We were drunk. Both of us were off our heads and neither of us ever wanted this. They might all be happy but we don't get along. But that kiss... No, this means nothing. This whole thing, is a drunken mistake.


3. Dreaming

I woke up and smiled. I remembered last night and then sighed again. I'd let One Direction, I    mean especially Niall, go away and now I wouldn't meet them again. I had so many questions     now like:

1) What if I'd got in the taxi?

2) What if we'd stayed in the toilets?

3) What if Niall liked me too?

4) Who squeezed my arse in the window?

5) Did any of them like me?

The list went on and I closed my eyes again. I rolled over and found my phone under my pillow.   Oh yeah, after I'd stumbled home, I put my phone under my pillow yo stop me hearing my alarm.   I pulled it out and found a voicemail and 10 missed calls from Jessica and Sami, and then a    couple of frantic texts. I text them both back, saying I'd lost my purse and just wandered home.      I also found 57 messages on Facebook.

"So are you the girl I want?" said the first. I clicked on the person and Harry Styles Official came up. So we would be staying in touch. I opened up a private messgae.

"Yeah maybe I am. But I'm not yours. I want to be someone else's." I put back, then reread it and deleted the last sentence. I hit send and checked the other messgaes.

"Harry Styles? He's mine! Slag!"

"Ooops! What am I doing here? I don't talk to bitches!"

I put my phone down and lay back down. Just as I was about to sleep again, my phone   buzzed. I picked it back up.

"Gimme your number then." Harry Styles had replied. I put back my number and laid back down to sleep.




I rolled over and Harry Styles stood in the doorway. I screamed, buried under the covers, then peeked back over them again.

"What the hell?" I yelled.

"Your mam let me in. After you gave me your number, I rang you but your mam answered.   And now I'm here." He grinned.

"Simple as!" I mocked. I got up and pulled on my jeans and top over my pyjamas. I then   walked over to Harry and slapped him straight across the face.

"What was that for? I didn't want to come here!" Harry yelled, offended. I backed off and    stared at him.

"Why are you here then?" I asked.

"Because of Niall! Shit. I lied. No. Yeah, I lied." Harry murmurred.

"Niall?" I screamed. Harry pushed me slightly and I fell onto my bed.

"Shut up!" Harry yelled. I kicked him off and sighed.

"Why?" I asked. Harry shook his head.

"You really wanna know?" Harry asked and I nodded. Harry picked me up roughly and threw   me over his shoulder. I screamed and kicked him in the gut. He bent over but still carried on, out of the door and into his car.

"Knob!" I yelled. I sat in the back of the car and sulked.

All the way to Niall's house.

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