Possibility [on Hiatus]

A average girl named Claudia lives due the business of her father in Nigeria, Abuja and keeps a secret that only she and a few friends of hers know; she's a Directioner.
Simply a half of it because she adores one of the members the most.
Just as she was on the way to school, she had bumped into her biggest and beloved idol.
Because of the Red Nose Day in her country, she'll be spending the time with the band and it's special member.
A bittersweet connection between the both has begun and she falls for two other members from time to time what irritates her and her feelings as well, though she only wants "him"... Niall Horan.


5. The Stray Dog And The Little Princess.

I had stayed awake all night and clung my small hands onto the pillow while biting my lips gently, thinking of what had happened between Louis and me. It had made me just more tired of thinking of it and I then picked my phone from the small night table and searched through my music. After a while, my finger had tapped on the screen of my iPhone and selected the song "Coma" from Seo Taiji. I didn't liked english music apart of... 1 Direction as you all know. I laid it away and then slowly lifted the pillow up, having my face under it. My eyelids slowly dropped a bit but I didn't wanted to sleep off. To be honest... it was a nice feeling as Loui' had kissed me... a feeling of.. 


secureness and tenderness as well... and he also had taken my first kiss what made the situation more awkward for me...


But... I couldn't stop thinking of Niall. He was also giving me the same feeling whenever I was in his near... could this be love? 

I just shook my head slowly and my head dropped on the bed for more. I slowly closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the kiss that night. 


Soon enough it was morning and I could feel a song playing... it was "Itsumo Nando Demo" from the spirited away movie. I loved the movie ever since I was a little child and loved listening to it. The song... had also remembered me on my deceased mother. I picked the phone and looked at the time. I was too early as always but I never could sleep for so long during school days. On the screen, it had showed a picture of Niall. My favorite one... I blushed awkwardly and rubbed my cheek gently before laying my phone back carefully on the night table. I slowly shifted the blanket away and then stood up in my usual pastel pink short dress and my usual tigh highs in white. The long sleeves that were puffy were sly wrinkled and I then stroked my ponytails away from my face. I gently rubbed my eye just as a little child would've do that. I walked over to my little sofa and picked up the fresh underwear and then laid it back, pulling off my dress awkwardly and sliding the old panty down, replacing it with the new one and getting clothed in my underwear and afterwards into my uniform. 


I then gently brushed my hair and then tied both of my ponytails renewed and then tied the big school bow once more and patting my large cardigan what sleeves were too long for my arms and small upper body. I looked once more into the mirror and then just smiled slightly, nodding my head. I walked out of my room with my phone and went into my own bathroom, filling a cup with water and taking my toothbrush, slowly putting some toothpaste on top of it and brushing my teeth in a almost lazy-like style. While brushing my teeth, I couldn't forget about the kiss of the last day and I blushed all time. He haven't knew me for a long time and I found it weird that he had just issed me without telling me anything. I just shook my head and spitted some of the toothpaste out of my mouth, gargling some of the water two times and spitting it out again. 

I slowly turned on the water and washed my toothbrush gently and laying it back into the cup, letting some water flow on my hands and washing my face softly. I then walked out and slung the bag over my shoulder, walking out and then taking my keys and opening the door, closing it after I was outside.


I sighed softly to myself and fixed my hair a bit, running down the small staircases and looking to the left and then to the right, walking afterwards to the left side. I was on my usual way to school. The boring train station where I ate my simple breakfast and the train where I was just staring out but looking back to my phone while listening to music as I always do. Soon after, the train stopped and I walked out, walking also this time these small staircases in a fast pace down and walked to the main street, waiting for the traffic to turn into the usual boring green. Everything seemed so boring in my perspective today, but why? Was it because I didn't slept enough? Or maybe because of the kiss? The... kiss... I bit my lips gently, feeling my cheeks heat up a bit and then crossed the street as soon as it went green. I walked on the walkway but then... noticed someone with a black jacket, standing next to the car... 


it was Louis. 


My eyebrows twitched again up and knitted a bit and I then walked a bit faster. My blush got heavier and I started to fidget on my skirt nervously before... he had caught sight of mine. He waved at me and then quickly ran towards me. I quickly looked away to avert his gaze and Louis just kept staring at me. He sighed. "I'm sorry... for yesterday... I.. didn't meant to..." I shook my head while clinging one hand tightly onto my cardigan. Now, all girls were staring at us and snapped many photos, making me blink my eyes a hundred times before covering them. Louis frowned and then pulled me into a tight hug, his other hand pressing my head against his chest what made my eyes widen partly. I blushed and blushed while Loui' was telling the girls to stop with this nonsense. 

Slowly, I nodded my head in his chest and then wrapped around my thin arms on him, closing my eyes gently. "I... don't feel well, Loui'..." Was all I said and he looked down to me, stroking the top of my head while whispering to me with his soft voice. "Really? Do you want to rest?" I nodded my head renewed and felt my knees weaken while all the girls were starting to frown and some cursing in their minds how it seemed. 


Louis slowly and gently, lifted me in a princess-style up and carried me all the way to the car, placing me in the car and fastening my seatbelt as well. I smiled at him and so did he, reaching out for my pale hand to caress it. "You can rest at our home..." He said and I nodded slowly. "O-okay..." I said obediently but straightly thought about Niall. How would he react by seeing us both together? Would he react positive or negative? I honestly didn't knew and just shook my head to get away of this thought. Louis looked at me shortly and then fastened his seatbelt, slowly starting to turn on the car and drived. Though it was a slow-like pace, I felt comfortable with it and then looked to Louis, back to the front. "Say... what do you feel like? Do you feel like vomiting or anything else?" - "No... I feel like everything was spinning in my mind..." I muttered softly under my breath and Louis smiled. "I'll take care on you, believe me..." 


I just nodded and smiled. "Thank you, Loui'..." - "It's nothing you need to thank me for." Was all he said and focused himself back on the streets of africa. "What... are you actually doing at a place like this? I mean... it's africa..." Louis just chuckled by hearing me saying that. "It's the red nose day, silly. Don't you know about it?" He asked me in a polite way and I smiled slyly. "Ah... I forgot about it completely..." Was all I said and then sat up back straightly. "Listen, you should get some sleep... you know?" I nodded. "I know..." I mumbled and then looked out of the window but soon, my eyelids felt heavy again and I slowly fell asleep one more time. 


Louis P.O.V


I looked at her as soon as the traffic lights went red. She was again a beautiful silent angel that was now in her dreamland. I chuckled, slowly caressing her cheek and then her neck. I would have kiss her once again but I was scared. Scared that she would avoid me again. But... why again? She wasn't avoiding me at all... right? I looked over to her and knitted my eyebrows. This girl was resembling Eleanor almost pretty much... I stared longly at her and then just bend my back, pressing a gentle kiss on her cheek. I then pulled back and fixed my jacket, driving off again because of the traffic light that had changed into the color of green. 


I smiled satisfied to myself and then very soon after that, I stopped in front of the house and smiled, looking over to her and then unfastened my seatbelt and afterwards I did the same by her. I pushed my door open and then closed it slowly so she wouldn't wake up and opened hers. My arms were slowly reaching for her small stature and I lifted her up again, carrying her in the usual princess-style into the house. I pushed the ring with my elbow and then... Niall had opened the door. He stared longly at the both of us and his eyes that were usually glistering weren't doing that at the moment. 

He had just walked away and I sighed, walking into the house with the girl in my arms. "How often should I still apologize, Niall?" - "Until you've learned how to control the feelings of a girl better." He said harshly and walked up, disappearing back into his room. I just looked at him and then walked up the stairs as well, searching for my room in the long hallway until I've eventually founded it. 

I looked at her once before placing her gently onto my bed, unplugging her earbuds and laying the phone gently aside, pulling her shoes in a tender way and then looked at the girl who was stil sleeping very peaceful at a hectic day as this one. I just chuckled and then stroked her cheeks, then her neck and slowly... started to caress every single part of her body. Every single part. I stood up and then bended my back once more down to her, pressing another kiss on her lips. It felt very nostalgic to kiss her and I then just slowly climbed on the bed, laying myself next to her and my arms wrapping around her small body. 


I slowly snuggled my nose into her neck, inhaling the scent of her fresh smell, making a low chuckle resound in my throat as well. I then pulled shortly after that back and laid my head onto the same big pillow on what she had rest hers as well. I stroked her hair all time but then could feel my eyelids getting heavier at each stroke that I gave her. I smiled gently before falling asleep. Into a deep sleep while my smile remained on my lips. I hugged her tighter during my sweet dreams I had and felt all happy. Happy to have someone with me to share a bed with once more. 


I want you to remain your sweetness, Claudia... 

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