Possibility [on Hiatus]

A average girl named Claudia lives due the business of her father in Nigeria, Abuja and keeps a secret that only she and a few friends of hers know; she's a Directioner.
Simply a half of it because she adores one of the members the most.
Just as she was on the way to school, she had bumped into her biggest and beloved idol.
Because of the Red Nose Day in her country, she'll be spending the time with the band and it's special member.
A bittersweet connection between the both has begun and she falls for two other members from time to time what irritates her and her feelings as well, though she only wants "him"... Niall Horan.


3. "Je Suis Endommagé."

Niall's P.O.V


I wondered myself why Louis was this happy and motivated by now, since he was moments back very sad and couldn't think clearly. I blinked my eyes while titling my head a bit. "Hey, Louis... why so happy all of sudden? Did anything special to you happened? If yes, would you please tell me?" 

Louis now blinked his eyes and grinned. "Wahaha~~ why should I tell you? Is anything wrong, Niall?" - "Oh no! Not at all, believe me.." - "Well... okay?" He laughed and then snuggled his back more into the seat. "Say, how long will it take until we've arrived?" I shook my head and smiled slightly before answering shortly after that. "No, it won't take long. Just a hour but you can rest for a while if you like to." Louis smiled foolishly and nodded, doing what I just said and then made the peace sign, sleeping off after minutes as soon as his hand had dropped hardly on his stomach. I laughed and patted his arm. "You shouldn't overwork yourself." I then chuckled softly but stood quiet after sometime. Maybe... 


maybe Claudia had made him this happy? I would be quite ashamed if this was the reason, honestly... 


I stroked the small strands of my blonde hair aside and sat myself in a lazy-like positon on the seat. I should stop thinking something as weird as this. Zayn also had told me that I should keep myself away from people and try to capture a girl that I like by myself... Zayn may be right about that fact. I slowly leaned my elbow on the window and rested my chin on the palm of my hand, staring out of the window and as the car stopped, two african children had passed through the window and wanted me to buy something from them. The older was a little boy at the age of 7 years while the girl was appearing around the 12. She held a banana up and I slowly let the window go down, smiling at them and shaking my head. "No... thank you. Listen... I'll give you some money and you'll straightly go buy something to eat, okay?" The girl nodded and smiled brightly, making me smile widely back. I slowly took my wallet out of my pockets and pulled 10 000 Naira out, giving it to them. As soon as the car moved, I waved at them and they waved back at me, laughing softly. 


Their happy faces had made my day and I nodded to myself, being proud of the act. I blinked my eyes as we stopped in front of a road soon after and saw... Claudia. She had her cute two ponytails made into braids and waved gently at me. She had wear a large white cardigan over a pastel pink sweater showing a cross on it while wearing white tigh highs while wearing a short skirt that suited her very well. As for shoes, she had red high heels that weren't tall at all. The heel were rather smaller than the usual high ones. She bowed quickly and her thin eyebrows twitched up, knitting a bit. "I-I'm sorry--!" I just sighed. "I told you to stop apologizing, didn't I...?" He sighed and lowered his head a bit. Then, I went out and stood, introducing her to sit in the middle. She nodded obediently and quickly slid herself through my seat on what I was now sitting back and fastening my seatbelt. I shortly looked over to her and she already had earplugs plugged into her ear and lifted her eyebrows up, knitting them renwed as she tried to... fasten her own seatbelt. I just laughed softly and my hands wrapped around the seatbelt and clapped it easily together. 


"Hm?" I blinked my eyes and her cheeks were red again. Could it be... that she was blushing? I titled my head and looked at her. "Is anything wrong?" I asked politely and she then gasped a bit, quickly pulling the earplugs out of her ear. "D-did you say anything, Niall...?" - "Hm? Ah..." I shook my head. "Forget about that... hey, what were you listening to?" Claudia's lips slowly smiled slightly and she nodded her head. "Well... I was just listening to G-Dragon's Crayon and now... I'm eventually listening to..." She stood quiet and I blinked my eyes. "What are you listening to now...?" - "To... I-I love you by 2NE1..." It came from her and I smiled gently. "Really? May... I listen to some songs with you? And who are these singers when I may ask?" She slowly nodded and unplugged the left earplug and gently plugged it into my ear. I smiled and chuckled as soon as the song played. "They're South-korean pop stars but are very popular, just as you and the others..." I smiled and chuckled. "Well... then... do you got more songs? This I Love You... it sounds quite... beautiful." I muttered and smiled. 


She looked at me and nodded her head quickly, searching her iPhone and I saw many in korean written songs. She then eventually pressed on one and she smiled angel-like at me. "This one is I My Me Mine from 4Minute... and after that, do you want to listen to T.O.P's Turn it up loud and after that to T.O.P'S and G-Dragon's Knock Out?" She asked me and I shrugged my shoulders. "Yeah, sure... why not?" As soon as she played the songs, I started to like South-Korean music and smiled as I saw her enjoying the music and humming with the songs softly. Slowly, my arm wrapped around her thin and smooth shoulder and pressed it against my body. "Let me... just rest like this for a while..." Claudia blushed heavier and nodded obediently. "Y-yes...! D-do whatever you want to, Niall-san..." I just chuckled and then snuggled my face into the top of her head and lowered my eyes closed, inhaling the scent of her shampoo she was using. 

Slowly, I could feel her head lean onto my chest and I chuckled, hugging her tighter and sleeping off after a while. After that, Louis had woke up... 


Louis P.O.V


I woke up and blinked my eyes softly open, looking behind and Niall hugging a girl. Her... smooth cheeks that were covered in a rosy color and the clothes she was wearing... she looked so cute and perfect at the same time, just as Eleanor was... I sat up and rubbed my eye, slowly, her brown glowing eyes were looking at me longly and she then bowed her head deeply. "Well... i-it's nice to meet you, Louis...!" It came from the girl suddenly and my eyes widened a bit. Rapidly, my hand landed on Niall's forehead and pushed him a bit away in a gentle way so she could move herself. I then smiled at the girl. "Nice to meet you personally, Claudia..." Claudia looked at me with her reddened cheeks and I then patted her cheeks. "If you don't feel well, just tell me. You heard?" She nodded and I smiled gently back. "So... Niall fell asleep?" - "I suppose so..." She said shortly and looked to Niall, poking his cheek playfully and I ended up laughing softly just as her. 


I then smiled and looked to the front as the driver was now parking in a large parking and unfastened my seatbelt after a while. I opened the door and then looked once more behind, blinking my eyes as I saw Claudia fiddling all over the seatbelt, trying to unfasten it. I laughed again and then slowly bowed my back and unfastened her seatbelt, smiling as I shook Niall. "Hey, Niall. We've arrived~! So wake up!" Niall quickly opened his eyes and sat up all shocked. Claudia had startled so hardly that she fell on me and I had catch her in a hugging-like position. My eyes widened partly by seeing how close she was and I then chuckled, stroking the strands of hair off her forehead. "T--thank you, Louis...!" I shook my head and let go off her, walking out of the door and holding my hand out for her but Niall... had already held her hand tightly and got her out of the car. 


Was I currently feeling jealous of Niall? 


I shook my head at that stupid thought and then threw them over a smile as I waved my hand. "Juchuu~ you know that I'm here, right?" Claudia quickly nodded and so did Niall. "Y-yes! Of course we still know that you're here, Louis. D-don't worry, alright?" My eyes widened partly and I smiled brighter. "Yeah... I will..." He then walked over to us and Claudia had slowly let go of Niall's hand, what made me breath in relief and then pointed at the very big entrance. "Then... shall we go?~" They looked at each other and then back to me, nodding. "Yep." - "Y-yes~!" It resounded happily from her and she walked a bit faster, smiling as she looked around the amusement park. "Were you here before, Claudia?" I and Niall asked at the same moment and slowly started to look with a grumpy sparkle in our eyes at each other before landing our gazes back at the girl. 


"Yes, but it's quite a while since I was here... pretty much changed to be honest but... I like it~ u-uhm.... sorry for asking, but....... could we get some cotton candy first of all?" I nodded and smiled. "Yeah! I'll buy you one... if you would please hold onto my hand now..." I stretched my hand renewed out for her to hold and she stared awkwardly at it for quite a long time. She then slowly reached out for my hand and I held hers tightly, pulling her to me and smiling at her. "Then, let's go~ shall we?" She nodded quickly and looked behind, waving at Niall. "N-Niall... you should come, too..." Niall stared longly at us and I smirked a bit. He then shook his head and... smiled gently. "Okay~! Let's go." 


He followed us obediently and we headed to a small cotton candy trolley. I raised three fingers for cotton candy and smiled as soon as we got the cotton candy, giving the first one to Niall and the last one to Claudia and paid afterwards. "There you both go~" He hummed and then bit into the cotton, enjoying every single bite I ate. I looked at Niall and he nodded for a brief thanks and then back to Claudia who was smiling as bright as ever as soon as she bit into her cotton candy. "It's... very good." She said in a almost complete sentence and then looked at Niall. "You shouldn't distance yourself from us, Niall..." She said and waved for him to come. Niall blinked his eyes and came while smiling and patting the girl's head what made her giggle softly and me ending up all jealous again. I could controle my jealousy easily." 


She then looked at me with her shiny eyes and smiled tenderly at me. That.. smile, the giggle... all resembled Eleanor, just softer, cuter and sweeter as ever. "Let's go to do something~!" I said and from that moment, the fun had begun... we had tried almost all roller coasters out while Claudia's face had turned as white as chalk, making me laugh softly at times and pat her head. Soon, it was evening and we decided to try out the ferris. We laughed and much more. "Hey, Claudia..." Niall said and we both looked at him while the girl was holding a big teddy bear that I had won for her and a smaller that Niall did, since he was very bad at throwing games. "From what country are you actually? How old are you? And... do you listen to our music...?" Claudia blushed and smiled. "Well, yes... I love listening to your music~ I-I? I'm 16 and I'm from Germany and Japan." We both looked at her and Niall's eyes sparkled. "I love japanese food! I love the restaurant Nandos the most!" She smiled brightly back and both of them had started to talk. "H-huh? Did you say something?" I asked Claudia as she stared longly at me. "I asked... if everything was alright, Louis..." I smiled. "I'm okay, don't worry~" I chuckled and her expression had dropped a bit as soon as we were now back down. We walked out and we both had helped her to get out of the wagon.


Niall had held his small plush since Claudia refused to let me hold the big one. I just smiled satisfied as I heard and saw her loving the plush I won for her. We talked while Niall now had turned a bit grumpy. "He-hey... we should get into the car already..." Niall said and then opened the door. Claudia smiled but I had held her hand tightly, lifting my eyebrows up and knitting them for a moment before I let her go nimbly. "I-I'm sorry, Claudia!! it wasn't my attention to do that..!" Claudia blushed heavily and shook her head, smiling. "I-it's alright, Loui'..." My eyes widened partly and then I chuckled. "Claudi..." She blushed and Niall rolled his eyes as he patted the car loudly. "Now come in already..." He sat inside and so did we. Claudia's eyes slowly fell closed and she then leaned back onto Niall's shoulder. Niall smiled and hugged her body closely to him. I just stared at them but then... I noticed her small hand on top of mine, holding her gently.

"She's like a sleeping angel... those red cheeks... her small gentle lips... and her long eyelashes... she's so cute, isn't she, Louis?" Niall asked me and I just nodded, looking back to the girl while smiling to myself. After that, we had entered the camp by now and we had to wake up Claudia so she would tell the security guards to open the gate what they also did.  


Soon we stood in front of her house and she just clang onto Niall with his free hand. Slowly, he chuckled and unfastened Claudia's seatbelt, placing the small stuffed animal on her arm, sliding one arm under her knees and the other behind her back, carrying her in a princess style out but... she had also clung onto my hand, making me chuckle softly and walking out, too. We rang the bell and her father had opened it. A man that appeared around 48 years old and he smiled, nodding and giving us permission to walk in and lay her on the bed. Niall slowly stroked her hair and pressed a kiss on her forehead. After that, he stood up and walked out of the door. "I'll wait in the car, okay?" I nodded while smiling. "Yeah, I know." Niall smiled and told her father a goodbye. I chuckled softly and then kneeled in front of her. I smiled brightly and stroked her face as well. After that, I slowly hugged her small stature with one arm and let our noses touch a bit. "We're two knights that will fight over one princess, Claudia... you can believe me..." I stared longly at her. "You... prefer both of us... right?" I mustered to myself and then slowly caressed her hair and after that, her face but then boxed my fist against her bed. "Why... why can't she just come back...? I wonder why? Please, Claudia... tell me... just tell me... who would you prefer? Me... or... Niall?" Still no answer. I looked at her and sighed but then smiled and leaned in. I then... couldn't control myself I guess and directly...


directly pressed my lips against her soft lips, a tear trickling down my cheek and I then pulled back, wiping it away. "You'll stay with me and won't die, just as Eleanor did, right...?" I stared at her and then frowned. "Tell... you won't, right...?" Still no answer. I frowned for more and then fell on the ground, holding my head. 

"Loui... what is wrong?" That soft voice of hers had appeared and I looked up. I sobbed and then sat up while more tears trickled down my cheeks and I then just stared at her. She slowly took off her shoes and then kneeled down, crawling over to me, laying her hand on my knee. "What is wrong? Tell me... I won't be telling anyone, I swear." - "I-it's... nothing...!" I cried out quietly and she then slowly patted my knee. "It's Eleanor, right...?" She had saw it in the news... I looked at her longly and nodded my head slowly. "I'm sorry about that... but you need to look forwards... if you won't do, you'll just fall more and more..." She said and smiled brightly. "Now give me a smile...?" My eyes widened a bit and I then quickly wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tightly. "S-stay by my side, Claudia... I-I beg...!" The hug got tighter and I then looked at her, stroking her chin gently and slowly leaning in. She blushed heavily and lifted her eyebrows once more. "L-Loui--" Her and my lips had touched again and her eyebrows twitched slyly, clinging onto my shirt. She squinted her eyes and from her eyes tears also started to fall. My eyes widened in shock and I looked at the girl who was now crying... 



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