Say Something (Austin Mahone)

* Austin Mahone Not Famous (yet)*
This is about an average girl named Mariah Ruvalcaba and an average boy named Austin Mahone who wants to become famous one day. They make videos every day and post them on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. They like each other but Austin lives in Texas and is homeschooled and moves to a unknown town called Esparto in California where Mariah lives. They fall in love instantly when they run into each other, thanks to some guys.
They have troubles and Mariah ends things between them.
A year later, Mariah and her friends form a girl band. And MAriah bumps into her ex, noone other than Austin.
They get back together but what happens if one arguement leads to single again and Mariah falls in love with another guy. And still loves Austin.
Will this story turn out about fame or a nother love story...................

They have to Say Something soon.


6. Late (short chapter because of the info.)

A/N Hey girlies. I am going to have Kiss and tell on hold. I wasn't able to write it and I probably will wait till the summer to finish it since I will have more time. Don't worry I will be finishing this story and I dont plan on ending it anytime soon. Unless you want me too....................................................Just kidding. I will be writing more on Heart Attack and be writing a new stories and if you want to be in it just comment. I need about 7 girls to be in several stories of mine.

One way meets One direction: I need 4 girls. (over)

School Crush (emblem 3): 3 Girls

Change my mind (1D): 1 girl

That might be alot of discriptions but I am willing to do this for you.

All I need is your discription. Like eye color, hair color, name (of course), fake last name or original name, and you favorite guy for one way meets one direction. (I have a girl who's in it which is a friend so hers is Zayn. Sorry.) And I will update you more on the other books.

Now Time for the story......................




Mariah's P.O.V

I woke up to the alarm and look to my left and see Austin still alseep. I tried shoving him but he woudnt budge. Don't make me do this Austin. To late. I push him off the bed. I just start laughing when he stands up, holding his pillow like a bat, and starts yelling, "Show yourself." "*HAHAHAHAH*" He looks at me with his eyes squinted and his lips into a frown. "Why did you do that?" He asks, brushing his hand through his bed head. "I shoved you to wake up but  you didn't." "That was you." "Duh... I was sleeping with you." "Oh.." "Well get ready." "But I want to stay home with you." "We arent a married couple yet Austin and I do not plan on getting married at this age." "Dang it, took the words right out of my mouth," "Gladly to."

After a few more minutes of bickering, Austin's mom walks in. "Oh your mom dropped this off." "Thank you Michele." "Your welcome." I walk out of the room but something stops me." "You can change in my room. I'll change in there." he says, pointing to the closet. "Alright. If you take one peek, i will not kiss you again." "I won't." He goes in his closet and closes the door. I start changing when he opens it again. "AHH"  "I'm sorry." I shook my head and continued getting undressed. I look in the bag and see my clothes. Dang my mom has good taste. I put on my undershirt on, and put a on a tank that said YOLO! on it, and some shorts. I put on my red vans, then add a bulls hat to my already straitened hair. I put all my clothes from yesterday in the bag and folded Austin's shirt and Michele's shorts."I'm done." "Good." Austin walks out of the closet in a red Ecko jumper and some denim boy skinnies with his red jordans. "Do I look good enough?" He asks, "You look hot except for the hair." "Oh." "I can fix that. Come here." He walks over to me and sits on the bed. He spreads his legs so I can stand inbetween them. I start combing his hair with my finger when he garbed my chin and pulled me down to his lips. "You look hot today even with my chain.." "I wasn't planning too." I giggle, "Thank my mom for this outfit." "I will babe. When ever I meet her." "You will." He kiss me as my fingers go through his hair. "You messed it up." "Sorry." I said.

After out kissing session upstairs and many tries to fix Austin's hair afterwards we walked downstairs for breakfast. I lookat the table and see pancakes. "I love mornings." I said. "I do too." Austin adds. We sit down and start eating. I look at the time on the clock that was hung on the wall and see that it was 7:55, School starts in 2 minutes. "We need to go." "Why?" "School starts in 2 minutes." "Damn." Austin gets up and runs to his moms room. Few minutes later his mom shows up and grabs her keys. "Ready." I grab my backpack. "Yup." Me and Austin say at the same time. We run to the car and drive off.

When we get to school the seond bell was about to ring. "Let's go." We start running to Geometry but the second bell rang just as we made it to the door. I open it and everyone looks at us. "LOOK IT'S THE LOVE BIRDS." A freshman named Jimmy yells. And I dated him. He's older than me but is stupid as hell. I look at Mr. Bare and his smile vanishes. "I'm sorry we're late." "I see. And how is our strait A student going to handle that." "I promise it won't happen again. I was helping out Austin with the classes again." "Okay, this is a warning.........for both of you. If you're late again. Your A will vanish and I will be talking to both of your moms." "Okay." Austin says. We got to our seats and sit down. At that moment, Austin's new 'buddie' Jose leans over and says, "Make out fest at home." I shot him a glare and he backed off. "I'm sorry Mariah." "It's fine Austin really." I kiss his cheek and looked at the front of the class.



You are probably wondering why freshman are in Geometry. I gotta say some are really smart. It's amazing. And I will update tomorrow. L8ER MY GIRLIES!!!


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