We were drunk. Both of us were off our heads and neither of us ever wanted this. They might all be happy but we don't get along. But that kiss... No, this means nothing. This whole thing, is a drunken mistake.


5. Me and Louis

I woke up and rolled over, wriggling out of the knot of covers. My head felt groggy but slightly refreshed and I smiled gently as I remebered last night. Then the rest of my thoughts came to my head. I opened my eyes and saw a dank, dark bedroom. I was in the corner on a brown stained bed. The rest of the bedroom was empty apart from a wadrobe with a chair beside it. A brown haired boy sat staring towards me.

"Hey." Louis smiled. I closed my eyes again.

"Hey. What happened?" I asked. I tried to get up but Louis followed and sat me back down.

"You're not well babe. You need to rest. That drink has fucked you up." Louis sighed. He brought the chair over and sat by me quietly.

"Skye, " I nodded. Louis frowned, "My name is Skye."

"You probably know who I am." Louis moaned and looked away. I reached out and touched his arm. We both jumped at the touch.

"I know Louis Tomlinson, One Direction. I don't know Louis Tomlinson." I smiled. Louis grinned.

"I'm 21 and I'm from Doncaster. I like a laugh." He chuckled. I realised I hadn't moved my hand away and pulled it away, but Louis gently picked it up in his.

"I'm 18 and I'm from Manchester. I...get drunk too easily and make mistakes." I sighed. I looked away.

"You mean falling for Niall." Louis didn't meet my eye when I looked back up.

"Who said I'd fallen for him?" I yelled angrily. Louis grinned excitedly and I smiled back. So maybe that tiny bit of feeling I had for Louis was getting stronger by the moment. And downstairs Niall was crushing on me with three lads from the biggest boy group in frigging history.

"I just thought..." Louis shrugged.

"Just because he likes me doesn't mean I can't have feelings for..." I stopped too suddenly and Louis grinned cheekily. I smiled back and closed my eyes. I thought Louis would move away  but he stayed there. I started breathing slowly as if sleeping, waiting for Louis' reaction. He shuffled closer slightly and let go of my hand. I sighed gently and he froze. Then his hand wandered across my cheek and brushed my hair behind my ear. I felt his face come close to mine.

"Feelings for me." Louis whispered. I stopped my rythmatic breathing and Louis jumped away, leaving me in the room alone.

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