colby is 17 and has a life full of suprises.


1. hard life UGHH!

Chapter 1!

Colby's p.o.v.

Colby's desciption-  Blonde hair ocean blue eyes height- 5'7 and a 1/2.

My face was too puffy and my eyes were red. I was running away because my father hated me ever since my mom passed away. I have been tortured ever since.     " U COME BACK HERE AND GO GET ME FOOD OR ELSE!" my father yelled. I filled my bag with a couple of shirts plus shorts as i cried and made a run. The only thing you could hear was a loud slam of the door. I ran and ran like there was no tommorrow .I finally found a coffee shop and got inside and collapsed on the floor. As soon as i did that my eyes became blurry and weakness took over me.I couldn't feel my body anymore i became numb cause my father never fed me often.( 2 or 3 times a week) i felt someone picking me and taking me as soon as my eyes shut to the world of darkness.

                                    SRRY ITS SHORT!!! 

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