We were drunk. Both of us were off our heads and neither of us ever wanted this. They might all be happy but we don't get along. But that kiss... No, this means nothing. This whole thing, is a drunken mistake.


4. Guys

Harry opened my door and smiled charmingly. I sighed, shaking off my slight crush for him and   all his mates, and got myself out. He shut the door and grabbed me by the hand.

"I don't need help!" I yelled. Harry grimaced and led the way towards a shabby house in the  middle of Shelby Avenue. It'd taken 20 minutes to get here, all sat in silence with the occasional blast of engine. The house was two floor and attached to the row of houses that ran unbroken along the street. The door was chipped white, the windows were black with the drawn curtains and the bricks were a dimming reddish brown. The garden was a brown mud and dust mix, with  a grey concrete path running up the middle and across the front. There was no gate, fence or privacy for that.

"Niall!" Harry was calling at the door. I ran across the street and behind him.

"Harry?" An Irish accent came from behind the door.

"Yeah. I've got that girl." Harry nodded towards me, as if Niall could see me.

"What? Shit. Erm...come in!" Niall yelled back. The door opened and Harry went in, pulling me behind him.

"Hello? Niall? Guys?" Harry yelled out. He pulled me towards the closest room where three lads  were sat drinking.

"Tea?" I laughed.

"Don't fucking diss. I like tea." Liam nodded. I noticed there were only two spoons on the table   and I laughed again.

"I don't." Louis sighed and he picked up his glass of Coke.

"I don't either." Harry nodded and he went and sat down by them, taking Louis' glass from him.

"Why am I here?" I asked. Zayn looked up from the magazine he was reading.

"You dragged her here without telling her? You plonker!" Zayn yelled and he threw the magazine at him. Harry knocked it away, laughing and motioned at me to sit down. I followed to the other sofa and sighed.

"Anyone?" I moaned.






We all turned to Harry's suggestion and Niall stood in the doorway. His blonde hair was swept back and his blue eyes looked bright. A sudden anger swept through me.

"Why am I here Niall?" I asked desperately. Niall looked away and I got up. He got the sense I was preparing to leave and grabbed my arm. I met his eyes and searched for an answer but   all he seemed lost.

"He likes you." Louis yelled. I turned to him and then to Niall. He looked away and everyone  went silent. Niall shuffled past me and I stood in the doorway.

"But...this isn't right." I gasped. Hoping desperately, I walked away towards the door. Niall  Horan liked me. No. We were drunk. This was hangover talk, just like we're all doing and Niall was confused, as was I. Grasping for the door, I stumbled and fell against the wall. My head was still frail and dizzy. On split second decision, I slumbed back and hit a wave of nausea.

"Niall!" Was all I could yell. I closed my eyes and fell slowly asleep.....

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