Possibility [on Hiatus]

A average girl named Claudia lives due the business of her father in Nigeria, Abuja and keeps a secret that only she and a few friends of hers know; she's a Directioner.
Simply a half of it because she adores one of the members the most.
Just as she was on the way to school, she had bumped into her biggest and beloved idol.
Because of the Red Nose Day in her country, she'll be spending the time with the band and it's special member.
A bittersweet connection between the both has begun and she falls for two other members from time to time what irritates her and her feelings as well, though she only wants "him"... Niall Horan.


7. PAIN.ting


Louis P.O.V.


I walked out and closed the door behind me, leaving a sly traumatized young girl that I had… 


almost abused ...


in the bedroom of my closest friend behind. No, of my brother. I walked without any expression back to my room and bit my lower lip, frowning and then rather I knew it, my fist landed against the wall. Slowly, my other hand had pressed against the wall as well to hold my balance since I felt like collapsing every minute. Many tears started to flow out my eyes and I just rubbed them with the palm of my hands. I looked like a idiot at the moment and I knew that. 

I don't know… but whenever I see her face, it reminded me on Eleanor… was that even possible? Was I starting to turn crazy? No, I wasn't starting to turn crazy. I was just crazy for her, that was all. I slowly stood straightly back again and looked at the palm of my hand. She had touched me with this hand all time, that's what made it special. The hand approached my cheek and  stroked it, my face and body still positioned itself in front of the wall. 


I felt so lonely at the moment…


Harry's P.O.V.


Our chauffeur was already waiting outside for us and held the open. Niall and I playfully jumped on each marbled step of the stairs and then nimbly ran to the car. It was a challenge and we prepared ourselves until I ran and shouted "start!" We laughed childishly and we reciprocally pushed ourselves away when we stood in each others way. My hand almost had touched the black limousine but… Niall had clutched my stomach possessively and we both ended up pouncing hardly on the floor. Niall had rubbed his head and groaned a bit while I was still laughing, though my body had hurt all over. "Are you both alright?" Our chauffeur asked us and I just grinned, nodding my head. "Yeah! We are~!" Niall tried to hum but ended up laughing since it had sounded idiotic. I just laughed with him and our chauffeur sighed while smiling. "Well then… it's time… hm? Where's Mr. Tomlinson when I may ask?" - "Louis felt sick so he can't go out with us. It's sad that Claudia also turned sick so she can't come with us to the restaurant…" Niall said and stood up, patting the dirt off his pants. 

As I saw the small shine in Niall's eyes by mentioning Claudia, I had a weird feeling in my stomach. I stared at him longly and Niall blinked his eyes, looking at me as he stretched his arm out for me to hold on it. "Come on buddy, we need to go!" He grinned. "Yes, yes.. I know…" I said and held on his hand and he helped me to stand on my feet again. We exchanged smiles and Niall jogged over to the other car door while I just stood in front of the left door, knitting my eyebrows. "Could it be… 


that Niall was falling for her? When yes… 


would it mean that... we hold the same feelings for that girl? 


"Harry! Hurry up!" Niall said and I ended up blinking my eyes, smiling awkwardly while slamming the door open and closing it, fastening my seatbelt quickly. "Seriously, why do we need a chauffeur? I can drive on my own, you know?" - "Yes, but Mr. Higgins said that the streets of nigeria are too dangerous. Especially about the fact that you both are idols." The brown man said and chuckled. Niall just laid his back on the seat behind him for more. "Oh come on' seriously?" The chauffeur just nodded and focused himself for more on the streets. I blinked my eyes and decided to look out of the window, watching the dried and poor landscape of africa. It sure was very hot and the air wasn't as clear as the one in England. I just rested my head on the window and continued staring out. For some reasons… I had to think of Claudia all time. Will Louis do something to her? Is she really alright? Will she be fine without me? 

"Hey, what's up Harry?" 


"Really? It doesn't seems like that…"

"I'm fine, seriously." 

I said bluntly and didn't even looked at him once. Niall laid his shoulder on the car's door and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Well… I'm sorry that I've asked, Harry…." I sighed and slowly lowered my head, closing my eyes. "Hey… driver… I don't feel well… could you maybe bring me back after you've dropped Niall at the restaurant?" The man looked shortly behind and then back to the front, nodding his head. "Understood." - "Heh? Why? I thought that we were going to eat?" - "Yes, I know… but… I.. just don't feel well, you know? My head hurts… maybe Louis feels better and could go with you." Niall raised a eyebrow and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, if you say so…" I looked at him and crossed my legs, slowly falling into a deep sleep. 


"Mr. Styles… we've arrived." The familiar voice of our chauffeur could be heard and I blinked my eyes, sitting up straightly. The next thing I saw was Louis opening the door and sitting on the place where Niall had sat on, fastening his seatbelt quietly. He looked over to me. "What's wrong? You should go out. I thought you felt sick." I blinked my eyes and nodded my head slowly, just opening the door and waving at him a goodbye. As soon as the car drove off, I turned to the mansion and walked up the stairs. I patted the dust off my shoulder and knocked on the door. A maid had opened it and bowed at me, gesturing for me to come in. She was cleaning at the moment but I felt bad for her. I looked at her shortly and rummaged in my pockets for the rest of money that I had. I then handed it to her but… the women had waved her hand. "I don't want it! Really! I'm fine without the money of yours. I should work for my money and not get it for free." She smiled and my eyes widened partly. I just buckled it together and stuffed it back to my pockets, grinning. "I see… well then, you're different of the other workers here, just as our chauffeur was.." She smiled in delight and then continued to work while I was walking up the stairs. As I passed a door, I could hear soft sobs… they sounded sweet and tenderly… please.. don't tell me that it was… 


Claudia who was crying. 


I stormed into the room and my eyes widened in shock at the sight of mine. It was really Claudia. And she had nothing expect of her panties and socks on. She looked at me while her usual shiny eyes were now glistering for more, filled with tears. I blushed a bit but ran nimbly over to her, embracing her tightly in my arms as I had climbed quickly on the bed. "Pssh… calm down, Claudia… what's wrong?" She kept sobbing and I sighed, stroking her long brunette hair. I then snuggled my face into the top of her head and inhaled the scent of her strawberry shampoo scented hair. I then pulled back and wiped away her tear. "Now tell, what… happened?" She still remained quietly and I sighed. "Claudia… tell me… what happened?" After time passed, she muttered softly under her sobs: "L-Louis… h-he…" My eyes widened in shock… please don't tell me… that Louis had anything to do with that… "W-what have he done to you. Claudia…?" - "H-he…" She bit her lower lip and quickly pushed me away, taking the blanket and covering her body, lifting her brows up while knitting them a bit. I looked at her longly and saw her drift off to sleep. But then… why did I just notice now? Was I really that dumb? Please.. just don't tell me… that Louis had.. 


abused her… please, oh please….



Author's note: I'm sorry for the open chapter but you'll see what will happen in the next chapter ;D and also, I apologize deeply for the late update but I'm currently dying at school lol but I hope to find the time to write the next chapter next week very soon c: <3 

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