Possibility [on Hiatus]

A average girl named Claudia lives due the business of her father in Nigeria, Abuja and keeps a secret that only she and a few friends of hers know; she's a Directioner.
Simply a half of it because she adores one of the members the most.
Just as she was on the way to school, she had bumped into her biggest and beloved idol.
Because of the Red Nose Day in her country, she'll be spending the time with the band and it's special member.
A bittersweet connection between the both has begun and she falls for two other members from time to time what irritates her and her feelings as well, though she only wants "him"... Niall Horan.


8. Domination of the beast. (+15)

Author's note: I won't be writing P.O.V's anymore because it sucks in my perspective to write all time "Lois P.O.V" or "Harry's P.O.V" and they end up short all time. So yeah, I hope it's okay lol


Claudia had slept off peacefully, leaving a worried Harry behind who was guarding her in Niall's room. The brown haired leaned in, pulling the blanket sly away and watching her gentle sleep. "She looks much more peacefuller in her sleep than just now..." Harry muttered and slowly stroked her dyed hair, smiling slightly in relief that she had stopped crying, finally. 

However, he pulled back a bit and his arms rested behind his upper body so he could lean slyly backwards. His face looked up at the ceilings. He was thinking again. Over thinking the situation renewed.  

"If... if I had been there earlier to save you, Claudia... then... all of this... wouldn't have happened for sure..." Slowly, he curled his bright curl and sighed heavily and took a big breather in and slowly out. It shouldn't have end up in a mess, really. The male started to think all over again and as he could hear a defamiliarized language what sounded asian, he blinked his eyes and looked over to a phone which cover was covered up with little bears that were falling and on which corner was "RILLAKUMA" printed in bold. He climbed off the bed and walked over to Niall's bedside table. Longly, Harry stared at it but could find his hand stretching out for it and holding it. 

A picture of the blonde was on top and beside the name of Niall, there was a heart. He stared longly at it and pressed him away. Could it be... 


that Claudia was falling for him perhaps? 

But that would mean.... that he wouldn't have any chance by that girl.


Frustrated in his inner, he slowly unlocked the phone until the screen appeared with Claudia and some friends. 



I've never seen her smiling this happily." 


The brown haired muttered and looked at it longly. There were people he didn't knew at all but he just shook his head and his thumb pressed on the in green colored phone button of her iPhone and searched for Niall. As soon as he found him, he stared blankly for a long time on it before pressing on it. Again, he stared at it or quite long time, thinking if he was doing the right thing by now. 
He pressed the edit button at the bottom and scrolled down. 

Colored in red, there was now written "Delete" and a devilish grin slowly started to form upon his lips. He traced with his smooth index finger upon the word and pressed it finally. 


Niall's number was gone. He really did that. 


Harry's expression dropped and he looked at her phone. After time, he created a new number on her phone and saved his number in it. Then, he just threw it carelessly on the bed and slid the blanket away until he only saw her nude body. She curled in a bit and whimpered softly. Oh how he just loved the sound she had just made by now but he gently lifted her up in his arms and walked out the door, leaving it open and walking to his room. As he stood in front of it, the cleaning lady came and her eyes widened at the sight of the young man with the naked girl in his arms. 

Harry had glared at her what made her take some steps backwards in shock and nimbly run down the stairs, shouting something in some weird language. It was like she was cursing. 

Whatever, he arrived in his room and closed the door behind him, locking the door. He then looked back at the girl who was still sleeping and walked over to his bed, laying her on it gently. His hand stroked her cheek tenderly and he then leaned in, pressing a soft kiss on her forehead. 


After that, he walked back to his door of his bedroom and locked the door. Was he turning insane for this girl that he had just met? Weird, no? 

The male chuckled softly and walked over to the other side of the bed, plopping his body into it kind of exhausted and turned his body to look at the girl. He shifted his body next to her body for more by approaching it on that way and his hands had rested on her cheek. "Say... you'll love me, right?" He asked but there was no response from the girl. 

He chuckled renewed and shook his head. "I'm really crazy, aren't I? But no one shall ever experience this side of mine, you heard?" The brown haired whispered softly into her ear and grinned. Slowly, his hands started to caress the smooth skin of the girl and then landed in front of her lips. He traced his thumb once more fondly over her lips and licked his lips, leaning in a bit and his eyebrows twitching a bit at the touch of their lips. He started to kiss her lips with more passionate and positioned himself on top of her. "M-mine..." Harry whispered demanding between their kiss and after time, he couldn't control his hands that were sliding all over her body but not really touching her womanly parts. 

But as he slowly turned crazy in his deeper, he couldn't control himself any longer and founded his left hand rubbing her thigh sensually, making him grunt at the touch of her soft skin. After time of rubbing her thighs, his hand slowly slid more further and rubbed her femininity. 


The girl slowly opened her eyes as she whimpered slightly and her eyes widened at the sight of hers. Slowly, a bright blush started to cover her cheeks and she whimpered for more, trying for me to get off with her shaky arms. Her head slowly turned to the other side and Harry just kept kissing her neck, though she tried to press his chest away from her. Many whimpers in a row could be hear and a bright smirk appeared on his lips. "I... will only do this one time... so please... just let me..." The young man mustered softly and then... a moan could be hear from the girl. He had shoved his finger in her and he looked at her cluelessly. "What... have I done...?" The male whispered to himself and slowly shoved the finger in and out in a teasingly pace, laughing softly after sometime as he founded it funny to see the girl's lewd expression to his teasing. "Ha--Ha-Harry... u-uhn..." Claudia's brows twitched up and she could feel her climax raising further. The male now slowly started to make circle-like movements with his finger in her and chuckled as he slid it out. "Wow... you're already drenched... and look, you've stained the bedsheet... how filthy of you." 

"I--I didn't meant to..." She stuttered and her hand nimbly snatched for the blanket, covering her body. "W-why...? W-why you, Harry...?" - "Because I love you, silly." Her eyes widened slyly renewed ins shock and her blush got even deeper. "...i-it's too early to love me... a-and we just know each other for some d-days..." - "That doesn't matter at all, silly." He grinned and climbed off the bed, walking towards his bathroom door and just as he wanted to open the door, he licked the finger and smirked. "You ain't taste that bad..." The girl jolted at the act of the male and remained silent, averting his charming gaze what made the male just smirk and walk into the bathroom. "I know that you love Niall more than me but I don't care either... I'll try my best to win you back, believe me." His expression seemed so... serious as he said these words before he disappeared into the bathroom, leaving Claudia behind who was staring at the door longly and clinging onto the blanket, biting her lower lip.


"N-Niall... p-please come back soon..." 





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