All Eyez On Me

Gloria and Georgia are just two Sydney teenagers that just happen to meet 5 boys whilst going to get Gloria's ball dress. The 5 boys have on Jack Wills jumpers, sunglasses with one of them wearing a beanie. Georgia instantly recognizes them to be One Direction but everyone else in the crowded shopping centre are oblivious to it. What happens when the one with the beanie gets to know Gloria in just a few hours? She tells him her name is Rebecca. Well at least she was partially telling the truth. Her name once was Rebecca. But will Gloria, well Rebecca ever see the boy in the beanie again?

*This is my second one to be published here. I'm currently writing chapters for this as well as my first stories sequel. Check out my other story as well! Thanks my little pumpkins xx*


7. Where was she?


Harry’s POV


Where was she? It was already 2 o’clock and she still hasn’t come out. It started to dawn on me that maybe she skipped out whilst going to the bathroom and that the kiss meant nothing to her.

“Mate we’ve got to get going.” Liam said putting his hand on my shoulder.

“What about the girls?” I asked holding back the thought of them ditching us.

“I don’t think they’re coming back. Maybe it’s for the best.” He said trying to comfort me.

“I uh… I’ll just go ask that lady to go check for us.” I said pointing towards a lady that looked to be in her 40’s.

As I approached her she lifted her head from the paperwork she was reading.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“Uh actually… Two girls went to the bathroom earlier and haven’t come out. Would you be able to go check if they’re in there and okay?” I asked.

“Certainly. What are their names?” She asked standing up from her chair.

“Rebecca and Georgia. Thank you so much. I’ll just wait here.” I said and with that she walked off.


Just a few minutes later she came back alone. “I’m sorry but it doesn’t seem like your friends are in there. Maybe you just didn’t see them come out.” She said apologetically.

“That’s fine thank you for that.”

“It’s fine. Have a good day.” She said and waved before going back to reading her paperwork.

“We’re sorry mate.”

“They… They just left us here? Rebecca just left me here! Did she feel nothing with the kiss and this was just the ‘polite’ way to turn me down?” I said with my voice cracking up. I held back the tears and kept walking with the boys till we got back to the SUV. This just couldn’t be the end; I felt something in that kiss. I have to find her!

Once we were all back in the car Louis started it up and Liam rang the security to let them know we were leaving. ‘So much for shopping and having a good day.’ I thought. Zayn was sitting next to me trying to comfort me about Rebecca’s rejection. I couldn’t fight the tears anymore, I let it all out and Zayn pulled me into a hug. I know I’ve only known her a few hours but I just thought there would be more to it than that! I thought she really liked me especially with that kiss. It was like electricity bolts were running through my body.


Gloria’s POV


I can’t get that kiss out of my head but it’s too late now. I’m sure he’s forgotten my name and my face. Well at least I hope he has so if we ever meet again I can just act like one of his ‘dedicated’ fans without him knowing who I am or asking for an explanation. ‘You did the right thing Gloria. It was never going to work out. He’s famous and you’re just a normal-ish teenager. Just forget about him and move on.’ I kept telling myself as Georgia drove me home.

The car came to a stop outside the familiar house I have called home for the past 8 years of my life. But it has never felt like home, London is my home and it will always be in my heart. I got out of the car, waved Georgia goodbye and hoped her date goes well. Time to find out what Dave wanted. Oh yeah that’s my ‘protectors’ name, Dave, I forgot to mention it before. My mother’s name is Maureen and well I try to forget my father’s name. Unfortunately it is stuck in my head no matter what I do. His name is Alex.


I opened the large wooden front door leading me down a hallway passing doors to various cupboards and guest bedrooms. Once I got passed the lounge room doorway and onto the stairs, I quietly tiptoed up the stairs trying not to be noticed before I reached my bedroom and could just lock myself in there. Completely forgetting about the creaky step I of course stepped on it and then I heard steps coming from the lounge room.


I turned around to find Dave tapping his foot with his arms crossed.

“Hey Dave I thought you might have been upstairs.” I said trying not to give away my first idea of locking myself in my room.

“Don’t give me that crap. I know you were going to lock yourself in your room again for the millionth time. Now come into the lounge room, your mother and I need to discuss things relating to your father.” He said coldly and motioned his hand towards the lounge room. I just nodded, slumped back downstairs and into the lounge room. As I walked in I saw my mother crying on the couch, instinctively I dropped my dress and ran to comfort her. The last time I saw her cry was the day she got me back although they were tears of joy, I think these were tears of sadness.

“What’s going on?” I asked looking up to Dave.

“Uh well your father- I uh mean Alex has been spotted at Perth airport.”

“WHAT?” I yell at him quickly tensing up.

“Don’t worry Gloria. That’s why I’m here. You know that I would never let him near you. I’ve grown quite uh fond of you the past 8 years.” Dave said and the room was filled with an awkward silence besides my mother sniffling as she cried in my arms.

“Dave can you start taking me to school?” I asked breaking the silence.

“Uh yeah of course. If that will make you feel safer.” He replied scratching the back of his neck.

“Plus picking me up after school. I just don’t feel comfortable knowing that he’s in the same country as me now.”

“Sure. But everything will be fine. So I see you got the dress you’ve been saving up for.” He said pointing to the crumpled up dress on the floor. By now my mum had finished crying so I let go of her and went to pick up my dress.

“Well let’s see it!” my mum said now with a huge smile on her face. Although I was pretty sure it was fake.

“I guess I’ll go put it on then.” I said and with that I rushed upstairs into my room. I locked the door only this time it won’t be locked for hours with an annoyed Dave on the other side banging on it. I quickly took off what I’m wearing and slipped into my dress. I went into my quite large walk-in wardrobe and put on the heels that I said when I first saw them are ‘meant for the dress.’

I quickly opened the door and rushed downstairs to show Dave and my mother. Once I got into the lounge room my mum gasped at the sight of me and Dave actually had a genuine smile for once.

“You look beautiful honey!” My mum said as she stood up and pulled me into a hug.


After I was done twirling and showing off all of my dress I made myself some dinner then quickly went upstairs and locked my bedroom door. I got out of my dress and put on my favourite orange pajamas. The sandwich I had made myself was finished within 5 minutes. Exhausted from today’s events I collapsed on my bed thinking about Harry and that kiss. Oh how I loved that kiss, it sent chills down my spine every time he touched me. ‘NO! Gloria cut it out you’re never going to see him again!’ I thought to myself. With that my eyes fell shut and I snuggled into the comfy king size bed.




I was in the middle of a field back in London. Spinning around with no clue where to go. I had no idea what I was doing out there and I just picked a way and began to run. My mum has to find me; she wouldn’t just give up. Would she? As I kept running I heard my father yelling my name, I didn’t want to go back to that cruel man and I just kept going. Soon I found myself at a road unsure of whether to go left or right. Looking each way I considered my options. Just then I felt a pair of hands grip hold of my shoulders and turn me around. It was my father. I began to fight not wanting to go back to that horrid shack.

“Let me go!” I shouted and then began screaming

“You’re not going anywhere!” He snarled trying to keep me still. I began to give up fighting him when I heard someone yelling. My father held me close to him as we both look around to see whom it was yelling.

A man in a police uniform caught my eye and I realized it was the officer and another officer behind him yelling. They were running towards us and my father just let me go and bolted. I fell to the ground exhausted from fighting against my father’s strong arms. That was when I blacked out.


End dream


I bolted up in my bed shaking from the vivid dream or should I say memory. I was panting and my hands were gripping hold of the mattress either side of me. Looking around I began to relax; I then looked at the clock beside my bed. It was 7:30am, which meant time to get ready. It was Monday meaning I had to go to school. Just then I realized it wasn’t just any old Monday it was the day before the school ball! I quickly grabbed my phone and texted Georgia saying that my dad was going to take me to school. Once it had sent I quickly had a shower then got dressed. I made my way downstairs to find my mum making breakfast just like always. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and picked up one of the pieces of French toast that were on the table. I mumbled ‘thanks’ and walked out the kitchen. Just as I walked out I ran into Dave who was in a rush.

“Ready to go to school?” He asked looking at his watch.

“Yeah let me just grab my bag.” I replied making my way for the lounge room. I bent down at the doorway and scooped up the bag I had dropped there earlier. I made my way to the front door and Dave soon followed. It was off to school I go.

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