Aunt's Boyfriend

Ashley was on summer break and her parents go on a trip together leaving her all alone. Since she's still 17 , she can't live alone and her mom already has plans setup for her to go live with her aunt. Will her aunt's special someone fall for her?


1. WHAT!?

Ashley's P.O.V.
(If I make any errors plz don't mind cuz I'm typing from my itouch:))
Ashley has hazel eyes and is 5'7 light brownish brunette hair and is normal skinny.

" MOM PLEASE ! I DON'T WANT TO LIVE WITH A TOTAL STRANGER!" I yell trying change her mind.
" Your dad and I already made our Ming that we are going. And she's not a stranger! She's just umm... Uhh.... a person related to you that you don't know. Now go get ready for tomorrow , she'll be here at 2:00 . Now I have to go , love you!" My mom said as she closed the door.
" Love you too" I mumbled. Hmmm. Now about that outfit I should go pick out. I just chose a regular outfit I would wear on a regular day. A ivory, pale pink, and dark green flower print flowy top with a pale pink lace cardigan and dark green skinny jeans with with a cute necklace and earrings and matching flats.
******+*+**+*+*+* Next morning+*+*+*+*+*+******************
Ashley's P.O.V.

Yeah, you could call my alarm clock weird though but it looks like a old school alarm clock though its all girly pink and purple and has a CUTE PINK AND PURPLE butterfly in the middle. I guess you could say the butterfly's are kissing? Anyway, I got up and took a shower straitened my hair and did a French twist on my bangs at the side and wore what I picked out. It was 9:00 a.m. So I went to eat breakfast and watch a little t.v. When I was done it was almost 12:00 so I spent the rest of the time packing. *** FART DONG** JK! *** DING DONG*** I walked downstairs and got the door to see my aunt .
" Hi ! You must be Ashley Durkin,"
" Yes, yes I am and you must be....?"
" Caroline Flack. You're going to stay with me until your parents come back. You can put your luggage in the trunk. I got my luggage and followed her outside to her pearl white Lexis and put my luggage in the trunk.
**** SKIP CAR RIDE******
When we arrived there was a HUGE and I mean HUGE house infront of me. I went inside and collapsed on the sofa.
" Where's my room" I asked innocently. I was trying my best to make a good impression.
" Second door to your right. And someone's coming over in about 10 min." Caroline replied.
I went upstairs and let me tell you, my room was huge! I had brought all my clothes, ( 4 suitcases) , all my jewelry, (1suitcase), and all my makeup( 1dufflebage). So, you might call that a lot but to me that normal. My room was pink (my fav color) with white furniture and a walk in closet. Where the fudge did she get all this? I began unpacking and as soon as I did *DING DONG*.
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