Say Something (Austin Mahone)

* Austin Mahone Not Famous (yet)*
This is about an average girl named Mariah Ruvalcaba and an average boy named Austin Mahone who wants to become famous one day. They make videos every day and post them on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. They like each other but Austin lives in Texas and is homeschooled and moves to a unknown town called Esparto in California where Mariah lives. They fall in love instantly when they run into each other, thanks to some guys.
They have troubles and Mariah ends things between them.
A year later, Mariah and her friends form a girl band. And MAriah bumps into her ex, noone other than Austin.
They get back together but what happens if one arguement leads to single again and Mariah falls in love with another guy. And still loves Austin.
Will this story turn out about fame or a nother love story...................

They have to Say Something soon.


20. A year later

Over the year, Mariah turned 16. While in L.A with her friends, she bump into Jason. He said sorry for everything he had said a year ago and She accepted the apology. He asked her out on a date and  she agreed. She needed to get over..........You know.

They started going out and it has been a month till Mariah caught him cheating on her with........lucky guess........Chanel. The girl who stole her old boyfriend. Who is now famous and opening up for Taylor Swift.

Mariah ran home crying, regretting everything in her life. Breaking up with the guy she loved, and going out with the guy who she totally disgraced. Mariah wished she was dead and wished she never fell in love but in her mind somewhere,

She missed the boy who loved her lots and who she left back home. She still has the chain he had given her and cherishes it with her heart and she hopes one day she will bump into him again and they will live a happy life together.............or have nothing but cats to love. 

And Mariah keeps hoping till that day.

Mariah's P.O.V



(Mariah's Shawna's, Emilia's, and Harry's big house)

"MARIAH, MARIAH, MARIAH!!!" Shawna screams. "What do you want Shawna?" I mumble into my pillow, pushing my head further into it. "It's time to wake up." "Why?" "It's time for school." " I don't go anymore." I remind. "It did." "DUH!" I say, rising from my pillow. "Well, go ahead and sleep then." She says walking out of my room. "I CAN'T GO TO BED NOW, THANKS TO YOU." "YOU'RE VERY WELCOME." She yells back. I growl and push the covers off of me. I walk to my closet and get dressed in a black jumper with DOPE on the front, with some denim shorts, and black converse. I walk into my bathroom and straiten my brown hair leaving it a little wavy at the bottom. I add some mascara and liner. As I as doing my liner, I see the chain Austin had given me a year ago. I miss him so much.

When I finish, I walk down stairs and grab my songbook, guitar, and satchel. "Hey Shawna, I'm going to write some lyrics on the beach." I say. "Be careful and on your way there, can you please remind Harry of our anniversary." "Alright, I will." I chuckle as I close the door behind me, quickly grabbing the car keys from the hook.

I walk down to the garage where my car is.

When I was about to pull out a red car drives by.   'It looks so familiar' I thought.

I got to Starbucks and walked to the counter to see Harry waiting for me. "Hey Mia." "Hey Harry." I say, with a smile. "What would you like today?" "The usual. And Shawna wanted me to tell you to not forget your two year anniversary." "I didn't forget it." He pulls out a purple box from his pocket. "I got her a bracelet she always wanted." "Okay," I laugh. "Can we get a Brigadeiro Frappuccino for Mariah." He writes my name on a cup and gives it to one of his co-workers. I look back and see nobody in line. "It looks like a slow day." "Yea, it sucks but I still get payed." "Yea, minimum wage." "Whatever." He laughs. The guy walks back with my drink and hands it to Harry. He gives me the drink as I hand him the money. "It's on me today." "Are you sure?" "Yes," I grab a twenty and put it in his shirt pocket. "Use it for the dinner." I say. "Thanks." I kiss his cheek and walk out of the store.


As I was about to get out my car, a red Range Rover drives past and almost runs over me. When the car parks, I walk over to it and knock on the window. The driver looks at me and smiles. I frown and yell. "WHAT THE HELL? YOU ALMOST RAN OVER ME WITH YOUR FUCKING CAR. WATCH OUT NEXT TIME." The driver rolls down his window as I yell at him and I stop when I see who it is. "AUSTIN?" "Hey Mariah." He says, taking off his sunglasses. "It's been a long time." "A long time." I repeat the last three words. "I haven't seen you since you left Esparto." "Yea, me too." I mutter. He opens his door and gets out. He walks over to hug me but I push him away. "I'm not going to hug you." I say, hopefully remind him of what happened a year ago. "Mariah, I am sorry for what happened at school that day. I didn't mean too." "I know you are but it hurt me." "Why can;t you just give me a chance." "I did. But you messed it up." I say, walking away back to my Audi. "Mia" "No," I put my coffee on the cup holder and sit down. Austin runs to my window as I start the car. "Please Mariah, I miss you so much and I don't want to have a life without you." He said, opening the car door. He leans in and turns off the car, putting the keys in his pocket. He pulls me out of the car and hugs me. "PLEASE," I bite my lip, holding back the hurtful tears. I look at him and kiss him on the lips. "I miss you too." "I am so sorry, I really am. CAN you give me this chance." I look into his eyes and smile. "YES." Austin hugs me tight and laughs. "I know you miss me because I see the necklace I gave you." I giggle. He lets me go. "How about we start over." I nod. "OH MY GOSH, IT'S REALLY YOU. MARIAH FROM YOUTUBE." I start to laugh. "We should not do that again." He starts to cry. "I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH MARIAH." "I know you do." I hug him. Austin picks me up and spins me around. "We should go to the beach." "We're at the beach." He takes off his shirt and runs to the water. "AUSTIN CARTER MAHONE." I shout laughing. I grab my guitar from the back seat and walk over to him. I sit down in the sand as I watch him swim back to the shore. I play a few chords and then start strumming to the chorus of my bands latest song.

I see my eyes flash before my eyes

When I think of you

time goes by

when I see you smile

As you stand infront of me

protecting me from harm

You are the only one I trust and the only one I want

As I finished singing, I felt wet arms pick me up and drag me to the water. "NO AUSTIN, PLEASE DON'T." It was to late, I was already drenched. "YOU SUCK." I yell, rising from the water. "You messed up my clothes." "I'll bye you new ones." He says. Austin jumps into the water. I go underneath and wait till he got closer. When he does, I grab his ankles and pull him under water. "WHAT T......." I rise and see him freaking out, trying to get out of the water. I run out and jump on his back. "AYE?" He falls into the sand. He turns around so I was on top of him. "I miss you babe," "I miss you too." I lean in and kiss him. "And you messed up my new guitar." "Sorry." I smile and kiss him again. Enjoying the moment.



----------------------------Sorry for the short chapter and I thought it was a little quick running into him again.

Tell me what you think. Comment.


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