Love at first Sight

This is about a 17 year old girl named Emily. Her and her friends go on vacation to London, England. Until she bumbs into a boy when shes at the beach.


2. Chapter 2

       I drove up to the school and saw my 4 best friends. "Hey Girl" I said in a funny way. " Hey stupid" Jessica said in a funny way. I knew Jessica ever since we were born. My mom and her mom were best friends in high school and grew up with eachother. Jessica, Amber, Riley, Chloe and I were talking until the bell rang. " So whats the whole thing about us going to England for the summer" Amber asked as all of us were walking in a line. " Well since we are 17 except for chloe" I chuckled " my mom said we can go their." " Oh" Amber said. Amber is always the stupid one who likes to look at herself in the mirror. She likes to look good. Jessica is always the perverted one. She takes this perevertedly all the time. Riley is the smart one. And chloe is just plain funny. And i'm the hungry one. I eat 24/7.But I never grow fat because I play soccer and cheerleading. All of us are in cheerleading except for Riley. Riley has a different body shape than us. She has a gymnastics body while all the rest of us have athletic bodies.  I met Riley in 6th grade. She was new and was lonely so I went up to her and made friends.            ~~~~~FLASH BACK~~~~

    I was sitting in mrs.Hollawells class which was my enrichment. I was talking to Jessica and Riley came in. She sat at the desk in the back by herself. "Jess lets go over there and introduce ourselves" I whispered. "Umm okay" Shes said.  we walked over there and she looked at us. "Hi im Emily." I introduced myself. " And im Jessica" Jessica said. "Im Riley." She said shy. "That's a cute name" Jessica said. Then we got to know eachother and became troublemakers in school because we kept on talking. In Math we all got separated in seats because we all sat close to eachother. we got 2 detentions because we wouldn't stop talking and we had food fights at out lunch table at school.

                           ~~~~END OF FLASH BACK~~~~~

       After that we all became really close. I met chloe in Science. We were science buddies in 8th grade. and I met Amber in cheerleading. Jessica and I have First class together then 2nd core we all have classes together and in 3rd I have classes with amber and riley and in 4th I have classes with Chloe.  It was the last day of school so the teachers let us talk the whole time. In 2nd core we were all messing around.

" God damn you Jessica you stole my gum" Riley screamed. we all started laughing. "RILEY GIVE ME A PEICE" the rest of us said. " HELL NO" riley said. Then Chloe was pulling her hair. It was so fun. " Chloe Riley Please see me out in the hallway." The teacher demanded. Jessica amber and I started to laugh. Amber found a pencil on the ground and grabbed tape and put it on her forhead. "Im a NARWHALE!!" she screamed. Then we chased her around the room. We were immature 11th graders. then a Jackson Whisled at me. I turned around and slapped in the face. I went up close to him and said " next time you do that im going to make you whistle in ur ass next time." Then he laughed and I kicked him in the penis. Then 3rd core wen by and we were doing a lab experiment and Amber was my lab partner and ours exploded because we put the wrong thing in it. Riley was partners with Jacky. Jacky was really sweet but I can never handle that. Jacky was a goody goody. I don't like too much of a goody goody. Riley is kinda of one. But she is very cautiose of what she does. We would all sneak out and do stuff but riley would be a chicken and chicken out. But she would at least do stuff with us. Then in 4th core Chloe was sleeping. I kept on poking her. Then she bit my finger and I did a little scream.

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