We were drunk. Both of us were off our heads and neither of us ever wanted this. They might all be happy but we don't get along. But that kiss... No, this means nothing. This whole thing, is a drunken mistake.


2. Toilets

I shoved the last bin against the door and checked the lock once more.

"We're good." I yelled out. Louis and Harry wandered out of the nearest cubicles, making me  laugh and raise my eyebrows.

"Larry Stylinson fan?" Harry asked.

"Suppose." I nodded. Liam, Niall and Zayn walked out of the oppisite side, but all from seperate cubicles thank God.

"So..." Niall sighed awkwardly.

"What're you doing here of all places?" I asked.

"We're on tour and we decided to stop here for the night. It was his..." Zayn puased and poked  Liam, "...idea becuase we said he wasn't man enough."

"Then this happened." Liam sighed. I sat on the sinks casually with Niall, while they all sat down  on the floor. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes until Zayn accidently turned   on the handryers.

"Shit." Louis froze. We all got up and I ran to the door. There was a quiet outside where             everyone had stopped.

"In there!" Someone screamed outside and I pushed against the door.

"Help you planks!" I yelled. We all heaved on the door, holding back 50 or more people. They   all yelled and kicked until I heard a shout.

"Get back!" Security moved the people aside and out of the restricted peephole's view, I could see the area clearing. The same man moved to my eye level and shouted, "Let us in!"

"What do we do?" Niall gasped. We were all panting and the drink had been knocked out of us all. I looked around.

"The window!" Zayn yelled. We ran to the toilet with the window opened above it. I stood on the   toilet lid and looked out.

"It's a tip back here!" I screamed.

"Rather than get mobbed?" Liam asked. I sighed and scrambled outside. It was tight and I felt someone push my arse through, to which I screamed. I landed in the rubbish tip. I was half       out when Niall pulled me back down as he fell.

"You dickhead!" I screamed. I felt him grab my hand and pulled me under the mud, glass and wrappers to which I kicked and fought. We came up, caked and laughing.

"Niall?" Harry asked. We both looked up and there he was. His arse was stuck, his whole    body dangling down the wall. His shirt was pulled up and since he'd twisted to face frontwards, his six pack was perfectly on show. I could hear Zayn, Louis and Liam laughing on the other side as me and Niall were.

"We need to hurry up, or they'll find us!" I spluttered. I saw another window open next to us   and Louis slid out, falling flat on the path instead of in the tip. Me and Niall climbed out and helped him up, catching Liam in process.

"Woah!" Harry fell out of the window and did a backflip into the tip. Zayn followed after him and we all got up.

"Yeah it's me. We need a lift, now," Louis hissed down his phone and clicked it off, "A taxi's    on the way."

I went to the end of the alley and there it was, readily waiting. I signalled and they ran out into   the street. Niall got in last and held the door for me.

"You coming?" He smiled. I smiled back and his blue eyes sparkled.

"No. This is your life." I nodded. Harry and Liam looked defeated and Zayn shook his head.

"You helped us get out. This is the least we can do for you." Louis grinned. I shook my head.

"No. Not tonight." I smiled. Niall looked away and sighed.

"Ok." He closed the door.

What had I done?



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