Working in a mental asylum even for a few days can turn you turn you insane. That's why at Barganam you each employee works 6 hour shifts every other day. It doesn't affect the inmates as much. But when you're put into an asylum when sane. Insanity is a gift.


1. The Murder

Daniel’s Auto-Biography

It was my brother Richard's, fault. I know everyone blames someone else for what they did, but I didn't kill him. They say only someone who was properly insane would do what my brother did to the body and that's true. He wasn't insane for long though, his recovery was actually quite quick. We almost swapped around. Hold on, let me explain what happened better.

It started with the stabbing. I don't know much about it, he wouldn't tell me, but I know they were in dark alley when it happened. The police found my brother by her side crying next to her. The minimal evidence indicated a mugging, primarily due to the missing wallets. My brother wouldn’t talk to anyone, his tears told his story without his admission. The police came to the conclusion that the mugger had run off into the night which I guess makes sense. I am surprised though, my brother is a man of action, a man with an aptitude for cold detachment. I would never have imagined my brother allowing himself being rendered motionless by sorrow instead of being propelled into action by a desire for retribution and vindication. People act differently in traumatic circumstances, that was my justification for his actions.

I only realised how twisted my situation had become the night afterwards. Our parents had to go deal with the red tape that the event had caused.

“The sooner we do this, the sooner we can move past this. We’ll be back in hour at the most, I promise.” said my Dad.

The moment that they left, my brother had gone down to the kitchen and made the most of their absence by digging out my father’s poker night booze store. As he attempted to drown his sorrows in the cans, his sins began to be revealed through his mutterings. I remained hidden and silent for fear that his awareness of my presence would silence. Then again, I doubted that his silence would have stopped me. His inane mutterings became more and more nebulous and eventually incomprehensible. I did manage to make sense of some of what he said though, “I will get you back though, I promise I will get you back.”

I’m hesitant to take what he said seriously though, because as I retreated from his territory, I did faintly hear him shout things such as, “Toby or not toby? That is the answer.”

Followed closely by, “There is no fight club!”

I only barricaded him out of my territory when he started howling. Howling which plagued my dreams for the next few nights.

I guess their was a good side to his distress. I had a long week of my life without any of his interference. 

Richard’s POV

“My turn, my turn, my turn!” I squeal.

Daniel turns around in surprise, but I am already right behind him.

“Too late!” I say before I move to flick him on his forehead. He disappears right before I make contact.

I take a moment, to make sure that he can’t snoop around. I’m relatively certain that he heard a little of my ravings from the night after. That’s right I called them ravings, first step to rehabilitation is acknowledgement. Although, that might just apply to drugs. Doesn’t matter anyway because I’m fine…

Well, I’m not really fine. Am I? Not without Emily…

You see, I saw who killed Emily, I saw him when his hood fell off for an instant. You know what, I bet that he thought that only Emily saw him. I bet he thought that only Emily recognised him. That’s probably why he only went for her… That and the fact that Daniel framed her! He framed her!

Wait, no, focus. So yeah, I think that there were no two reasons that he didn’t kill me. First, I didn’t see his face. Second, he saw mine…

Wow! That sounded ominous. Let me explain, you see, according to Daniel, “My lack of maturity causes instability which is probably why you scare people so much when you stare at them.” Problem is, after that he said that he started off on a load of pretentious drivel.

“Your territory resides within the only partially formed part of the pre-frontal lobe and based on scientific studies, you most likely reside on the right side…”

Did you notice the irony there? You know, I said, ‘pretentious drivel’ to describe what Daniel said when ‘pretentious drivel’ is pretentious drivel. Then again you might not understand, I am very perceptive when it comes to irony. Ha! More irony!

Focus Richard!

Anyway, Daniel’s going to be being even more paranoid about me now. He probably thinks that the trauma of seeing one of the people that I’m closest attatched dying in front of my eyes would cause me to become more unstable.

He actually might be right. Anyway, if I’m going to find the murderer. I’m going to need to act normal and calm. I’m going to have to be boring.

But seriously though, if Emily’s murderer was who I think I saw. I will kill him.

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