Say Something (Austin Mahone)

* Austin Mahone Not Famous (yet)*
This is about an average girl named Mariah Ruvalcaba and an average boy named Austin Mahone who wants to become famous one day. They make videos every day and post them on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. They like each other but Austin lives in Texas and is homeschooled and moves to a unknown town called Esparto in California where Mariah lives. They fall in love instantly when they run into each other, thanks to some guys.
They have troubles and Mariah ends things between them.
A year later, Mariah and her friends form a girl band. And MAriah bumps into her ex, noone other than Austin.
They get back together but what happens if one arguement leads to single again and Mariah falls in love with another guy. And still loves Austin.
Will this story turn out about fame or a nother love story...................

They have to Say Something soon.


12. Kisses and Phone call (short)

Mariah's P.O.V

 Austin and Alex were in the living room watching Dora for some reason while Emilia and I were in my room. "I am so happy." Emilia yells. "I can see that." I laugh. "MARIAH HOPE RUVALCABA. WHO ARE THESE B.... Oh Austin Mahone and Alex Contancio." Sonia yells. Emilia and I look at each other and laugh our asses off till the door slams open and I fall off the bed. I get up from the floor and look up to see Alex and Austin. "Hey there boys." I say. Emilia gets off the chair she was sitting on and walks out. "EMILIA KIAN LOU JEAN. Where are you going?" Alex says. "Nowhere." Alex runs up to her and picks her up. "DON'T LEAVE ME." Alex wines. "Okay." Emilia says. He sets her down and kisses her on the lips. I giggled when her eyes got wide and closed afterwards. 

I looked up at Austin and he was smiling like a clown. "Why do you have that look  on your face?" I say. "Oh, no reason." He closes  the door to cover Emilia and Alex snogging and locks it. He starts walking to me again and kisses me. He grabs my waist and pulls me in for a more stronger kiss. He picks me up and sets me on my dresser. I giggle in between the kiss which makes him stop. "Why are you laughing?" he asks. "I remember you did that on Monday. You put me on your dresser. What is up with you and putting me on dressers?" "I don't know." He said before kissing me again. We stay there for awhile and go to the bed. I was straddling him as he was kissing my neck. Austin then stops and flips me over so he's on top this time. "I like being on top." He says. "We are too young." I laugh. "I know that. I am not stupid." He states. "Alright" I smirk and grab his face. "But I still want to feel your lips." He chuckles and continues with the make out. 


An hour later

Austin and I finished our kissing session in the room and walked out. Alex and Emilia were sitting on the ground in the hallway. Emilia looks up at me a notices my hair. "What did you two do in there?"  I brush my hair down. "We were just kissing." She gives me a look and laughs. "Are you sure?" "I'm sure, all we did was kiss. I swear." She nod. "Did you do it man?"  Alex asks Austin. "No way, we are too young." Austin laughs. Alex laughs. Then a hear my phone ring.


J- Hey its Jason

M- Oh 

J- I just wanted to ask you something. Do you like me?

My eyes got wide,

M: What kind of question is that?

J: I'm just asking. And I also need to tell you something.

M: What is it?
J: I told Austin to play basketball behind your back because I was jealous and I knew you were going out. I wanted you two too break up so I can get a chance to ask you out.

A tear slid down my face.

M: Why would you do tha?

J: I told you. I was jealous. I like you alot Mariah.

M: Don't ever talk to me again. I hate you.

I hang up and throw my phone on the ground. "What's wrong Mariah?" "Jason Likes me." "I knew it." He growls. I touch his chest. "It's fine now." I say. Austin calms down. "Okay."

Jason's P.O.V

Why did I tell her? Why? I am so stupid.


Hi girlies, I'm sorry it was short but this is all i could think of within 30 minutes today. I'll update tomorrow. KK,

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