Cba to write a blurb so just read the first chapter it's not long


1. The beginning of it all

(dedicated to LJhoran who made me write the story in the first place)

I met this guy, he was one of the most amazing people I have met...
His big hazels eyes were beautiful, I fall for them straight away... Oh and his big smile, it could brighten a whole room with out trying.... His silky chocolate dark brown hair fell perfectly no matter what he did with it, he is about a couple of centimetres taller then me but his lip against my are so lovely and soft and every time he goes to kiss me he holds me closely and pulls me right up to his face and kiss me beautifully, with out making a sound he kiss me one last time before he had to go on stage to perform for all his fans and his best friends, their also known as "One Direction."

My name is lilIie and I am Zayns girlfriend, we met in a bar a year and a half year ago, we became really close after 3 months and became best friends and hang out a lot over a couple of months after he asked me out on a proper date not just the movies or balling, an actual date to this beautiful coffee shop. It was fall of dairies and roses everywhere it was just the two of us.....

*4 hours before the dinner date.*
Lydia, Niall and I (aka Nialls girlfriend and my best friend) we went dress shopping and Niall helped both of us to choose a beautiful flowing dress that sits right just for me.... I tried about 25 different dress until I found a beautiful short sky blue dress it flows and Lydia said it looked amazing and perfect on so I took her advice and bought the dress and got a new pare of shoes to go with it.....

* 1 hours before the dinner date.*
I was straightening my hair nice a neatly and before I knew it, it was almost time to go.... I hear a bang bang at the door, Awww he's hear! I run to the mirror just to see if everything looks great and perfect, just to put the finished touch up is my lip gloss. I yell be there in a minute.... I ran all the way to the door and open the door and there was my beautiful date waiting standing like a bad ass smiling madly and walked and hugged me and said "Vas happening beautiful" I replied saying " just getting ready" he says " you look amazingly beautiful lilIie!" So he holds my hand and pulls me close and kiss me without a sound and then holds my hand and walks me all the way down too the door of the flat, he starts to kiss me again and open the door and picked me up and walked we all the way to the car, sits me in the back of the car then walks all way around the other side to sit right next to me and we started talking about our days.

* the bed *

We both ate dinner quickly and had a couple of drinks and he asked me if I would like to go back to our flat together, I said yes of course...... He got up from the table and took my hand and hold it tightly and said I've wanted to take you home alone, Just me and you together with no one else to annoy us, just us to together forever... Nothing will come between us.

He opens the door to our room slowly, still holding my hand and he grabs me still smiling and says I'm defiantly enjoying this part of my roller coster with you and with your beautiful eyes and your wonderful smile. He walks me to the bedroom and says I'm going to the bathroom ill be back soon, so I quickly go to the mirror just to cheek my make-up was alright. Zayn walks out without me knowing and walks behind me and says why are you looking in the mirror your beautiful with out the make-up, these clothes and the shoes... So he takes me to the bathroom and takes all my make-up off and picks me and puts me on the sink and kiss me passionately with out anything I kiss him back, he picks me up and walks to the bedroom and sits me on the bed and zipping my zip down my back, as he kissed my neck slowly moving down my back and slowly taking off my dress. He stops and makes me lay down on the bed and i pulls his top over his muscly arms , am he smile in pleaser and slowly starts to kiss me and with one of his hand down my back he undid my bra hook and takes one by one of the little hooks and takes it off slowly as possible, chucking my bra on the floor and I undo his pants he takes them off..... "Zayn"I ask he replys with "Yes beautiful? What's wrong, have I done anything wrong?"I quickly reply saying "No, I was just thinking something but now I cant remember what I was going to say, keep going". He smiles again and he know that when he smile he give me butterfly's, he keeps cupping my boobs and of course I was moaning a little bit but not a lot, he decides to take our underwear off until, Niall bangs on the door but zayn ignores it and keeps going for it, he slowly inserted into me, I feel pain fall over my body witch it slowly taken over by pleasure. He starts grinding slowly getting faster and faster until I moan so loudly and we stopped and just kissed and he wrapped his legs around mine.
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