Long Lost

Arwen is a girl with a dream, and Lord of the Rings obsessed parents who, by the way, are dead. Arwen's dream is to meet 1 Direction and she finally has found a way to do it, by dying. She has cancer, perhaps because it is a genetic disease and a few months to live gives her the ability to have one wish fulfilled, to follow her dream through charity and kindness.


1. Everything changes

Arwens P.O.V


I never thought that I would mind dying. It had always just been a fact of life, a few more years, a few more months and finally, a few more weeks. I just didn't expect it to happen on valentines day. My mother died of leukaemia and I never knew my father, it had been probable that I would join her in the grave. Then I met Niall Horan and there was a point to life, that point however probably couldn't save me, I was already long lost.

The day my life changed was rainy, the sun hadn't stuck its head out for weeks and I worried that I would never see it again, after all my time was nearly up. Anyway, it was pouring with rain and it was one of those days where one just wants to stay in bed, warm and dry, listening to the soothing sound of the rain falling on the roof. The roof of my house was actually a roof garden with many different plants, enough to mean that in the sun it was heavan. That were so many good sides of living with my aunt, she was completely and utterly loaded and also the nicest person in the world. If I'd had the choice of where to die this would have been it so it almost didnt matter so much. Then there was my room, comfortable like everything else. According to me the nicest feature was the en suite bathroom, it was to, to die for! (please don't take that comment too literally)

I suppose that you've heard enough about the house, back to the story. My friend, my supportive delightful friend Leigh was coming with me to the building. I heard that it was somewhere in the O2 centre where my mother and I used to spend some 'girl time' together, happy memories, at least I'll see her soon. I went in and was escorted with Leigh to a room, Five boys were waiting there, waiting for a girl dying of Leukaemia.

It sounds cheesy to say that only one of them caught my eye but that wouldn't be the truth. I looked at each of them in turn and at the beginning nothing happened. I said hi and they replied in chorus,

"Hey Arwen!"

Which was sweet and really really cute.

It didn't take long for the first signs of tingling to start appear. Slowly I started talking more to Niall than the others, slowly my gravitational mass moved towards his. Just talking of course and I still chatted to the others, more at ease now. Then I saw Leigh, they hadn't even greeted her so I spent some time introducing her and Harry and Liam started chatting to her, leaving me with a guy who kept trying to give me a carrot, a guy who wasn't really saying anything and a guy who kept trying to ask me out to nandos. They were all really distressed about my 'little problem' and kept asking me if there was anything that they could do. I wish that I could've replied yes, but that would have been impossible. It was too late to save me. I had Leukaemia and I was going to die.



A girl stands outside a hospital. Her aunt is inside. She keeps glancing at the door but her aunt doesn't emerge. Worried now she begins pacing but that seems to make no difference. She begins describing the hospital, just speaking out loud hoping to calm herself

"The building is white with barred windows, rusting barred windows but the paint looks fresh. It is obviously concrete and new but not too new. There is a chapel to one side. A traditional chapel which contrasts with the rest of the building but not overmuch. I can see one of the patients staring at me out of one of the windows. The gardens are fenced of with different areas, some are very seperate from the others, for the contagious diseases I suppose..."

Her aunt comes out of the building, her whole body is wracked with sobs.

"I'm so sorry Arwen, so sorry"

The girl turns and runs


Back to the present


I stagger from the weight of what I have just remembered. I didn't even really understand what it was, only that it was what my mum had and now my mum was dead. Niall grabs my arm,

"Arwen, are you OK?" he asks

I want to reply no, that nothing will ever be OK again but I don't, instead I say that I'm fine that I stumble all the time, even when I'm in bed, joking where no joke should be told. This is the last day before valentines day 2013, today is the last day before I am hospitalised for the rest of a very short life and I plan to enjoy it. Then Leigh comes over and drags Niall away, acting like she has something to show him but I know that look in her eye, when she gets that look then problems happen, they always do.



Leighs P.O.V.


How could she do this to me, how could she thing that she could steal Niall Horan. He's mine and I plan to stake my claim big time. Boy is she gonna regret this. I know how to kill her soo hard that she never ever ever comes back!


Arwens P.O.V.


I don't particularly want to admit it but I snuck after them, just like Leigh knew I would. Then I saw her rumage in her bag then turn around holding her phone then all of a sudden, she did the thing that she knew would hurt me the most, she smiled seductively and pounced on him. She was kissing him and tearing me up with every kiss. She was in the process of breaking my heart so I stepped out. She got off him in a flash. He was reeling, staggering backwards which was why he wasn't there when she turned on her phone. She flashed a bright light in my eyes. When I could bear to open them Louis was standing over me.

"What happened? Where's Niall?" he asked frantically.

I didn't have an answer because my Leukaemia got to work again and I fainted.


I woke up in hospital an hour or so later. I could hear my aunt crying and wondered how I got here. Then I remembered, Leigh, Leigh taking Niall, taking him away. Now that I could remember the events I turned to my aunt,

"What's wrong?"

"They told me, They told me that your time, it was nearly up. They said, they said that you had forty eight hours left to live" she said in a voice punctuated with tears, "but the problem is that so does Niall Horan, from that band that you were visiting. If you don't turn up in the building where she's holding him in exactly forty seven hours from now you will never see him again. However, if you do you will spend five of those hours getting to Sandwich and if you go to Sandwich, if you don't stay in hospital then, then they can't use the medication to save you"

I interrupted her, "she being Leigh?" I asked quietly, I didn't trust myself not to break down into tears.

"y-yes" came the stricken reply.

Only one thing for it, I thought and I ran out of the hospital and got into my aunts car. She was a bit stupid and left the key in the ignition seeing as she was right outside the hospital. I drove and as I was driving I typed the adress that my aunt had given me into the SatNav. I was driving as fast as I could and I would probably be a bit early. I set an alarm for the time that my aunt had given me and drove. Better I die than Niall does I thought. Then to calm myself I began to describe the car, mentally this time.

It was a black range rover and it handled like a pig, it was, however survivable. I turned on the radio and it was all about Niall disappearing although there was a small amount about my disappearance and how the two disappearances were probably linked. I ignored that and focused a bit more on my driving.

I was nearly there and my time was nearly out. I drove through Sandwich looking for the building. I eventually spotted it. It was decrepit and had no paintwork at all. I took a deep breath and walked in.

"Leigh!" I shouted, "I'm here, is that what you want?"

Pain shot through my side and I moaned but struggled onwards.

"Niall!" I yelled, "Where are you?"

I heard his voice, I had never felt so relieved.

"Arwen," he called, "what are you doing here!" I saw him running towards me and then I heard Leigh's voice,

"keep your pretty boy Arwen. You're going to hell."

Then I collapsed unconcious for the last time. I was lost from the very beginning. Now it was too late, now I saw. I was the unlucky one, I died on valentines day, I was long lost. 



Hi people, my friends have told me that I should have spent longer on Niall and Arwen and I'd just like to say that in the sequel, Loving Tears that may or may not be written you will see what happened when Arwen is with the boys through the eyes of Leigh, however, this will only happen if I get into the top ten of the valentines day competition so please like and favourite

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