Say Something (Austin Mahone)

* Austin Mahone Not Famous (yet)*
This is about an average girl named Mariah Ruvalcaba and an average boy named Austin Mahone who wants to become famous one day. They make videos every day and post them on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. They like each other but Austin lives in Texas and is homeschooled and moves to a unknown town called Esparto in California where Mariah lives. They fall in love instantly when they run into each other, thanks to some guys.
They have troubles and Mariah ends things between them.
A year later, Mariah and her friends form a girl band. And MAriah bumps into her ex, noone other than Austin.
They get back together but what happens if one arguement leads to single again and Mariah falls in love with another guy. And still loves Austin.
Will this story turn out about fame or a nother love story...................

They have to Say Something soon.


31. VMA's

Mariah's P.O.V

The girls were getting dressed while I was waiting for my turn. I was on my phone, twitting random things when I came across Austin's tweet saying...



Going to the VMA's and I hope to see her there. The girl I might have lost, might. Gonna have so much fun.

I closed my eyes and clenched my phone. A tear slid down my face as I covered it with a pillow, hiding my tears, incase anyone walked in. I sat there thinking of what should I do. I have a boyfriend that loves me back and I have feelings for my ex. Mariah, get it together, remember what he did in highschool. I gotta stay strong.

"Mariah, are you ready to get dressed?" The stylist asks, opening the door. I look up and smile. "Yup," I brush a few stray tears and got up from the couch.


When the girls and I finished after about 4 hours, we walked out to greet the 1D boys.

"WOAH" Was what came out of their mouths.  We were all color cordinated. Pink, purple, blue, white, and black.

Shawna was in a blue strapless highlow dress with black heels. Her hair was in curls. She had a Infinity design necklace, ring, and earrings. She had a light pink lipstick and blue clutch.

Dena was in a purple tube dress with black heels. She had a flower necklace, ring, and earrings. Her hair was in a bun. She had nude lipstick and a black clutch with a purple stripe.

Tania was in a purple top, black blazer, and high waisted shorts. She had purple heels and no jewelry except for the necklace Niall bought her. Her hair was straitened. She had pink lipstick and a blue wallet.

Emilia was in a pink peplum skirt with a white tank top covered with a blue blazer. She had white heels and heart jewelry. Her hair was parted in the middle and curled. She had nude lipstick and a white wallet.

Chanel was in a black peplum top, purple leggings, and blue wedges. Her hair was braided to the side. She had a necklace that said love and a ring. She had pink lipstick and a purple clutch.

As for me, I was in a pink top, black jeans, and wedges. My hair was curled. I had a music note jewelry. I hade light lipstick and a pink wallet.


We all blush. "You guys are weird." Tania laughs, walking over to Niall who was practically drooling over her. I laugh lightly. "Are you all ready for the VMA's?" Liam asks us. "Yea, it's our first time. I hope we have fun." Shawna says. "Well lets go to the Limo." Zayn says.


We get there in a matter of minutes for the red carpet entrance. All of us started to walk when I felt someone grab my arm. I look up and's Austin. "What do you want?" I groan. "I'm sorry for kissing you. I thought it felt right." "It did. I liked it." "I feel so bad. Dana is going to hate me.....wait...What?" "I liked the kiss Austin." I say. "You did." His face lightens up. "Yea, but it doesnt mean we are going to get back together. You know that dont you." "Yea, didnt you see the tweet." He says, looking at his nikes. "I did. Why did you write it?" My tone getting annoyed. "I thought it wouldve made you think about us." "Austin, I still like you but I am dating Dana. You need to understand." "WHY WONT YOU JUST LET YOUR TRUE FEELINGS OUT MARIAH. I KNOW YOU ARE HIDING SOMETHING." He yells. Everyone around us was staring including Dana and the rest of IM5. "Please, calm down." "HOW CAN I WHEN THE GIRL I LOVE IS TAKEN." "Austin please." I touch his shoulder to calm him down. He shrugs it off. "No, I am not giving up on you Mariah. I'll go many years till I get you to be mine again. I you." Flashing went off. "I'm so sorry Austin. I just dont know how I feel anymore." "Whatever." He walks away from me. I stood their, teary eyed. 'Why didnt I just tell him? It's because you have a boyfriend Mariah. I dont care anymore. And leave me alone conscience.' I argue with myself. "Is everything alright Mariah?" Liam asks me. "I'm fine." I show a small smile. He grabs me arm and connects it with his. "Let's catch up with your boyfriend." "Alright,"

1D and the Precious Resistance group were in the stadium. Including me. We were sitting two rows from the stage. "This is so awesome." Chanel squeals. The guys look at her and laugh. "I was not being funny." she pouts and crosses her arms. "Hey babe," I look up and see Justin Bieber. "Hi," "You are that new girl band. Precious Resistance right." "Yup," He shakes my hand. "I'm Justin." I nod. "So, how have you been?" He asks, kneeling down beside my seat. "I'm doing alright. You?" "Good, I should say. Are you single?" He asks. "You are such a flirt and no. I'm dating someone." "Cool," "And plus, I'm 15." He laughs. "See you later then." He winks at Dena before getting up and walking away. She blushes. Just then, I see Demi Lovato looking at me. She stands from her seat and walks over to me. "Hi, I'm Demi." "I'm Mariah." "Oh, from Precious Resistance right." "Yup," "I heard that I was your inspiration before this band started." "You are right." "Demi, you got to go back to your seat." "I gotta go. We should hang out sometime." "We should." "Bye," She waves and walks back to her seat. "Someone's got a lady crush." Zayn laughs. "At least I have one." "Aye, I have one. It's Perrie." "She's your girl friend." "So," "So, it's different. When you have a girlfriend you cant have a lady crush." I point out. Zayn sits back defeated and starts to mumble. "There's the Zayn I miss." "Hahaha.............*sllllppp*" He sticks his tounge out. I do the same back. "Alright, both of you stop it. Geesh. I thought I was annoying." Louis comments. We all look at him and his sudden leadership attitude. "What?" He says as we all started to laugh but stop when the host walks up. (It's Russle Brand) "Hello everybody."


It was award time and we got escorted to go announce the first award. "Please welcome Precious Resistance." An announcer calls. We walk on stage, arm in arm. I hand the microphone. "Hello," I say. "We are here to announce the best young artist songs of the year." Emilia says. "These people or peoples," Tania says. "Have the biggest and the best songs." Chanel says. "They are huge." Dena smiles. "So here are the nominees." The screen goes on.

One Direction- Kiss you

Selena Gomez- Come and Get it

Justin Bieber- Beauty and a Beat

Arianna Grande ft. MAC Miller- The Way

And Demi Lovato- Heart Attack

"And the winner is---------SELENA GOMEZ" Selena walks on stage and hugs us. She gets her award and smiles. "Thank you lovely ladies. And thanks to all of the fans and My family too. I cant thank anyone enough."


Awards go on from Best Artist to Rap. One Direction preformed and so did Selena. It was getting close to the last one.

The lights shine on Drake and Nikki. "Hey Everyone." Nikki says into the mic. "This award is for the newest young artist." "They only been around for a few months and started touring." Drake says. "Here are your nominees."

Austin Mahone- Say Something

IM5- Zero Gravity

Union J- Carry you

"Union J is here" I thought

and Precious Resistance- Love Hatred

"And the winner is----------------PRECIOUS RESISTANCE." The girls and I freeze. We have only been around for like 4 to 6 months and this. "Are they here still?" Drake asks. That's when we jump up. "YEA" I scream. We walk to the stage, jumping as we go. We got on and walk to Nikki and Drake. They gave a hug and Nikki gave cheek kisses. We go to the mic. "I can't say enough. we only been around for a while and here we are. My birthday was a few days ago and this is like the best gift." "Thanks you all. And to the most important people that inspired us One Direction, Demi, Selena, Taylor, Justin, including Drake and Nikki and all the rappers. Thank you so much." All of us get back stage and scream. Shawna hands me the award and falls to the ground. "I am so happy." I started to mess with the award till the flag came off. "SH**" "MARIAH" "No need to get mad girls. We did the same." Harry says, walking in with the others. "GREAT JOB MIA" Dana picks me up. "DANA." I laugh. "You guys got your first award. Congrats." A voice says. We turn and see Austin. Dana clenches my hand. "Dana." I whimper. "So babe." "I just came to say congrats. You did great." He says, smiling. "I'll be going now." He walks away. "Awkward." Niall said, interrupting the silence. "Niall." "Sorry,"

The guys and us girls got to a hotel for a nights rest. I am so tired.

Today, a lot has happened. A lot. I got yelled at by Austin. We got an award and Dana hurt my hand. God, what is up with my life.


How was it? I tried making it longer. Sorry for misspelled words and it might be a little confusing.

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