Possibility [on Hiatus]

A average girl named Claudia lives due the business of her father in Nigeria, Abuja and keeps a secret that only she and a few friends of hers know; she's a Directioner.
Simply a half of it because she adores one of the members the most.
Just as she was on the way to school, she had bumped into her biggest and beloved idol.
Because of the Red Nose Day in her country, she'll be spending the time with the band and it's special member.
A bittersweet connection between the both has begun and she falls for two other members from time to time what irritates her and her feelings as well, though she only wants "him"... Niall Horan.


2. "Let me hear you say 'I Love you'."

Niall's P.O.V


I longly stared on my phone, waiting for a call of hers. I just sighed softly and then lwoly laid the phone by side, plopping my back into the sofa and then stared blankly ahead. Louis walked into the big room in what I was sitting and blinked his eyes a few times. "Niall? Why are you here? Is anything wrong?" I shook my head gently and then just smiled slightly. "No... nothing at all, Louis. I'm just waiting for a incoming call, that's all already..." Louis just smiled back and titled his head but then smirked. "Don't tell me that you'e fallen in love with a african girl, Niall. That's not really you, right...?" - "H-hey! I'm not at all, Louis!" It came suddenly from me and his eyes widened partly, a grin remaining afterwrads. "We d' wait for her!" Niall arched a eyebrow and titled his head to the side. "What did you just meant with that?" Louis laughed softly and shook his head. "It meant We'll wait for her, Naill baby~" He chuckled for more and I just laughed awkwardly, scratching my cheek a bit. Louis just stared obediently at me and blinked his eyes cluelessly once more.

"Seriously, is anything wrong, Niall...? You're not that quiet as usual. And besides, who's the girl who should be callibng you, Niall? May I know her name?" I nodded. "It's not a secret and it's not a date! So don't think anything else, okay?" Louis sighed. "Yeah, yeah... now, what's her name?" - "It's Claudia, Claudia Abel..." - "It doesn't sounds african at all..." Niall sighed and closed his eyes. "It doesn't sound african because she isn't african, simple...." - "Oh, not?" I laughed. "Dont you listen well?" Louis just shook his head while laughing, too. "I shall really start listening to you, right?" I nodded. "Yeah, you really should..." He then plopped himself into the sofa as well and crossed his legs, relaxing. "Soooo~ are you planning anything with her for today?" He asked curious and I nodded. "Yes... we planned to do something today but I'm not sure what..." Louis raised his arm up and grinned brightly. "I wanna go with you both to the theme park called 'Wonderland'!!" He said and nodded proudly about his own suggestion. I chuckled and then shrugged my shoulders.

"Well... if you want so then yes..." Louis jumped up to stand and nodded while chuckling. "So... when shall we go?? What time?!" He asked all excited what made me sigh. "Not now... when she calls, we'll go out to pick her up, okay?" Louis sighed and plopped his face into the sofa. "If you say sooooo...~" He hummed with his usual silly tone and then raised his head to look at me. Now... his sad smile had appeared again. "Is it about Eleanor?" I asked him and he nodded.

"Well... I still can't get over the fact that she is..." He slowly buried his face back into the sofa and a sly sob could be heard of Louis. He was crying again. Since Eleanor had died in the car crash of last year, Louis was all down. It's a surprise that he had came with us to Nigeria, really. I slowly reached with my hand out to pat Louis head and he just sobbed loudly. Eleanor was just perfect for Louis, really. She had showed him so much love and it's a surprise that actually SHE had to die.

Anyways, slowly he started to calm down and I looked at him shortly. "Do you want a drink?" I asked him and Louis had nodded. "Yes... please, Niall..." I stood up and just smiled, ruffling his hair a bit. I walked out and at that moment... my phone was ringing. Louis stared at it longly and then his hand reached out for the phone, answering it. "Hello...?" His weak tone had spoken.

Louis P.O.V.

"H-hello... Niall?"
"This isn't Niall... it's Louis Tomlinson..."
"E-eh? R-really? I-I think he gave me the wrong number then... I apologize..."
"No... it's his phone and I was just answering it... you're Claudia, aren't you?"
"Y-yes... I am... is.. aything wrong with you? You sound very.. sad..."
Louis eyes widened partly, wondering how the girl could just tell him without seeing his face... only...


Eleanor could have notice it.


I was all quiet for a moment and a sly smile invaded my mouth angles. "I'm... fine... so don't worry, okay?"
"But why shouldn't I worry? I've got all right to do that...d-dont I?" Her lovely and soft tone had now echoed through my head and replaced it with Eleanor's voice. This... tender, cute and sweet voice was almost hypnociting. It felt weird but at the same time...
I felt myself falling for this unknown girl. Not really in love but still....
I had... a small crush on her.

It was weird and my smile brightened up. "You're right about that... you've got a full right for that... hey, I heard you were going out with Niall, is that right?"
"Y-yes... I am... do you want to accompany us..? Maybe you can feel a bit happier..."
I smiled brightly and nodded, though she couldn't see it. "I'd love to! So... do you got time by now?"
"Y-yes, I do...!" Was all she said.


I just chukled and then nodded. "So... shall we come to pick you up? Where do you lie by the way...?"
"I-I live at the Julius Berger camp... I can wait in front of the gate if you want to..."
"Yeah, we can! So... I'll get Niall! Wait for us, okay?"
"I-I'm sorry! It's a habbit of mine to mix japanese with english..."
I just chuckled and shook my head. "It's okay... don't worry. So... we're on our way. Please wait, Claudia."
"Y-yes, Louis.." It came shortly from her and I just smiled as she called my name, since it resembled Eleanor's way of calling me that. For some reason... I felt attracted to this girl. I'm sure that she was perfect. I believe that. She was. I'm hundred procent sure about that...


There was only a beeping because she had already cut the line of the phone call. I grinned and then raised my arm up, running directly into the kitchen while holding the phone up. "We'll need to get to that Juli Berg whatever camp, Niall!" - "You mean Berger, don't you?"  - "Berger there, Berger here who cares?!~" - "You're suddenly so happy, what's wrong?" He shook his head. "Just because a phone call~ she agreed going to the Wonderland theme park." Niall sighed and then smiled. "Well, okay..--"

I pulled his arm and ran out of the mansion, slamming the door of our cheffeurs car open and pushed Niall into it before he could say anything. I then jumped into the seat and slammed the door back closed, fastening my seatbeld and patting the drivers seat gently from the side. "Here~ please drive us to the Berger Camp if possibe~" I hummed and Niall just stared at me before smiling. The car drove off while sitting in it driving to our appointment.



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