Agent Z

The year is 2500, and people live in an advanced society.
16 year old Zoe along with her twin brother Kyle live in a high tech orphanage with tablets and skilled teachers that teach them everything they need to know about the life they are going to have when they move out of the orphanage at the age of 18. Life is fine for them, but they are both a lot smarter than all of the other teens their age. Kyle constantly gets bored with school, and often, he hacks into the schools archive to learn about him and his sister. Though Zoe thinks he is just doing light reading, Kyle is closer than ever to finding out the truth, seeing as no one will tell them. Zoe feels lost, and feels that on one can help her in her search fro who she truly is. And even though Kyle tries to ignore her most of the time, she knows that deep down inside, he still loves her with all his heart.


2. Our lives awaited

"What do you mean? Two? Are you sure?"

"Yes of course I'm sure. He has a twin sister..."

"How is that even possible? There were 44 pods and he was the last one."

"I know... It doesn't make any sense. But they even look alike..."

"I really hate doing this over the phone."

"Yeah me too... But what do I do? Bring them both back?

"You have to. If she's a fake, we'll send her back. They'll just think she's crazy."

"I guess so. But I seriously doubt that they aren't twins."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, scientist insist on that twins have a special link to each other, even if they aren't close."


"Well for one, he wouldn't leave without her... And it could be love, but..."

"But what?"

"It's just... They are so unlike each other. Zoe could never leave without Kyle... She loves him."

"And what? Kyle doesn't love Zoe?"

"I mean he probably does, but he doesn't really show it that much..."

"See, this is what makes me doubt they are both a part of the 44 pods."

"So what? Gene Wild wasn't the only one experimenting with... That...?"

"Well, many people are interested in that kind o- Just bring them both back, Okay?"

"Yes sir..."

"Alright talk to you later Kate..."


I stopped for a second before finally zipping up my nearly empty white leather bag. I looked at it. In it lay my two only possessions, my tablet, and the watch that was left with me when my parents dropped us off here. I looked over at Kyle, who just like me, was having a hard time zipping up his bag, that only contained his brand new and shiny tablet. He had gotten it today as a joke, today being our 16th birthday. He had hacked into the library so many times, that his old tablet had broken down, via the many encryption codes he had to type in while hacking the system. Kyle was smart. Like smart smart. Top of his class, just like me. 

Mr and Mrs Martinez waited for us at the grand halls door. They smiled at us, and I tried to ignore the many stares and dirty looks the other children shot at us. I could hardly breathe as the headmistress opened the door to the outside world. The sound of rain falling, the crunching gravel under my feet, it all felt so real, yet it also felt like it was just a dream. Kyle took my hand, and the couple led us to their fancy white jeep, that was sitting in the crunchy gravel just waiting for us. As Mrs Martinez opened the door, a fresh sent of pine reached my nose. "Well, get in!" Mrs Martinez quickly ushered us in as her husband started the car. The broad white gates slowly opened the world to us, and Mrs Martinez happily watched our stunned expressions. I looked at Kyle who was looking fascinated out the window, and with good reason. All our lives we had lived in a closed house, learned and grown inside. The very feeling of cold wind and light rain on my skin gave me goosebumps, and amazed me in a way that I had never been amazed before. The trees that were flying past us seemed so unreal, and the sun that was slowly going down was so beautiful, that it made me want to cry. When I was sitting in the windowsill, watching the sunset, I had always thought that I was always going to watch it from the inside the orphanage. Or Children's home as the grownups liked to call it. 

"Morning sleepyhead..." Mrs Martinez smiled at me. She quickly opened her car door, and ordered mine to do the same. "Welcome home...!" Mrs Martinez gestured to the huge white palace that stood proudly, glittering in the morning dew. It was bigger than the orphanage, and it reminded me of the palaces in fairy tales. Kyle was, just like me, staring at it with his mouth wide open. "Do you like it?" Mrs Martinez asked nervously. I stood staring at it with a loss of words. "It's... It's... Beautiful..." I looked at it in awe, and as I looked at Kyle, I was afraid that he might choke on a fly or a tennis ball. "Air tasting good there Kyle?" Mr. Martinez came over and handed Mrs. Martinez the keys. "You want to do the honors?" He asked her with a smile. She eagerly took the keys and headed for the giant white marble staircase that led up to the door. The mahogany double doors clicked once and then opened wide, exposing a white room with freakishly many black armchairs and a huge staircase leading up to the second floor. On both sides of the staircase stood yet another pair of dark brown mahogany double doors, and I could only imagine what was behind them. "This way guys..." Mr. Martinez led us towards the door that was on the right side of the staircase, and proudly presented us the biggest kitchen I had ever seen. Mind me, it was the second kitchen I had seen in my life, but I had a feeling that it was actually pretty huge. "Welcome to our humble kitchen!" Mrs. Martinez said with a smile. Her smile was so warm and happy that a smile came on to my face all by it self. Kyle was of course admiring the architecture of the room, but it wasn't as stupid as it usually was, because the room was actually quite impressive. The kitchen was almost completely white, but not a boring "Technic" white, it was more like fancy old school white, cozy and comfortable. The floor was made of big black and white checkers, and everything about the room clearly screamed kitchen. It was filled to the brim with everything you could possibly need in a kitchen. "Wow..." I looked at everything in awe, wondering if they even used half of the things in the kitchen. "Yeah, we are pretty old school... Cook our own food, wash our own dishes... The only thing I cant stand, is cleaning the house. It's just too big!" Mr. Martinez smiled proudly at us, as if he had accomplished something grand. "Wow, that is actually pretty impressive... Considering how many machines have been built to do that exact thing..." Kyle looked around, and I somehow understood what he was saying. At the orphanage we had kitchen and dish duty, cleaning Saturday, and dust off Sunday. Everything was manually done by hand, and everything had to be done the same way each week. But out here in the real world, everything could be done by machine. Food, dishes, laundry... It seemed very strange to me that someone would willingly do that. Of course we had machine help in the orphanage, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and dishwashers, but they all required human help for them to work. People who didn't live in an orphanage could probably just order their machines to do things for them and they would do it. Like Mrs. Martinez had ordered my car door to open. "Shall we go on?" Mrs. Martinez voice brought me back to reality, and we continued walking through the kitchen an on to a room I supposed was the dining room. Like the kitchen, it was white in a way that didn't blind you completely with it's high tech facility's and flashy gear. It was simple, a long white wood dining table, lined with white wooden chairs that matched. Huge grand windows lined the right wall, filling the room with blazing sunlight.

"Have a seat... You guys have had a rough 24 hours..." As we sat down, Mr. Martinez pulled out a chairs for his wife, and then one for himself. "So..." Mr. Martinez looked awkwardly at us, and then turned to his wife. "So..." She answered him. "Uhm... Well, since we are going to be your parents... Or guardians anyway... You should start by calling us by our real names. I'm Kate, and this is my husband Loren..." She glanced at her husband with a nervous look in her eyes. "Alright, Kate, Uhm... As you know, I'm Kyle and this is Zoe. You probably read our files back at the orphanage... And if you did, you probably know all about us. They are always very... Thorough." Kyle looked at the couple with something most people would pass off as a smile, but I knew better. The bitterness in his voice was almost undetectable, but he had talked to me in that tone so many times that I knew he was angry about something. The only thing I couldn't figure out was why. We had been adopted by these super nice, hardworking people, who seemed to like us as much as we liked them. Or I liked them anyway. What Kyle's problem was, I didn't know, and I doubted he would tell me if we got a a second alone. "You have a really nice house." I told them, to break the ice that was slowly forming between us. "Thanks..." Mrs. Martinez smiled at me. "Though most people would call it too old fashioned, we couldn't bear to leave it or renovate it. They call us freaks, but hey... Who isn't?" I could tell the silence and awkwardness was getting to Mrs. Martinez, and she looked like she could break down at any second. Wait so long to adopt a kid, and pick the ones that are silent and icy. "Yeah... Everyone has their own freaky things. But freaky isn't bad. I mean... If you read our files, I'm absolutely sure you found some pretty freaky things... Right?" Mr. Martinez laughed a little. "You have no idea." He smiled at us. After all that had happened in the last couple of hours, it was good to finally hear a joke. "Hey, I mean, we couldn't have been too freaky... Otherwise, I doubt that you guys would have adopted us. We were probably those two kids that were normal, but not boring. Smart as hell, and know what the difference between right and wrong is on a daily basis. We know how to use it." I looked at them and attempted a smile. "Though you can rule out common sense. Yeah... That is just... Not us." Kyle who had slouched down in his creamy white chair sat up and smiled at the couple. "I think that if it had been another person, who just happened to have a twin sister... If he had the chance to get out of the orphanage, if he got the offer, he would have taken it. But no. Not me. That's love my friend..." He smiled at the couple who were now smiling happily back at us. "Best thing in the world." Mrs. Martinez smiled at us. "Shall we go take a look at your rooms?" 



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