestured me to slouch down beside him. Not that he was taller than me, he was just slouched down himself. "We're being watched... There are barely visible camera's everywhere." He looked at me, awaiting my response. The room was suddenly filled with loud beeps, and as we went into Kyle's closet, I realized that it was time to eat. "Yeah, yeah, we've heard you, now turn off!" The alarm immediately turned off at Kyle's demand. "Better go turn mine off as well..." I told Kyle and ran back to my room.

The school bell still rang in my ears, as I followed the thin blue string that was hanging weightlessly in the air, guiding me back to the dining room. "Hey!" Kate's voice sent shivers through me, and nearly scared me half to death. The thin blue line disappeared the moment I walked into the dining room, and although there was a crackling fire in the fireplace, I still felt cold to the bone. What Kyle had said to me scared me, and I tried not to look around after the camera's that supposedly were there. The long white dining table was filled with food, and I felt dizzy just looking at it. At the orphanage, we had gotten two meals a day. Due to the lack of any exercise, they never gave us more than that, so that we wouldn't "fatten up". Kate smiled happily at me, but I got the sense that something was bothering her. Loren soon came to join us from the second floor. There was more food than I had ever seen in my entire life, and I seriously doubted that we would eat it all. Everything, from A to Z, right here on the pearly white dining room table.

Kyle patted his stomach. He grinned happily at me, and slouched down in his chair. "I don't think I've ever been so full in my entire life..." Kyle let out a loud burp. "Sorry..." I was impressed with his act, though I had a feeling it was all fake. I gave Kyle a look, but he just smiled at me and closed his eyes. "So... What does the program look like today?" I asked Loren. "Well..." He looked at Kate. "We were thinking that you could go explore the house... By yourself. You know how people always show you their houses, and you always end up looking at 20th century stuff that really bores you... Well, we decided that you could do that yourselves... Decide what you want to see." Kate looked at Loren and smiled. "Jep... That's pretty much it." 

My steps echoed as I walked up the wide white marble staircase. Kyle was several paces ahead of me, and I decided to not follow him. He'd probably just end up looking at some stupid drapes or something... I laughed a little. We had so much freedom here, no one here to tell us what was wrong or right. As I reached the top of the staircase, a tall, long hallway was revealed. It was lined with big mahogany doors, that led who knows where. I knew that I would never be able to explore everything, but I thought it best to start with the first door. "I mean, you have to start somewhere, right?" I muttered to myself. The big mahogany door clicked open smoothly, and a large room with tall bookshelves came into my sight. There were hundreds, maybe thousands of books in the library, and I knew I was right. I would never be done with this place. The feel of real books was unreal, since I was used the icy feel of my tablet. Some of them were soft and used, others were rough and looked brand new. There were torn out pages on the floor, and some of the books had been pulled out of the shelves. It seriously looked like there had been a fight in here. There was heavy scuffling a couple of shelves down, and I quickly ran towards the sound. What I saw next sent me into uncontrollable laughter. Kyle, who I thought was out looking at drapes was wrestling the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life. "GET IT OFF  ME!!! IT'S MAKING ME SNEEZE!!!" On top of Kyle's head sat a creamy striped cat. It's eyes looked desperately at me, which only made me laugh even more. "A LITTLE HELP HERE PLEASE?!?" Kyle desperately tried to throw off the cat, which only made the cat sink it's claws further into Kyle's old orphanage clothes. "Okay, okay, I'm coming..." I stifled a chuckle as the cat gave out a painful cry. "Here, kitty kitty..." I gently lifted the cat off Kyle, who then sneezed several times. "I think I'm allergic to cat's..." Kyle said with snot flowing out of his nose. "You don't say..." I told him as I put the cat down on the floor, where it quickly ducked behind me. "I swear to god, when I've blown my nose, I'm gonna kill that cat..." Kyle stared at the cat. His shirt was torn into a thousand pieces, and there was a long gash on his cheek. Kyle quickly stormed out of the library, and ordered his drone to guide him to the nearest bathroom. I looked down at the still wide eyed cat. I crouched down beside it. "Hey kitty..." I gently scratched it behind it's ears, and looked around in the semi destroyed library. The cat looked at me with what I assumed was a guilty face, and then ran a couple paces down an aisle. I thought it would just run away, but it turned and looked at me, as if beckoning me to follow. I lightly jogged beside it, because despite it's size, it was pretty fast. We quickly came to halt as there was only a wall. The cat walked over to a corner and then put it's paw on something. The room immediately tidied itself, and I was left staring at the now sparkling and polished floor. It strangely reminded me of the orphanage. The cat meowed at me, and I scratched it behind it's ear again. "Okay Zoe, where is that cat?" Kyle's voice rang in my ears, and I could hear his footsteps echoing through the library. "Wow... What did you do? How do you always clean up so fast?" Kyle stopped a couple of meters in front of me and looked around. "What happened?" He asked me. I shrugged and looked at the cat. It just stared back at us with it's emerald green eyes.













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