We were drunk. Both of us were off our heads and neither of us ever wanted this. They might all be happy but we don't get along. But that kiss... No, this means nothing. This whole thing, is a drunken mistake.


6. Me and Harry

"Yeah mam. I'll be home tonight. Well don't go telling them! Mam! Bye, bye, love you too, bye, bye." I sighed and clicked my phone off. I sat up and stretched my legs. The room was getting lighter through a gap in the curtains. I saw some photos on the wadrobe door and wandered over to them. There was a couple of them all, one of Niall and Louis in a taxi and three of Niall with a load of people. I took it that was his family. There was one in the middle covered in red lovehearts in marker pen. There was Niall, and then a blonde girl next to him. She was snuggled into him  with her head resting on his shoulder. There was a faint pink lipstick mark  on Niall's cheek.

"Hey Skye."

I turned around and Harry stood in the door. He only just seemed to notice I was in shorts and smiled. I sighed, turned and adjusted my tights underneath my shorts. I was still wearing my top and waistcoat, but my Converse were laying by the door with my Varsity jacket underneath them. Harry saw my glance.

"We all brought you up here. You're like a feather, which explains why Niall could carry you upstairs." He laughed. I sighed and sat back down on the bed, patting the space next to me for Harry to sit down.

"You'll tell me what's going on, won't you?" I flirted and fluttered my eyelashes cheesily. Harry appeared quite fascinated.

"I don't know myself. I thought Niall liked you but he's been hiding away since you got here. He hasn't talked to me 'cos he's mad at me but he hasn't talked to no one else either. Louis' got lost and he keeps zoning out. Liam and Zayn are peacemakers and are trying to pull it together but I think the mates before dates thing has gone right out the window." Harry moaned. I looked away. I couldn't be causing One Direction all this trouble.

"But this is a mistake. We were drunk. No one is meant to have feelings for me because when you got in that taxi, it was over. But now Niall and Louis..." I stopped mid-sentence. Harry looked slightly shocked. He didn't know about Louis and I wasn't meant to know either.

"Okay, so we were talking about feelings and Niall and Louis fit in the same sentence togther?" Harry asked. I looked away but he knocked it back to him gently with his hand.

"I was pretending to be asleep and I thought Louis would walk out but he said about me having feelings for him." I sighed. Harry picked up my gaze.

"Do you feel like that?" He smiled.

"I don't know," I looked towards the wadrobe and Niall's picture, "But I felt jealous about Niall  and that girl and I don't know why."

"That's his ex of three years. Anyway, this is the spare bedroom. Niall don't come in here no more." Harry sighed. That was when I knew how I felt about Niall. A shot of hope rushed  through me and Harry seemed to jump too. I liked Niall in that way, and maybe a little bit Louis. But Louis wasn't that man to tell me to my face but neither was Niall. There was no explaination why I felt this way about Niall and not Louis, but I did.

"I like Niall." I sighed. Then recongition hit me and I blushed.

"Really?" Harry smiled. He didn't hide the dissappointment well.

"You have got to be joking me." I gasped. I got off the bed and stood against the wall. Harry smirked and laughed.

"Are you blaming me? I can't help who I fall for. Nearly everyone at times! But I thought you'd understand when the whole band bloody fancies you!" Harry yelled. I moved aside as he stormed out. I heard his go downstairs, followed by muffled shouting and yelling. I sighed. Then smiled. Then cried.


One Direction fancied me.

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