Possibility [on Hiatus]

A average girl named Claudia lives due the business of her father in Nigeria, Abuja and keeps a secret that only she and a few friends of hers know; she's a Directioner.
Simply a half of it because she adores one of the members the most.
Just as she was on the way to school, she had bumped into her biggest and beloved idol.
Because of the Red Nose Day in her country, she'll be spending the time with the band and it's special member.
A bittersweet connection between the both has begun and she falls for two other members from time to time what irritates her and her feelings as well, though she only wants "him"... Niall Horan.


6. Can't Nobody.

Slowly, I blinked my eyes partly open and tried to move. Ironically, I couldn't move and noticed two arms wrapping around my small, yet smooth body. My eyes widened slightly in shock as I noticed the arms of the person who had hugged me tightly. 


It was Louis. 


A bright blush spread all over my soft cheeks and I then slowly but gently started to struggle myself out of his arms while his grips onto me got tighter. I just sighed and gave in until... my eyes had catch sight of the door that got pushed open. I stared longly at the person because it was Harry Styles. The real Harry Styles.

He stared back at me longly before looking at Louis and back to me. "Hey... who are you? And... how long are you here already?" The male asked me and I looked behind Louis while knitting my eyebrows a bit. "I'm here for a while..." 


I nodded my head to agree. 

"Well... it looks like Louis is holding you tightly... wait a minute... I'll help you out." 


With these words, he approached me and I could feel my cheeks heat up in a rosy color. His hands slowly started to hold Louis arms and he carefully removed them from me. "There you go~" He chuckled and putted on his usual tender smile. Meanwhile, the shape of my blush got darker and I nodded my head quickly towards Harry. "T-thank you!" I bowed my head right after saying these words and clung onto my skirt. 

Harry just grinned foolishly and nodded back. "There's nothing you need to thank me for. I love helping people, you know?" - "Y-yes... of course I know..." I muttered softly and averted his gaze by looking down on my small hands that had clung possessively on my school skirt. Harry's grinned widened but turned after time into a smirk. "Ah... you seem so sweet and gentle. It's tempting me a bit, you know?" He said and I quickly looked up at him, shocked about what he had just told me.

I was only fourteen... how could someone tell me something disgusting as this right into my face?

He approached me more and smiled. "Say... what's your name?" - "C-Claudia..." I stuttered awkwardly with my red cheeks and slowly my small hands pressed against his big warm chest. It felt... nice and warm... 

He chuckled again and pulled away, smirking a bit. "I should stop that, shouldn't I?" I nodded slowly, feeling myself sly embarrassed of his actions a while ago. "Hey... you're restaurant hungry, aren't you? How about coming down and eating with us? We're eating japanese. It sure is weird that a japanese is existing in a country like this." He smiled silly while tapping his chin and I titled my head, just staring at him. 


He smiled at me and stood up. "You sure do are quiet." I nodded my head again and nimbly stood up as well, making his eyes widen shortly to his surprise. I flushed again and bowed my head. "I-I apologize..." - "Are you apologizing for almost everything?" Harry asked with a laugher and walked in front of me, opening the door for me. "Come... let's go already... the lunch will be cold if we'd talk too long." I nodded renewed and started to follow him by step, jogging down the stairs until we've arrived in the dining room. Niall was sitting at the table and looked at me, blinking his eyes for his surprise. "Claudia? You here?" He asked me with a wide smile and pushed out the seat next to him for me to sit. 

I just blushed and nodded my head obediently, plopping myself into the seat in a more tensed behavior. I kept my legs together and brought my hands closely together, looking down all time. "No need to be shy~ come on and eat already!" Harry said with a sunny smile and slowly placed some Shabu-Shabu into his bowl next to his rice. Niall did the same, but he had a larger bow and putted much into it, looking back to me after he placed the fork with what he placed the Shabu-Shabu into his bowl away. "Hm? Is anything wrong? You look so pale... do you feel sick perhaps?" - "N-no...! Not at all...!" It came quickly from me while shaking my head and Niall's smiled returned. "Good... hey, come on. Grab the fork and let's eat~" With these words, Niall slowly pushed the bow into the middle between the both of us and I blushed again. I nodded and slowly took hold of the fork. 


Niall and Harry were already eating and I firstly looked at the both of them enjoying their food. However, I slowly also started to eat since Niall had looked at me again and I forked some of the Shabu-Shabu, pushing it into my mouth and eating some rice as well. "We should pour some soy sauce over the Shabu-Shabu..." I muttered softly and Niall nodded his head, his hand reaching out for the soy sauce and pouring some over it. "There you go. I hope you'll enjoy it better by now..." I looked at him quite in surprise but then nodded my head with my usual sly smile, starting to eat the food renewed and smiling brighter. "This tastes very good... honest." - "Of course it does." Harry said while laughing and Niall nodded. "Yep~ because it's japanese!" I giggled softly and we've had a nice conversation during the lunch. They were different as I've told and different is good, isn't it? 


Niall plopped his back into the seat and grinned. "Ah~ it was good as always~" His grinned widen and Harry had drank the last sip of his water. "It indeed was." I smiled while looking at Harry and then back to Niall. "Hey, Claudia... are you free today?" Niall asked me with a smile while burying his hands into his pockets. "Maybe we could go and do something, no?" I stared longly at him and then shortly at Harry whose expression had dropped a bit. I knitted my eyebrows and bit my lip gently. "Y-yes..." - "Good! So only the both of us, right?" He asked me and I nodded. "Yes..." He stood up and then held my hand proudly, helping me to get off my seat. "You should rest... hey, should I drop you shortly at home so you can get yourself ready later?" I looked at him and nodded. "Y-yeah... I suppose that it would be the best..." The blonde chuckled and patted my head. "Good... hey, why were you here?" - "I felt a bit sick at the morning..." - "Heh? If that's so... how about resting until the late afternoon? Harry could drop you at home and come back with you after you've got ready, wouldn't that be a good idea?" I nodded. "A very good one.." Niall chuckled and then pointed upwards at the stairs. "Come on... you can rest on my bed..." I nodded and then walked up the stairs beside Niall and plopped myself into his bed exhausted. "I'm tired.." - "Then come on and sleep already! I need to go out to meet Niall and Liam since we need to record our new single... Louis feels sick a bit so he will probably record his tomorrow." My eyes widened in shock as he said that. So... they wanted me to stay with Loui'? I felt  a bit horrified but then just shook it off while pulling the cover over my body. "Yes... it's alright... I'll... sleep now, okay?" Niall smiled and nodded his head, slowly bending his back and giving me  kiss on my forehead. "Okay... we'll see us~ bye!" 

He energetically ran out through the door and left me behind in his bed, blushing a bit. I was used to be alone but now... 


I really felt alone without Niall by my side...


I couldn't sleep, still feeling a bit frightened since I was left alone with someone I've feared. But... I'm not sure why I feared him by now. Hours ago, I wasn't... I slowly sat myself up and stared longly at the door, clinging my hands onto Niall's blanket. I felt that someone was standing in front of it and I titled my head a bit, biting my lip gently. "Loui'... i-is that you...?" I asked and just as I wanted to cover my whole body with the blanket, the door opened and it was indeed Louis. I stared longly at him and then laid the blanket aside. "A-ah... i-it's just you..." Louis still remained all silent and slowly approached me. "I-is anything wrong, Loui'...?" I asked him with a shaky voice and he then stood next to the bed. A smirk appeared and he slowly took hold of both of my wrists and pinned me onto the bed. I looked at him while my eyebrows knitted and I blushed heavily. "L-Louis..." - "Yes, Claudia?" His smirk grew and he then slowly leaned on my neck, pressing a gentle kiss on it. I looked at him and slowly started to struggle away from. "L-Louis...! L-let me go...! P-please--" My voice croaked a bit and I could feel myself fallen silent as he started to suckle on my neck. I whimpered softly and my blush deepened. 
I squinted my eyes to not look at him and he then pulled back, nodding to himself approvingly of the red mark he had created. After that, he landed another passionate kiss on my lips and blushed for more. After time, his hand slowly slid under my white shirt, stroking my back what made me whimper for more and I looked at him. "P-please..!" I whined and he still didn't gave me any response. He just chuckled and his hands started to unbutton my plain shirt. "I-it's too early...!" I cried out and tried to push him away every time I could. 

I could feel my body temperature heating up and his face burying between my two globes. I inhaled the scent of mine and grinned as he started to suckle again. I whimpered more and after much whimpers, I could feel his hands sliding under my bra and massaging my breasts. I bit my lips gently to not let out any moan though it felt so good. 

"L--" Just as I wanted to call his name, he held his mouth in front of my mouth and then shook his head, placing his finger in front of his lips after he unclipped my bra. He the threw the bra aside and started to suck and lick on my nipples passionately, making me moan softly. 

"Ah... how cute..." He muttered and pulled back, slowly sitting up and his finger lining the fabric of my panties. "Very cute... but... I guess that I'll stop here..." I lifted my brows up and knitted them a bit more, quickly snatching for my bra. "W-why...? A-am I just a toy to you..?!" I asked him while my eyes slowly started to moist. Louis eyes widened and he slowly reached his arm out for me but I just slapped it away, hugging my body. "I-I was afraid..." I muttered between my sobs and I then hided my breasts afterwards. "P-please get out... I-I don't feel well..." - "Claudia..." - "I-I said get out...!" I cried out towards him and his eyes widened in shock, nodding his head slowly. "I... understand..." Louis stood up and slowly walked to the door. "I'm sorry... even very sorry..." He said before closing the door. 


...why, just why... was Loui'... doing this to me? 


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