All Eyez On Me

Gloria and Georgia are just two Sydney teenagers that just happen to meet 5 boys whilst going to get Gloria's ball dress. The 5 boys have on Jack Wills jumpers, sunglasses with one of them wearing a beanie. Georgia instantly recognizes them to be One Direction but everyone else in the crowded shopping centre are oblivious to it. What happens when the one with the beanie gets to know Gloria in just a few hours? She tells him her name is Rebecca. Well at least she was partially telling the truth. Her name once was Rebecca. But will Gloria, well Rebecca ever see the boy in the beanie again?

*This is my second one to be published here. I'm currently writing chapters for this as well as my first stories sequel. Check out my other story as well! Thanks my little pumpkins xx*


4. W-What Happened?


Gloria’s POV


We were running late to pick up the dress that I’ve been dying the buy for the last 6 months. I told the lady we would be there at 11 but as I took out my phone I saw that it was 11:15 already. I picked up my pace and realized I only had one more corner to turn until I reached the shop where my dream dress was waiting. My phone beeped and I looked down to see it was a text from my “protector” asking where I was. I began to type away at my phone, not looking where I was going. As Georgia and I started to make our way around the corner I bumped into someone and everything went black from there.


Georgia’s POV


Shaking her wasn’t working and I didn’t know what else to do. No one had bothered to stop well except the boy who bumped into her and his 4 mates. I instantly recognized them from their accents but I just wasn’t too sure. Maybe I was imagining things.

“Li pass me your water.” The boy who caused this said looking over his shoulder. That just confirmed my thought and I was positive the one in the blue hoodie was Harry. I looked at him puzzled as to why he asked for water and why he was moving Gloria’s hair away from her. Just as I was about to turn and yell at him for causing this he splashed the water on her face. Her eyes bolted open and I sighed in relief.


“W-what happened?” She asked looking up at the boy who had a smile on his face.

“You were unconscious. I’m sorry for bumping into you, I should have really looked where I was going.” He said and the smile faded. Gloria began to sit up and held her hand to her head.

“What time is it?” She asked worriedly. Of course she was only thinking about getting her dream dress nothing else.

“It’s 11:20. We have to get you to the doctors to check you out.”

“No!” She protested and quickly grabbed her hair wincing.

“We must.” I insisted.

“No I’m going to get that dress! I’m fine honest.” She said and then looked up at me with pleading eyes.

“Fine.” I said with a huff. She began to stand up and the boy in blue (my nickname for him) helped her stand.

“Thanks.” She mumbled. Well I guess she didn’t know who just bumped into her. As soon as she was balanced she began dragging me towards the dress store. She was very persistent on getting that dress, never has she wanted something so much.



Harry’s POV


I found myself starring at this beautiful girl with gorgeous curls and such amazing blue eyes. Well that was a lot of compliments in one sentence. I couldn’t help but smile. I wasn’t exactly listening to her conversation with her friend all I heard was “No I’m going to get that dress!” She then began to stand up and of course I helped her up. All I received was a small thanks and then she was off dragging her friend with her. ‘Well there goes one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen.’ I thought to myself.

“Haz you just said that aloud.” Louis said nocking me from my thoughts.

“Crap.” I said and just lifted my hand to my head and ruffled my curls.

“Go after her.” Liam said.

“You may never see her again.” Zayn added and gave me a nudge. He was right I probably was never going to see her again but where were they now? Surely they are far from here.

“Mate she said something about a dress right?” Zayn asked.

“Uh yeah why?” I asked unsure of what he was getting at.

“There was a dress store when we walked in. Maybe she would be there.” He explained. Gosh why didn’t I think of that?

“Thanks!” I said already on my way around the corner (this time looking where I was going.) and noticed the dress shop Zayn must have been talking about.



Gloria’s POV


As soon as I pulled Georgia away towards the dress shop I noticed she had a stunned look on her face. As soon as we got to the shop I instantly apologized for being so late and explained how moments ago I laid on the ground unconscious. The lady said she understood and then walked out the back. I turned around to Georgia who still had her stunned look.

“What is it Georgia?” I asked snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Do you know who we just walked away from?” She asked.

“Uh yeah 5 guys in sunglasses and different coloured hoodies!” I said averting my eyes back to the door the lady walked through moments ago.

“They weren’t just any 5 guys!” She began then looked around. “They were One Direction.” She said in a whisper.

“You’re just imagining things Georgia. Are you sure it was me that was unconscious?” I said not moving my eyes from the door. Then just as I finished speaking the lady came back in with my dress in a beige dress protector, I think that’s what it’s called.

“That would be a $650 thanks!” She said handing me the dress. I put it in one hand then pulled out my purse.

“650!” Georgia gasped. I never did tell her how much the dress was. I pulled my card out and swiped away entering my pin number. When I saw the accepted come up I nearly jumped for joy. Finally my dream dress was mine. Only a two days before the ball too!

“Well go try it on then! I still haven’t seen you in it!” She said to me pointing towards the change rooms.

“Alright don’t get your nickers in a twist.” I said as I made my way to the change rooms. I turned back to her to see her glaring at me. I pulled the curtain over and quickly got out of the pink and black dress I was wearing. Once I opened the dress protector thing I saw the gorgeous hot pink dress with sequins at the top and a band of them just under the bust area. I slipped it on and took a look in the mirror before being satisfied with how it looked.

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