Say Something (Austin Mahone)

* Austin Mahone Not Famous (yet)*
This is about an average girl named Mariah Ruvalcaba and an average boy named Austin Mahone who wants to become famous one day. They make videos every day and post them on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. They like each other but Austin lives in Texas and is homeschooled and moves to a unknown town called Esparto in California where Mariah lives. They fall in love instantly when they run into each other, thanks to some guys.
They have troubles and Mariah ends things between them.
A year later, Mariah and her friends form a girl band. And MAriah bumps into her ex, noone other than Austin.
They get back together but what happens if one arguement leads to single again and Mariah falls in love with another guy. And still loves Austin.
Will this story turn out about fame or a nother love story...................

They have to Say Something soon.


4. getting to know more about you.

Mariah's P.O.V

After dinner, Austin once again carried me to his room. This time he sets me on his dresser. "Why am I up here?" "We are going to do a twit cam." "Alright." I say to excitedly. He chuckles and gets his laptop out and logs into twitter and writes.

I'm going to do a twit cam with my new buddy *slash* long time crush.

. He goes on to Live stream and signs in. He presses a button and we are instantly on the screen. "Hey Hey Hey. It's me Austin Mahone and....." "Me Mariah Ruvalcaba." I laugh. "We are going to sing a few songs on the way. You might also be wondering why Mariah is with me. Well i moved to California and found out she goes to the same school I go to now." He Kisses my cheek. "And well, She is dating me." "Awww" I say. "Yup" "Hahahaha, So we are going to take questions on the way and even though we might not be famous we still want to show you how funny and awesome we are." Then a bunch of tweets appeared. 



@AustinMahone and @MiaHopeLuvsy are so cute. You guys make the perfect team and couple. 

I blushed. 

(There was many more but I decided not to write them down.)

"Well, I'll see you soon. I have to finish some homework." "ME TOO" I yell. "BYE" He logs off and turns his computer off. "That got us a lot of viewers." Austin says. "A lot." He laughs and pushes me down on the bed and kisses me. We stay there till his mom walked in on us. "I am so sorry." We pull away and I cover my face. "Don't hide your beautiful smile." He says. I didn't listen. "Oh Mariah, you left your phone down stairs and your mom called saying she won't be home till tomorrow morning. Would you like to stay?" I remove my hands. "YES" "Okay, And also your mom said she will drop off some clothes tomorrow. You can borrow some of mine." "Thank you." "Mom, She can borrow one of my shirts if she wants." I nod. "Okay, I will give you some shorts." She leaves and Austin gets out a pen and his notebook. "What are you doing? We don't have homework." "I know but we are going to take a quiz." "Why?" I wine. "I want to know more." "Alright." "There are 9 questions each. Ones that I don't know about you." I nod. 

"1) What is your favorite candy?" "skittles" "Mine is Hershey's kisses." 

"2) What is your favorite shoe brand?" "Vans" "Jordan's"

"3) What language do you speak?" "English and Spanish" "Me too" We laugh. 

"4)What type of guy do you like?" "some one out going, funny, cute, and someone who is kind. What do you look for in a girl?" "Um, The eyes, cuteness, and someone who makes me laugh." "Oh kay" 

"5) How many hat's do you own?" "Three, you." "Eight" 

"6) What do you look for in life?" "becoming famous." "I agree." 

"7)What is your favorite animal?" "Dog" "tiger"

"8) What is your favorite b-ball team?" "Kings." "Spurs." He says. "Of course" 

"Last question. 9) Why are you so beautiful?" I blush and he kisses me. We pull away. "Because I have you." I reply. I like that answer." He says, "I love you Mariah." "I love you too Austin." "And there are more questions to come." "I know there is." I say. "Here I want to give you this." He pulls out his favorite chain he talks about. "Are you sure?" He takes it off and puts it around my neck. "It's yours now." "It's ours." i say fixing it." "I guess so." he says. I kiss his cheek. "I love it." "I love you too." I giggle. "I love you the most." I say.

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